It was two days later that Xander learned just why his "new boyfriend sense" was tingling. And he had to say, it was in the last place he expected it to happen. Wednesday's getting married? Wednesday Friday Addams? That's crazy. She's just a baby. She's like two whole years younger than Dawnie, even,Xander thought to himself.

"Man, Cousin Ophelia is going to blow a gasket over this one," Xander muttered to himself. His reverie was cut short, though, when a voice intruded on his private mental world.

"Whoa there Boytoy. You have serious "papa bear" face going on there. One of the minis going on a date or is the Pip finally looking a direction other than you?" Faith LeHane, the second most senior Slayer asked at the sight of the face of the head Watcher for North America.

Xander's little scowl deepened as he grunted out, "Worse."

"B dating someone again? Do I need to round up bog bad disposal duty?" Faith asked.

"Nothing like that, Faith," Xander replied with a shake of his head as he looked down toward the black invitation with spider web decorations in his hands as if it was going to bite him. Then again, if he wasn't Wednesday's and Pugsley's favorite nephew, it very well may have. Auntie Tisha still had an immense bit of bad blood with Xander's own mother. Which Xander, personally, thought was silly at this point given that his father had been too stubborn to leave Sunnydale when his wife fled and was buried at the bottom of the crater with the rest of the town. With the source of the conflict between them gone, he had no idea why his mother and Morticia did not bury the proverbial hatchet. Or even a real one of another family game of Wake the Dead got out of hand…

"So what's the what, then, X? You look ready to storm the castle," Faith prodded after a moment.

"My baby cousin is getting married apparently," Xander answered so flatly that anyone hearing him would immediately see his family resemblance with Wednesday.

"O…k. Ain't that a good thing? Love conquering all and puppies and kittens and crap?" Faith asked.

"She's only eighteen. And trust me, Wednesday doesn't do cheerful, so puppies and kittens are out," Xander responded with a bittersweet smirk.

"Ah. Need a hand to come with and help haul away the body then?" Faith offered only half-jokingly. In truth, with B, Red, G, and the Pip all overseas on various assignments Faith almost felt like she had to keep track of Xander on something like this. She was a close to an original Scooby as there was there to support the newly named head for the area. Besides, it beat sitting at home thinking about her breakup with Wood. And if Xander's family was half as entertaining as he was it should be good a few laughs.

Xander gave her a speculative look before he shrugged and replied, "It's in New York in a few weeks if you're up for it. Just promise not to try to slay any of them. They're a little creepy sometimes."

"Ah, how kooky could your relatives be X? You're the one with the mysterious job fightin' demons and stuff," Faith dismissed.

"I'm warning you they have a dark sense of humor, Faith. You can ask Willow about them sometime. But I promise, they're not evil. They're just… spooky," Xander promised.

"As long as you're there for them X, I'm sure everything will be fine, I mean that's what family is supposed to be right?" Faith asked.

"Yeah. As long as we're all together it'll be okay," Xander shot back with a fond smile. He wondered if Wednesday still had Homer? Faith would get a kick out of the giant tarantula in a way Willow failed to do, he was sure. Oh, and Cleopatra had to be huge at this point. He'd have to pick her up a prime rib or something.

As Xander and Faith discussed plans to travel to the Addams manor, Gomez was doing his level best to school young Lucas Beineke, his future son-in-law, in the fine art of swordplay. Fencing was something of a tradition among Addams men, after all. As for Lucas, he seemed to have taken his cues from Morticia and Lurch as he kept his rapier in an en guarde position and let Gomez frenetically engage his blade while moving as little as possible.

"Haha! You're doing better, my boy. Soon you will be swordsman of the greatest renown," Gomez promised as he finally disarmed the young man.

"Thanks Mr. Addams," Lucas replied with a wide smile.

"Ah-ah. I told you before, son, Gomez or Father. After all, you'll be family soon enough," Gomez playfully admonished the lad.

"Okay, Gomez," Lucas accepted with a grin. He truly liked his future father-in-law. Gomez Addams had a zest for life that you couldn't help but get caught up in. And the passion he still held for his wife and his family after 25 years of marriage was something that Lucas could not help but aspire to emulate. He could only pray he and Wednesday would still be so in love after so long being married. Well, assuming Wednesday didn't finish him off with a crossbow or something. But if she did, she did. That was the life of a man in love with Wednesday Addams. You learned to treasure every moment like it could be your last.

"Hey guys, great news," Fester Addams exclaimed as he entered the library where Gomez and Lucas had been fencing.

"What's that, old man?" Gomez asked as he eyed his clearly excited brother.

"I overheard Morticia, Alice, and Wednesday talking about the wedding right now and Wednesday for them to invite Cousin Xander," Fester reported with a wide smile.

"Ah. Excellent! The children will be thrilled to see him again. And Pugsley has wanted advice of various military grade blasting tools that we don't often use here," Gomez exclaimed as he took out and lit himself a fresh cigar.

"Cousin Xander? Oh, Wednesday mentioned him. He's like her favorite distant cousin, isn't he?" Lucas asked for clarification.

"Indeed he is, my boy. Young Xander is Wednesday and Pugsley's third cousin on my beloved Cara Mia's side of the family. Although the kids adore him so much you would think he was one of our own," Gomez explained.

"Good head on his shoulders, that boy. I've never seen anyone that was such as natural at wiring a blasting cap to a detonator at ten years old and his skills with a battleaxe and top notch. Just what you need in the fast paced world of business today," Fester added with a sage nod of his head.

"Yes indeed, Brother. And I'm sure he can't wait to meet you Lucas. You two will get along famously. I'm certain of it," Gomez predicted. He politely refrained from voicing the rest of his thought of, You're both remarkably good at looking normal without falling into the trap of being totally normal.

"I can't wait to meet him," Lucas responded. After that, he glanced at his watch only to hiss, "I've got to go Gomez, Uncle Fester. I promised Pugsley that I pull the level on the rack for him since Wednesday is busy with the planning. I'll see you both at dinner." And with that he waved to the two older men before sprinting out of the library towards the play room.

The Two Addams men watched the lad leave before Gomez asked, "Do you think Alex will bring the shovel, old man?"

"Hah. He's still upset that Wednesday managed to scare Joel to death before he had his shot. And that was a puppy love boyfriend and twelve. Now she's getting married at eighteen. He'll have at least one Slayer with him. Maybe a whole team of them," Fester assured him.

"Point taken. Well that will make for an interesting reception at least. I just hope young What doesn't start working his charms on whoever Alexander brings with him. That boy is becoming as incorrigible of a flirt as his father and Cousin Vlad put together.

"Ah What's a good kid. Look at how many ladies Cousin Itt went through at that age and he settled down finally. Let him enjoy his youth," Fester advised.

"Well spoken, Fester. Well spoken indeed. Now, what do you say to joining me for a brandy and a toast to family? This wedding will be the most fun we've had since your reunion party.

"I say I'll drink to that, Gomez," Fester responded with a bright smile as the two headed toward the mini-bar in the library to toast their ever-expanding family.