Eggman was just finishing up another of his robots, sighing with boredom. There was absolutely no reason as to why he was building them, since it was years since his last fight. Now, he's old and in his late 70's, alone. He had never got the chance to love, to experience pleasure, or to ever have a close friend. He never had a family or someone to look after him.

Soon after he retired from old age, and loss, no one bothered him. No one came to see him or ask him how he was doing, and no one ever wanted to know if he was alive. Sometimes he would cry himself to sleep from loneliness. Depression was always clawing into his mind and many thoughts of suicide occurred to him, but whenever he thought of it, he would automatically push it away. He would never take his life like an old nemesis once did so long ago.


Eggman looked behind him to see a drawer falling from his cabinet. Briskly, he walked over to it and picked it up, grunting as his back was in pain from old age. Just as he went to push in the drawer, a few pieces of paper scattered onto the floor with some pictures. He bent down and picked them, immediately recognizing them. Sighing he pushed in the drawer and walked over to his desk, sitting down and flicking on the lamp next to him. He then gently proceeded to lie down the papers in a line on the table. Each paper was a faded yellow with some tear stains still remaining encased on them.

This is me before.

Eggman read the first line on the first paper on the table. There was a faded picture next to it of a lively blue hedgehog. The old doctor cracked a bit of a smile at the playful hedgehog's expression. He was lovely when he was young.

This is me now.

Eggman looked at the next picture down from the other. That's when his smile faded away slowly as he studied the picture carefully. The picture had an upset looking hedgehog, one who was frustrated and angry looking. It seemed as if although the light in the picture was dark and eerie, illuminating the young hedgehog's face darkly. Anger flamed in his eyes as tears were coming from his eyes down his peach muzzle. The above picture looked nothing like the one he was seeing now. A sigh escaped the doctor as he moved his eyes down to the next line.

Why is life so cruel?

That was something the doctor or the hedgehog in the picture both couldn't understand.

Why do bad things happen to those who do good?

Is it me, or if life a series of events that fuck you up because you're not normal?

Is life supposed to suck dick like this?

I wanted peace.

I wanted love.

All I got was a fucking stab in the back, over and over and over.

If only*Tearstain messing up some of the sentence*said yes.

She hurt me.

They all hurt me.

I hate life.

I hate myself.

I hate everything.

Eggman then continued onto the next page and started to read the fine print of this one. His fingers were shaking a bit, but his sight was still sharp enough to read.

To whom it may concern,

It's in my worst interest to attempt such actions against my life. But I apologize. I am hurt too badly. All my attempts at love, truth, honesty, all wasted. I had just proposed to Sally not even a few days ago and she went and told me, 'Sonic, I don't honestly think I want to spend the rest of my life with….you.' She broke my heart into a million shattered pieces. As if everything weren't bad enough, she was cheating on me with Monkey Khan. Go fucking figure. I should've seen it coming from a mile long, but I was too ignorant, arrogant, to notice the flaw. It's too bad because I loved Sally. And yet, no one loves me back. My best friend, Tails, told me to just go, to leave him alone. He didn't want me to be a part of his life anymore, so I left. The last time I spoke with him was three weeks ago. I miss him and Sally. Now don't even get me started on the rest of the Freedom Fighters. They're all in a happiness preparing for Sally's upcoming wedding this evening. How fun, eh? It's not fun every time they keep going on and on about it when your around. Bunnie, Antoine, and Amy have been ignoring me like I wasn't even there. Those bastards don't care about me. At least Rotor had the decency to ask me how I was doing every time I walked by him or met up with him. Aurora bless his soul. He'll always be kind no matter what. As for everyone else, they could go burn in the fiery pits of hell! NO! HELL IS TOO EASY FOR THEM! Uck! This depression, it just hurts so much…why? Why won't it go away? I take pills for it, nothing will help! I'm just glad I'm making the descion to end it all today. While Sally says, 'I do!' I'll be whispering, 'Goodbye.' Irony and karma, it's a bitch, isn't it? Oh and how much I wanted to apologize to my enemies for everything I've done. Right now, I don't feel so bad about them all getting hurt now. I'm starting to have some respect for evil, since it's the only thing there is in this cruel, dark world anymore. And I want Eggman to have this letter because he's the only one I can trust with this. I've grown to respect him and I hope he does one day accomplish his dream of ruling the world. And maybe the first thing he'll do is kill each and every one of them….do me a favor on my behalf, per say. But oh well, I highly doubt ANYONE will read this, it's not like they have the time. So goodbye to everyone who did give a fuck.

Signed in a hatred of Mobius,


Eggman had finished reading and heaved a long, dreadful sigh. Every time he read this, his heart stopped in the middle of each word. He was holding back the remorse and the tears starting to well up in his eyes. He could've and should've done something back then, but he was far too lazy to act upon it. He could even remember back to the very first time he had heard of Sonic's death. Eggman was horribly shocked, especially when he had gotten a letter sent to him asking he be present for Sonic's funeral.

Eggman had read the letter over and over and over, trying to see if it was a trap of not. Everything was so legitimately written, even the exact moment of his death. They had even gotten the king to sign it. Something was up that day and he knew it. So being the somewhat respectful doctor he was he had attended. Though he never exactly enjoyed it like many would've thought him to. It was too sad and gloomy. No one spoke or even dared to look up from their seats. But the one and only thing that Eggman was furious about, even though he shouldn't have given a care bout, was that his own friends he grew up weren't anywhere to be seen. Rotor and Tails were the only two who had shown up, full of remorse and utter sorrow. Everyone was quiet that day, especially Eggman. For once in his life he had actually felt bad for Sonic.

And if he could, he would go back and prevent it all from ever happening.