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Grey Skies-Introduction/ Green Eyes- First Steps

Snape just stared ahead, face carefully blank as Voldemort paced back and forth in front of his line of followers within the inner circle. This was the Dark Lord's most trusted group, and though every one of them was present, he knew that Snape was the only one he needed for this task.

Though barely human, Tom Riddle was not a stupid man, and he had heard people questioning Severus Snape's loyalty to him. And he, too, was beginning to wonder as to where the man's true loyalties lay. So the others were there, witnesses of sorts, including the newly promoted Draco Malfoy, to ensure that Severus would complete this task.

Tom could no longer allow himself the luxury of killing Harry Potter himself. One of this group would have to, and as long as Severus could physically go through with this plan, the rest would have knowledge so the man could not duck out of it. Just in case.

"Severus, this is a bad situation. I am growing tired of playing cat and mouse with a sixteen year old boy. I could not care less who kills him now, but they must have a connection with me. You understand, don't you?"

Severus didn't understand any of this at all, but nodded nonetheless, as was expected.

"Of course, my lord."

"I am sorry, Severus, but some of this group, our friends, have been questioning your abilities as a spy for us. I need you to get close enough to kill the boy, but I will not be made a fool of. So, Just in case..." He brandished his wand, pointing it at the teacher without a moment's hesitation.

No. There was only so much that Severus could successfully hide from his so called master, and he knew how to prioritise. There would be some information Voldemort would get, and he inwardly cringed, knowing some problem or another was about to arise.


Severus tried to hide as much as possible, but had no choice but to only hide one thing as he noted that Voldemort was searching for something specific. Harry Potter. He calmed his mind, pretending not to have registered anything unusual, though he felt like screaming as he recognised the thoughts being drawn out.

Severus stalked over to the boy cleaning the board, not stopping until he was almost pressed against him. "Potter." Harry gasped, spinning around, his back pressed against the chalkboard he'd previously been cleansing of chalk. There was no hesitation; Severus leaned in, roughly catching the boy's lips in a long kiss.

Here, Severus momentarily interfered, skipping all of the speech from the scene. Dreaming of dominating the boy, that he could claim 'lolita-complex' to, but the sappy bullshit that had accompanied it would definitely earn him a beating. Or death, depending on Voldemort's mood.

He removed enough to be a lapse of memory, knowing he couldn't escape everything, but still couldn't refrain from cringing at the next image Voldemort saw.

Severus let out a throaty moan as Harry's hand ghosted over his groin, those big green eyes looking up at him innocently. The boy did not look away as he slowly undid Severus's black trousers, pulling them down to his knees easily, appearing as a practised motion. Harry gripped Severus's erection with one hand, his other resting on the floor. His grip was tight, and he ran his hand down the length of the teacher's dick several times before moving his hand to hold the man's hip instead.

Harry leaned forward, warm breath tickling the flesh and Severus shivered before thrusting his hips forward in a blatant demand.


"Harry." It was guttural, a groan, barely human.

Voldemort pulled out of the memory then, and Severus immediately looked at him, worried. It turned out that wasn't a problem. Still, he didn't expect the Dark Lord to look so pleased. And he was completely disgusted with the hint of lust in the other man's gaze.

"There is no need to worry, Severus, I know that was originally a dream. And I can't say I blame you. He is an attractive boy, isn't he?"

Clearing his throat, Severus hid how horrified he was, and steeled himself into 'Death-Eater' mode.

"Indeed. Small, young for his age. He seems so...innocent." That much was true, though he hated himself for lusting for Harry, and definitely did not allow himself to think of him in the predatory way that he spoke. He felt sick, but had to add the last line, for he knew Voldemort would question him further without it. " It makes him so very appealing, so much more interesting to break."

Voldemort laughed, as Severus had expected. That man was every kind of sadistic, and always laughed whenever Lucius said something similar. Those two were thick as thieves when they needed to be.

