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by Valksy

Chi energy. She felt it power her muscles and light up her nerves as it ran through her in pulses and made her tremble and sound a single gasping sob at the sensation overload. It was life, pure life, coalesced and given form.

Her intellect, battling to maintain control, noted that the pulsing was spreading through her body and bringing with it an arousal so complete that it verged on agony. And with arousal there was need, shocking in its urgency and threatening to brush away the last tattered remains of her reason and reduce her to nothing but primal desire.

Overwhelmed, and losing herself to a power she had not imagined, the woman called out in fear. "Bo, help me."

"Kenzi, knock it off will you?" the brunette sighed as the radio station was changed for the third time in less than a minute, the jumbled sounds from the decrepit and ever-crackling radio pushing her temper a step closer to breaking.

"Dude, no need to get all sandy," Kenzi grumbled, but slouched back in her seat and put her chunky boots up on the dash in front of her. Within seconds her quick and clever hands came to rest on raised knees and began to tap along with the music. "The doc is probably just catching up on some zees."

"Lauren isn't answering her phone."

"Duh. She's asleep." The imp added a flourish to her drumming. "We'll probably rock up there all concerned and shit, and she'll just be tucked up and trying to shake off that last session." Kenzi sniggered to herself. "Betcha she will be on a drip too. Got to replenish those fluids somehow."

Aware that her jibe had been ignored, Kenzi surveyed Bo's profile, noting the worried furrowing of her brow, the narrowing of her eyes and the absence of her easy-going smile. "We would have heard if there had been another Ash-apalooza. I'm sure she's fine."

The succubus drove in silence, resisting the urge to put her foot down and risk wasting time seducing a traffic cop out of a ticket. The survivor within her, the streetwise, savvy, sharp self, had been giving warning sounds since her last call had gone to messages. Bo had learned quickly to listen to her awareness, ten years of being as much prey as predator had taught her well.

Lauren's neighborhood was a smart, chic and upwardly mobile inner city development. Former warehouses had been rebuilt as blocks of fashionable spacious two-story apartments. Bo had always suspected that the whole block belonged to the Light, a question that Lauren had responded to with a mild frown but neither confirmation nor denial.

"Lights are on." Kenzi spoke confidently, her senses as quick and alert as Bo's and free of the need to concentrate on the road. "Game face?"

Bo gave a single nod in answer.

Kenzi dropped her boots back in to the footwell and then reached down between them, stretching her hand under the seat to reach for Bo's katana, and bracing herself as Bo drew the tatty car to a halt and then killed the radio and the lights.

The two friends needed no instructions, needed nothing more than the trust between them. Bo slipped off her snug jacket and tossed it back in to the car, freeing herself of encumbrance to movement and showing clearly the level of her apprehension. The succubus took the sheathed weapon in her left hand, testing that it would draw cleanly and revealing a few inches of gleaming edged steel.

"You gotta know," Kenzi began, as she hurried to keep up with Bo's brisk stride, "I am totally saying it's your fault if we bust in there and she's chin deep in bubble bath."

The apartment building was entered via a pass code number tapped in to a simple keypad. Without needing to exchange a word, they took the stairs up to Lauren's door.

Eight stairs from the top, Bo's natural athletic grace failed her and she stumbled, dropping a knee awkwardly to the concrete step and giving a short hiss of pain. One quick hand had spared her from a face first landing, her knuckles whitening as she gripped the chrome handrail, the other threatening to lose its grasp on her wickedly sharp weapon.

"Bo?" Kenzi murmured as she deftly caught the katana by its handle and sheath to stop it from clattering back down the steps and announcing them to everyone.

"Dizzy. It's passing," the succubus shook her head and blinked rapidly. "Do you feel that?"

"Nothing," Kenzi confirmed. "If you're the canary, not me, it must be a Fae thing. Wait here."

Shrugging off Bo's attempt to grab her arm, Kenzi travelled the last few steps to the top, pressed her back against the wall and risked a peek around the corner to the corridor outside Lauren's front door.

"Kenz," Bo protested as the smaller woman darted out of sight. The succubus battled to her feet, cursing at knees that felt weak and a mind that was swimming and threatened to spill her again. "Damn it, Kenz!"

"A little slack," Kenzi scolded as she returned to Bo's side. "You think I'd go up there if there was a horde of Berzerkers? Who do you think I am? You?" She caught hold of Bo's elbow. "I can't carry your leather-clad ass out of here. One more stumble and we call for help."

"I'm fine," Bo insisted.

Kenzi glanced dubiously at her friend. Bo was leaning in to the hand on her elbow and a fine sheen of sweat had broken out just below her hairline. Kenzi admitted to herself that her inner outlaw desperately wanted to run away, accepting the fear made it easier to cope with.

