He takes off Punk's shirt and Punk takes off Randy's shirt.

CM Punk: "Yeah. That is a better idea."

Randy: "Are you good?"

CM Punk: "I'm better than good. May I?"

He puts his hands on Randy's chest.

Randy: "Go ahead. I'm not gonna bite you or break. That's why I took the shirt off."

Punk now is shirtless on top of Randy who is also shirtless. The feeling of those pecks and that rock hard abs under his fingers. Damn, he really did feel like he was made of stone. He was almost Greek God-like in the damn near perfection. "And there it goes. The bird is out of the cage now so to speak." He looked at Randy's face as he felt Punk get obviously hard as soon as he touched him. He half expected Randy to squirm out from under him and yell "This just got way too fucking awkward for me" and run for the front door, but there was no squirming or running. He just smiled up at him with that cocky grin of his.

Randy: "Really."

CM Punk: "Holy shit. I'm sorry about that. He's thinking he's in control of everything right now. I'm trying really hard here."

Randy: "Dude, don't be so self-conscious. I appreciate the compliment here. It's a natural reaction when you're attracted to someone. It doesn't matter if you're the same sex or not. If I was disgusted by the fact that you were hard, I'd have left hours ago."

CM Punk: "This is true."

Randy: "So relax and let whatever comes natural happen."

He pulled Punk down on top of him so he could feel his hardness against him.

CM Punk: "You're being so cool about all of this. I swore you'd run at Mr. Peacock jumping up."

Randy couldn't help himself he just burst out laughing and Punk laughed at him. He couldn't believe Punk just referred to his dick, out loud as "Mr. Peacock" let alone saying it to him.

Randy: "I'm sorry. That Mr. Peacock line was priceless."

CM Punk: "No worries."

He starts kissing Punk again and this time with more passion. His hands start wandering down Punk's body in the same fashion as Punk's did to him. Suddenly, Punk realizes Randy's own "Mr. Peacock" was standing up against his. Randy starts smiling as he sees the realization cross Punk's surprised face.

CM Punk: "Really."

Randy: "Oh yeah. So, are you brave enough to let Mr. Peacock come out and play?"

CM Punk: "Hell yeah. Are you?"

Randy: "Hell yeah."

He puts his hands on Randy's zipper.

CM Punk: "Someone is in a hurry."

Randy: "He likes the way you kiss me."

CM Punk: "I like the way you kiss me too."

He undoes Randy's pants to discover not only is he not wearing any underwear, but he's absolutely beautiful.

CM Punk: "Looks like the Viper is coiled and ready to strike."

Randy undoes Punk's pants to discover the same lack of underwear.

Randy: "Damn, I see why Amy keeps coming back to you. You're beautiful."

CM Punk: "Thanks. You're beautiful too."