And it always made Severus feel sick. He'd never understood the reasoning behind rape and torture, whilst they revelled in it.

"I'm glad you think so. I have a job for you, Severus."

Severus inclined his head. "Whatever you want, my lord."

"Since you clearly want Harry Potter, you can have your fun. In fact, I insist. But it must be slightly more discreet, less obvious than simply fucking the boy. You are to seduce, then kill Harry Potter. By the end of this year Severus."

A year, that was a very long time, and for that, Severus was grateful. Clearly, he wasn't the only one that thought Voldemort was being exceptionally kind, for whispers broke out among the group.

"I know that is long time. Teenagers are the easiest people to seduce, blinded by false ideas of love and overruled by hormones, but as far as we all know, he hates you. And you need to make sure that old Dumbledore doesn't interfere. So a year it is. Any questions?"

"None, my lord."

Severus bowed, and Voldemort dismissed him, moving on to the other followers jobs.

Severus made it back to Hogwarts before the first tear fell, but only just. He hadn't cried since the day he was given the Dark Mark, and that was seventeen years ago. He had been eighteen. But the first tear fell as he took the first step into the grounds, and, like opening a dam, once the first escaped, other followed, and he had no control.

Half-blinded by emotion, he began to run, not caring who saw him as he rushed to Dumbledore's office.

"Jelly-bean!" He practically shrieked the password, and the old man stood from his desk as the hysterical potions-master collapsed through the doors into the room.

"Severus! My boy, what on earth's happened?"

"I-the Dark lord, Harry. Oh Merlin, this is dreadful!"

Dumbledore took a hold of the other man's arm, and steered him into seat. He called for tea as he waited for Severus to calm down enough to explain. After being seated, Severus remained motionless until a mug of tea was pushed into his hands. Then, he came back to earth, but shook uncontrollably as he took a sip of the drink.

Dumbledore allowed him to drink in peace, then gently asked again.

"What has happened, Severus?"

"I have one year, Albus. One fucking year."

"To do what?" He ignored the language. The man appeared to be a state of depressed shock.

"I have to ...seduce...and kill Harry Potter."

Albus breathed deeply, frowning. "Who else knows about this?"

"The whole of Voldemort's inner circle. Including Draco Malfoy."

"That is a problem indeed."

"I KNOW THAT! Sorry, I'm just worried. What am I supposed to do, Albus? If they suspect something is amiss, he'll probably get Draco to do it. And- like his father- he is one sadistic, twisted fucker."

"I think, you're going to have to make it look like there's slow progress going on. Act friendlier. For now, that's all you'll need. They clearly think it'll take you awhile."

Severus nodded. "Thank you, Albus."

"There's nothing to thank me for, Severus." Albus smiled at the other teacher, and Severus understood himself to be dismissed.

Harry Potter was enjoying the surprisingly warm September weather out by the lake before he fell asleep. His mind weakened while he slept, it was not exactly unexpected that he once again viewed a meeting through Voldemort's eyes. It was disconcerting, the whole thing, and he could not have been any angrier seeing a picture of himself sucking off Severus Snape. He wasn't disgusted until the conversation that followed it, just angry that he was being considered fodder for the imaginations of others.

He woke up screaming, and it was a good thing there was no one else by the lake. He was honestly terrified; he knew Snape was a double agent, but the dream had been his, and Harry was slightly scared of him. The only small mercy was that Snape had been ordered to be discreet in his advances.

Harry didn't really care how weak he seemed, he was terrified, and automatically began to run to Dumbledore.

He stumbled through the corridors, blindly passing people without acknowledging them, until, right outside the doors to the office, he ran into something.

Someone judging by the sound of pain that escaped it.

Terrified, Harry scrambled backwards, before looking at the other person, and nearly shouted in horror. In front of him was Severus Snape, and Harry couldn't help but feel immediately apprehensive.