"All right, I've got your back," Kenzi smiled. "Although if we both get killed, I want my gravestone to just say Dumbass."

"I was planning on that anyway," Bo sniped with a sly grin.

Kenzi grinned in relief at the tease. Even a weakened Bo could still fight better than any living human, and if she had to put the sword in Bo's hand herself, she would. So long as Bo could stand, she could fight. And for her friends and her lover, Bo would fight on her knees if she had to. The key was just to remember to duck and get out of the way. The personal pep talk helped her urge Bo up the rest of the stairs.

The corridor was in semi darkness, discretely illuminated by a small shielded bulb and a little light spilling out from under Lauren's closed door. Bo knew that Lauren was capable of absent-mindedness, especially when her fierce intellect had locked on to a subject of interest, leaving the apartment without pause on a task or errand was not impossible.

"It's worse here," Bo admitted as much to herself as to Kenzi.

"What is it?"

"I'm not sure. I feel," Bo paused, frowning and moistening her lips with the tip of her tongue, "I feel it all over my body." Bo pressed her free hand against her sternum, and then down low on her abdomen as she found the discipline to resist the urge to slip her hand down lower and cup herself. "It's very strong."

"Horny?" Kenzi asked easily.

"Mmm." Bo listened to the wanton pitch of her own voice. "Something like that." She ran her tongue over her top teeth. "I can almost taste it." The succubus lifted her free forearm between them to see the rash of goosebumps as she noted the matching prickling at the nape of her neck.

Kenzi raised one plucked and sculpted eyebrow as she assessed the taller woman's physique. The tight black tank top that showed lean arms and strong shoulders also plainly displayed Bo's unashamed excitement.

The temptation to quip to avoid her own embarrassment faded as a chill struck the younger woman. Bo's features were sharpening, the confusion and the concern for Lauren were giving way to something far more primordial and dangerous.

"Fight it," Kenzi reminded, taking care to keep her tone warm and companionable.

"Trying," Bo responded. "It's powerful, but different. I can do it, just let me get used to it." Bo placed her hand on the door as if she needed to check for heat.

"She remembered to lock it for a change. I checked," Kenzi provided. "I think you're going to have to Tarzan it open."

Bo sighed and squared her shoulders, stepping back from the door a half pace and sending a silent word of thanks for whatever it was that was driving her body and making her ache so acutely that her temper was ready to flare out of her control. The succubus forced herself to concentrate and focused on the optimum point to strike the door. A human woman might simply bounce off and, if Lauren trusted a steel-cored deadlocked door more than she did the amulet around her neck, so would she.

Taking a deep breath to brace herself for the pain of impact, something that even she could not escape, Bo coiled her body, clenched both fists and drove her shoulder forward with all the force her inhuman muscles would allow.

The door slammed back on its hinges, Bo's strike ripping the wood around the lock into a bristling cluster of splinters. All chance of stealth gone, Bo's hand shot back, confident that the handle of her katana would be there for her, slick as any Olympian relay runner. The sword flashed from its rigid scabbard with a sinister sibilance, her legacy overriding her moment of frailty and making the weapon an extension of her arm and herself.

Bo's gaze moved swiftly around the living space, searching for enemies and friends alike, the sword poised in a vertical guard position, every movement of her body was graceful and deadly.

"Workbench," Kenzi called from behind her.

"I see it."

The apartment was mostly pristine. Lauren's taste for understatement and elegance bordered on Spartan so it was obvious to see if anything was out of place. In contrast the workspace was usually busy with paperwork, books, the binocular microscope and Lauren's computer equipment, but never so chaotic and disordered, even to the point of feverishness. More books littered the floor, cracked open on their spines, amid crumpled paper and broken glass. The tablet that Lauren linked to her big screen lay dark and broken. The laptop was open and issuing a single continuous droning beep of protest.

"Tossed?" Bo asked.

"Not by a pro." Kenzi moved in to the apartment, circling behind to keep the succubus as cover. "Does that noise sound like a flatline to you too?"

Bo edged a little closer to the bench to get a clearer view. The energy in the air that made her head hurt and her teeth ache was making it harder to keep her mind together on the task, her body making its demands known with increasing urgency. She reached out to the laptop with exaggerated care, almost expecting a spark to jump from her fingers to the aluminum casing. Closing the lid silenced the drone. Bo traced cables hanging from the side of the machine and found a pair of round heart monitor pads hanging free.


"Moment." The succubus let her eyes track over the material in Lauren's workspace, uncomfortably aware that sometimes the doctor seemed as strange to her as she must to others. Another world, in languages that she didn't understand, was arrayed in front of her.


Kenzi's voice was sharper, more insistent, this time. Bo forced herself to turn and give the attention that was being demanded. Kenzi's humanity, her life, was beginning to call to Bo's true nature. As she had done many times, in private and in secret, she repeated her mantra: I will not hurt Kenzi.

