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Warnings: Violence and hitting on fair maidens (It is Dean after all).

A wolf's mournful howl rises above the darkened forest, shattering the previously silent night. A horse rears, neighing in fright. The rider hurries to hush their mount, the noise being consumed in the inky shadows. The unnatural stillness of the forest continues, as if the animals and trees have realized what is in their midst. Something evil.

Another horse and rider come tearing towards the waiting person,

"Milady! I have it!"

The waiting rider pulls a curtain off her lantern. Long blonde tresses are pulled back, almost hidden beneath a black silk hood. She's finely dressed, a noble woman. She leans forward in excitement,

"Give him to me. Now!"

The servant carefully hands her the bundle he's carried close to his chest for the last fifteen miles. The bundle gives a soft cry at the disturbance. The servant shushes gently,

"Hush, little one."

"Hand the child to me."

The servant hands it over,

"Here, Milady Lilith. The child you asked for."

Lilith grabs the child from him, pulling back a fold of blanket. Sleepy green eyes look up at her. She stares hard at him. The baby whimpers, fussing in her hold.

"…This is not the child!"

Her rage-filled scream rings out. The baby starts wailing in fear as Lilith rages,

"You brought me the wrong child!"

"But, Milady…"

"I gave you a simple task!"

"Milady, he was the only child."

The baby's cries continue, terrified by the loud woman holding him. Her hair is like is Mommy's, but she is not his Mommy. His Mommy is nice and gentle. Not loud.

Lilith becomes quite and contemplative. Eventually the infant's sobs peter out. Lilith smiles and it is not a pleasant thing.

"There will be another. You will have to watch the family carefully because there will be another child."

"What am I to do with this one, Milady?"

Lilith looks at the young life in her arms,

"Dispose of it."

Robert is a simple blacksmith. He works at his forge and minds his own business, leaves the rest of Silent Falls to what they want to do. Just so long as they don't disturb his life. If they do… Well, he does have several large hammers. Good for shaping hot metal and silencing bothersome villagers. But tonight… Tonight will change Robert Smith's life.

It's the cries that wake him from his sleep. Bobby grumbles. Can't that woman keep her whelp quiet? Some people have work to do and need their rest. The crying doesn't stop. Bobby slowly gets out of bed, ready to shout at his neighbors. That's when he realizes the noise isn't coming from the hut besides his smithy. It's coming from behind his home. In the forest.

Bobby follows the softening whimpers through the trees, holding his torch high. He does need his sleep, but he's not heartless enough to leave some kid out in the forest. And the woods are dangerous at night if you don't know how to take care of yourself. Another soft sob and Bobby turns toward a large bush. The corner of a dark blanket peaks out from beneath the leaves. The blacksmith squats down, pushing the branches aside.

A baby, swathed in a dark red blanket, is hidden beneath the foliage. The infant stares up at Bobby with big, tired green eyes as if asking the man why he has been left behind in such an inhospitable place. Bobby can't help but stare. After all, it's not every day he finds a baby abandoned under a bush. He gently reaches in and lifts the small bundle out. The baby fusses and Bobby hushes in a gentle manner that surprises him,

"Shh, kid, don't cry. I'm not gonna hurt ya'."

The soft words and the way he's carefully holding the him seems to calm the child. He looks up at Bobby one last time before his eyes close. Bobby stares. What seems like days is really a matter of a few minutes and he has made his choice.

He takes the little one back to his home.

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