But also transfixed. Once he could concentrate properly, it became clear that the man was crying, tears pouring down his face, his eyes red and his skin deathly pale. He looked like shit, and Harry couldn't help but wonder if the man did not want to kill him after all.

"You know." His voice was almost flat, but he couldn't completely erase the hopefulness. Harry heard it loud and clear, and he tilted his head to the side, considering.

"Yes. You have been ordered to fuck and kill. Me." Harry's voice was toneless, and that was almost entirely due to the fact that he was lost.

He wondered if Snape had already told Dumbledore. If he had, then that would definitely mean he was a good guy. Well, as close to definitely as he could hope for.

Dumbledore had noticed the commotion, and found two of his favourite students on the floor outside his office. [It did not matter how old Severus got, he still considered him a student of his.]

"Harry!" Albus Dumbledore was quite quick, and assessed the situation before ordering both of them to go into the room.

Once sat, he turned to a scared Harry. "I assume you had a vision." Harry nodded, and swallowed a couple of times before answering.

"Yes. I saw the meeting between Voldemort and Snape. All of it, I think."

"Professor Snape, Harry." Dumbledore corrected gently.

Personally, Severus could not have cared less about the title. He wouldn't have blamed him if he'd started trying to kill him, or worse, started screaming in fear. Both could have happened.

"Yeah, sorry. Anyway, I know. What the fuck am I supposed to do?"

"That's what I asked." Severus mumbled, and Harry glared at him. He still looked scared though, and though Severus was used to being feared, it still hurt. A lot. That people would think him capable of such horrible things, things he would never do. Yes, he had killed. Many a time. But he had been lucky in escaping the worst things. He had only killed in battle- because he was either making potions or was kept with Voldemort on raids. As a result, he'd never killed a child, or a civilian.

He'd also never raped anyone, not once. He'd been forced to watch, many a time, with a stoic mask in place, and that was bad enough. But he'd never done it himself.

He had a strong desire to tell the boy that, but it was a wasted effort- he wouldn't believe him anyway.

"You both know what has to be done." Dumbledore spoke quietly, but had the attention of both of the people in the room.

"You have to pretend that you're going through with it, Severus, and it has to appear convincing. Successful. Harry, this means you must act like you're falling for it. Otherwise, Voldemort will grow tired or Severus will be found out. And either way, that will mean that someone else will be assigned, and we all know they wont be kind. They wont care at all."

He caught the eye of each of them in turn.

"Make this work, and we have a year to make sure you both get out of this alive."

Harry nodded- he was used to having to behave like his life was resting on a knife's edge.

It normally was.

Severus also nodded. He knew there was no bloody way in hell that he was allowing any of his sadistic 'colleagues' near a boy as innocent as Harry Potter. And that was a promise.

They had both agreed on a subtle approach, for as long as possible. As Snape explained, they would most definitely be watched by Draco, who was inexperienced as a spy, and he would therefore jump on the littlest of ideas. To begin with, they would just have to behave as friends would, for the most part.

And, as Dumbledore had pointed out, they both had to be comfortable together before anyone would believe their little act. This meant secret meetings, to get Harry acclimatized with playing the role. They needed to act like lovers long before the idea was presented to everyone else; it was the only way it would be successful.

Freezing because Snape was just standing near him, would not do at all. Harry tried pointing out that his reaction was probably because he knew not to further irritate an angry man, and when Snape was near Harry, he was normally angry. Severus brushed it of, saying that was hardly going to happen in Dumbledore's office, and settled one arm across the boy's shoulders, laughing a little cruelly as he immediately jumped about a foot.

The laugh was entirely effected, and the second he and the Gryffindor flooed to his own quarters, he dropped the mask, partly because it was a constant drain on him, but mainly because it would be easier to coach Harry without it.

The boy watched as the older man grew softer; he was already confused as to which was the real Snape, and it was the first bloody 'lesson'. That terminology for their little meetings made the whole thing seem worse, but Snape and Dumbledore were fine with everything, so he left it.