"Keys," Kenzi provided. "Phone." She held both items, her thief's deduction having lead her straight to them. "Upstairs?"

"She couldn't have slept through that," Bo replied, tipping her head back towards the door. "They've taken her, haven't they."

Bo felt the adrenalin of the moment dissolving and bringing the ache emanating from between her legs, and the molten heat in her breasts, into exquisite crystal bright clarity.

"Bo, focus," Kenzi snapped. "If they've taken her, we''ll have to go find her and take her back. OK?" She waited for Bo's warm, dark eyes to meet hers again, the menace still present but under control for now. "We'll get her back. But we should do the job right and check upstairs. We'd expect that if someone was paying us. Am I right?" The younger woman waited for a grudging nod of agreement. "And we might find out what's in here that's making you want to hump my leg like a cocker spaniel."

"Funny," Bo groused.

Bo moved her blade to back to a guard position as she climbed the stairs, alert to any sound that might telegraph an attack, relying once more on her awareness. The stairs opened on to a small landing with closed doors leading off it.

"Which one?" Kenzi whispered.

"Never been up here," Bo answered curtly.

"You haven't played doctor in the boudoir?" Kenzi challenged, easy humor in her voice to soothe Bo's fracturing nerve. "What's up with that?" Bo hesitated ahead of her, her prowling step uncertain. "What is it?

"Here. Do you see?"

Kenzi watched Bo drop to a crouch, her weight on the balls of her feet, fingertips touching carpet as she stared intently at the ground.

"Nothing," Kenzi replied.

"It's right here."

The bottom edge of the bedroom door was leaking a nimbus of flickering light. Bo wondered first at the chance of fire, so alarmed by it that she let her fingers brush the woodwork again, to check for heat that was not there. The shimmer of brightness was quite distinct but it gave no sign of physical presence, and was not visible to human eyes. It could only be other-worldly, it could only be Fae.

"Stand back." Bo eased the smooth handle down with careful fingertips and pushed the door open.

The light hit her first, blazing in to eyes that had adjusted to the dim landing, so bright that Bo rocked back on heels and raised her hand to shield herself. The second blow struck low and hard, non-corporeal but real and excruciating. Helpless in the dual onslaught, Bo dropped her blade and grabbed at the door frame as she shuddered through an pre-orgasmic quake, choking off a gasp that was part pain and part lust.

"Chi," Bo panted the word. "It's chi. It's everywhere. How can it be everywhere? And it's so bright, I can't see. I can't." A fresh wave of the energy broke over Bo's trembling body, dragging another throaty moan from deep within her chest.

"Bo," Kenzi called firmly, sharply, cutting through the fright and pain. "There's no light, Bo. There's nothing there."

Bo forced herself to open her eyes a fraction, squinting and trusting her hand to block the worst. The brightness rioted across her retinas as her light-seared mind struggling to adapt. There were separate colors, she saw warm reds and deep burnt orange, blush pink, a stained glass window array of blues and a regal purple swirling through it all like oil on water. The patterns were familiar; the intensity, impossible.

"Lauren," Bo breathed. "It's Lauren. It's so bright, so massive." Awe threatened to drive her to knees and make her weep from the beauty of it. She saw glimpses all the time, although her nature tuned in to passion and the halos of colors between lovers, as they reached out to one another and mingled. The warmer blends of desire and the chill of disinterest were always more clear, but never like this, never so complex. "It's an aurora."

Kenzi edged closer to Bo, alarmed to see her shaken to tears and shivering on the spot, robbed of all composure. Accepting the Fae world was to accept the unreal, let go of beliefs, be willing to walk to the edge of reason and take a leap of faith. Bo was mesmerized, losing herself to something that only she could see and feel. The small thief had only one plan in mind grab for the door, break the spell and shut in whatever had transfixed Bo.

Bo had witnessed the brilliance, the corona, she had missed the woman seated silently in the centre of the chaos. Only Kenzi's human eyes could see her.

"Lauren?" Kenzi said. "Lauren? What's going on?"

The doctor sat on the edge of her bed, bare feet planted apart, knees parted. She was leaning forward as if sick, elbows on her knees and her hands hanging loose between them. Her head hung low, loose blonde locks tumbling in to her face and masking her from view.

She was wearing tailored professional black slacks and a white button down shirt, the cuffs neatly folded up to elbow. Kenzi recognized it as every day workwear. It was as if Lauren had given up for the day, come to bed, sat down and been frozen in amber.

Kenzi took a cautious step forward and touched the older woman lightly on the shoulder, her wild and fanciful mind so struck by her stillness that it expected her to simply shatter under her palm.

"Is she all right? Is she hurt?" Bo's voice was weak and high, betraying the battle it was taking to find enough will to speak.