Severus sat down on a moss green sofa, then gestured at Harry.

"Take a seat, Harry." He did so, on the other end of the sofa, and Severus sighed. Even pretending was ten times more difficult for the Gryffindor, just because he had to work with Severus. He felt a little sorry for the boy. If he were Harry, he wouldn't want to work with him either.

Instead of outwardly feeling sorry for himself, Severus held out his arms, and reached towards the boy. It would be hard work, getting Harry to a least behave like he cared about him, but he quite liked living, and much preferred the boy alive,so he took Harry into his arms, and pulled him towards him.

"Come here." He murmured softly, and Harry leaned against him. He was very tense, but that was to be expected, so Severus ignored it; he knew Harry would relax on his own after awhile.

"Professor?" Harry sounded worried, though his voice was muffled in Severus's robes.

"Yes, Harry? And you can call me Severus, you know; it'll make it easier for you to differentiate between me and your teacher." And make him feel a little less shitty. He found the boy to be exceptionally attractive, and adorable without trying; he didn't really need the reminder that he was snuggled up with a student.

"Why were you crying earlier? It was really strange." Harry still hadn't looked up at him, but at least they were talking. However, Severus really wished that Harry hadn't asked that. He couldn't really give a specific answer, and even part of the truth would scare Harry off.

So he dodged around it. "How was it strange? It is a natural human reaction, you know."

Harry smiled sheepishly. " Well...this is just silly, okay? Me and Ron used to think you were an immortal creature, and you literally didn't have a heart. Of course, after that, Hermione told us that whilst that didn't even exist, vampires did. So we thought you were a vampire, instead."

He chanced a look up at potions-master, and nearly had a heart attack as he watched the man's face crease into a smile before he burst out laughing. Snape? Laughing? Properly? That was damned unheard of.

"Really? And you still argued back at me? Wow, you are fearless, Golden-boy."

Harry, who had finally forgotten the awkwardness of the situation, stiffened again at the nickname.

"Please don't call me that."

Severus frowned. "Why not?"

Strangely, Harry buried his face into Severus's shoulder. It was endearing, though inconvenient, as Severus only just caught his reply.

"I don't want to be Golden-boy, the Saviour of the Wizarding world. I never have. I'm just Harry. Just Harry."

He sounded a little upset. Great work Severus. Less than twenty minutes in, and you've already upset him.

"Okay, Just Harry." Harry laughed brightly. Severus looked at him quizzically.

"That's what Hagrid said the day he told me I was a wizard on my eleventh birthday. That was a little reminiscent of then, that's all." Severus cracked a smile. It was good to be getting a conversation out of him, and the Slytherin reckoned that they should continue talking for a little while before he annoyed the boy again.

"Why?" He was curious. Yes, Harry had a lot of pressure put on him, but it wasn't without perks.

"What's to like about it? I have to murder someone, just so he doesn't kill me. Everyone decides before even meeting me that I'm to be either their best friend or worst enemy. And, not gonna lie, I could not be more sick of random girls coming onto me." He took a deep breath, and visibly deflated. "Sorry, I shouldn't use this as an excuse to unload on you."

Severus was surprised, and did not bother to hide it.

"No, it's just a surprise that you find me this easy to talk to. Anyway, it is best that we get some kind of a basic understanding early on. Sorry Harry, but most sixteen year old boys would be more than happy to have their pick of the girls." He only just kept from wrinkling his nose in distaste.

Harry snorted. "There are so many things there that I disagree with, it's ridiculous. Even if I did want to get close to any of them, I am well-aware that they don't really like me. Most of them don't even know me. They just want stories to sell to Rita Skeeter. Also, as a group, they seem to have a lack on understanding of the word no. To them, it translates to 'please sent chocolates spiked with love potion. That's just pathetic."