The sound of her lover's voice brought forth a quiet whimper from the otherwise catatonic woman. Lauren swayed forward, perilously close to tipping point, her arm stretching out for her, straining to reach Bo. Tiny blue sparks jumped between her spread fingers. In the dim light she was pale and her skin seemed almost translucent.

"I don't know," Kenzi admitted. She chanced touching her, expecting a finger-numbing crackle as the visible sparks jumped to her but feeling nothing but warm, smooth skin. "It is chi. Oh, Doc, what have you done?"

Lauren shuddered hard and groaned as the spasm shaking her lean figure from head to toe. Behind Kenzi, Bo echoed the sound, hers more sensual, more needy. Exposure to chi was triggering Bo's hunger.

The slight Russian girl nervously paused in thought. Getting used to catching occasional glimpses of Bo regarding her with frank interest had taken time and their friendship had guided her to never confront Bo with her slips of focus. The miasma of chi saturating the atmosphere, so complete that they were breathing it in and letting it wash over their bodies, was pushing Bo to the edge. So close to the source, close enough to touch, those slips were rapidly escalating. Bo could not be expected to fight it forever and, if she lost control, she would be a danger to anyone that she might encounter until she was sated.

"Wake up, Doc, tell me what to do," Kenzi whispered.

"Help me," the words were echoey, dreamy.

"I'll help you, tell me what you need," Kenzi urged, chancing a glance behind her to Bo and seeing that her friend was still blinking against the phantom light, the tendons and veins in her neck standing up in relief from the strain of it.


"Bo's here," Kenzi coaxed. "She's with you."

Lauren moved slowly, uncurling her back and bringing her slouched shoulders up. The plain white shirt she was wearing was unbuttoned to her midriff, untucked from her slacks, and hanging wide open to expose her collarbones, the hollow of her throat and the upper slopes of her breasts. Like Bo, she was blatant in her arousal.

"Tell me where she is," Bo demanded. The succubus stretched out her own hand, feeling blindly for her lover.

Kenzi caught her wrist to block her. "I'm not sure you should."

The grip was firm but the words stayed mild so not to tip Bo in to an anger that she could not recover from. The sound of her voice tripped another quake from the doctor and its sympathetic echo in Bo.

"I can't take much more," Bo warned.

The doctor lifted her head at last and let it fall back with an earthy moan, her loose hair falling away from her face. The blonde's features possessed a preternatural shine; Chi, the vivid electric blue stuff of life, was pouring from her, shining through her skin, lighting the back of her mouth and spilling down her chin. There was so much of it that Kenzi felt her own nipples tighten and her sex twitch in unwilling response.

Lauren opened her eyes. The warm and deep chocolate brown had gone; now there was fierce blue, the chi in possession of her. Cerulean eyes blazed with fresh surges of the energy. One unwavering hand reached out for Bo, the other dropped to her crotch and she began to unashamedly fondle herself through her clothing.

"It's chi. She is sweating the stuff," Kenzi said.

"You can see it?"

"Her eyes are blue." Kenzi's voice cracked with stress. "I think she's gonna blow if you don't do something quick." The younger woman's gaze darted shyly to the doctor's act of desperate masturbation, Lauren's hips starting to rock towards her hand to seek more stimulation and the chi pulsing harder in answer. If Lauren was getting ready to climax, Kenzi was sure that Bo would not be far behind. The arcane connection alarmed the young woman. "Bo, two steps to your right and straight on till morning."

The succubus followed, blind to everything but trust, and reached out her hand for Lauren. Their fingers brushed together, then clasped tightly, drawing one another closer in a duet of lust.

Bo was faster and stronger. She surged against her lover, driving Lauren back onto the bed, and covering her and searching out her mouth as the blonde's knees rose on either side of her to grind them together. Their kiss was firm and eager, lips sealing to lips and sharing a single breath before Bo lifted up and began to draw from her.

Chi had no flavor, but thrilled her to the core. Chi had no mass, but nourished her. What she took from Lauren seeped through her tissues, spreading its warmth through every nerve and fibre, flowing along her veins, entering every cell. Bo's eyes glowed as the energy enriched her, charged her, gave her its gift.

And still it kept coming, so rich and powerful that it felt like a tidal wave rushing in to her mouth, bursting through her chest and her belly before breaking between her legs. Bo's conscious mind called out alarm, that much more and Lauren would not survive, but her hunger was greedy and she gorged on power that sprang from her lover like a geyser.

Lauren wrapped her arms and legs around Bo and arched her back beneath her lover's familiar weight, releasing energy and climax together. In turn, Bo groaned and thrust against her until her own symbiotic orgasm erupting within her with such violence that she straightened her arms, broke the chi stream, and threw her head back to cry out in exaltation.