Was this boy actually sixteen? Severus had to wonder. Most boys would be thrilled at the attention. It was one of the reasons why he often assumed the boy to be conceited and arrogant, as well as vain. Here, he seemed pretty grounded.

"Yeah, I admit, love-potions may be going a little over the top. But, you never know. One of the ones you know might like you. Just between you and me, I know Ginny Weasley seems to like you quite a bit." Severus seriously wished he could keep his fucking mouth shut. One part of his brain was sulking, and another thought that he could ignore his attraction by helping Harry. The rational part seemed to think that the other two were both stupid, but seemed to be taking a back-seat. Brilliant.

"Um, that's nice?" Harry really wasn't sure how he was supposed to respond to that. Ginny was nice, but that was his entire opinion of her.

Severus tilted his head, thinking, and Harry figured that he had no choice but to confide in the potions-master, no matter how terrible it might be. After all, he knew that Severus was gay, and it probably wasn't fair to start this farce with lying. It would be worse to explain later.

"Severus, I honestly could not care which girls have some sort of an interest in me." Do it quick, like pulling off a plaster, he told himself. "I know this probably isn't the best moment to say, seeing as I'm half on top of you, but I'm gay." He blushed slightly, and looked away. Hardly anyone knew that. Hermione did, and Charlie Weasley did, for various reasons. Ron didn't though, and Harry had never thought that Snape would know before his best friend.

Severus blinked. That was a shocker. Then again, he was only sixteen, and Severus was willing to bet that he didn't have much experience. He's probably confused.

"Really? You know, Harry you're sixteen. I know I keep pointing that out, but it is a peculiar age, especially with relationships."

Harry laughed darkly, though his nervousness was still apparent. "I think it's a safe bet to say I'm gay."

Severus raised an eyebrow. "How so?" I might not have to ask directly. That would make this easier. The potions-master had been contemplating how to broach the subject of 'how far' Harry had gone. He knew he would feel a little bad if (for example) he ended up taking the boy's first kiss.

Harry opened his mouth to speak, then blushed lightly, an adorable pink colour.

He tried to pull back, pushing slightly on the arm preventing him from moving. "uh, Do you mind? It's just a little...difficult trying to talk about that while we're sat like this."

He had a point, and he did not want Harry to close up instead of divulging information.

"Fine, but your going to have to hold my hand."His voice had a slight teasing tone to it, and Harry gave him a small smile, before nodding, and moved himself to the other end of the seat facing Severus.

The Slytherin moved to mirror the way he was sat, one leg crossed over the knee of his other, then held out his hand. Harry slowly reached out his own, and Severus took the boy's hand in his own, merely gripping it, rather than properly locking their fingers together. Then he settled their hands between them, resting against the dark green cushions, and looked at him expectantly.

"So. Why are you so positive you're gay?" He looked Harry directly in the eye, but lost the contact almost immediately as the Gryffindor turned his attention to their hands.

"Because I like guys." Severus almost expected him to add 'duh' onto the end, but he just left it.

"Elaborate." For the first time since they arrived, Harry's own mask slipped a little. It was strange, his mask, the way he was always so confident but secretive and easily angered. Now that had evaporated a little, he merely looked uncomfortable, like he was searching for words in case the floor chose not to swallow him up. "Please." Severus added onto the end, to help, though it wasn't a question.

"Uh, I like men. I find them far more attractive than women. Girls, yeah, I go 'she's pretty' or whatever. But that's it. There are some guys I could stare at for hours on end."

Severus frowned. That explanation sounded like he was gay, but that meant nothing. "Look, a lot of guys compare themselves to others. It's natural at your age to sort of... check out the competition. It might not mean anything at all." Severus's frown deepened. He was not cut out for giving out advice; he's rarely had to. The Slytherin's, as a group, were very independent. They either pretended to be 'tough' death-eaters, or were so scared of them that they didn't want any help from their head of house. He would try occasionally if a first year needed a push in the right direction, but other than that, he did not interfere or offer advice. If they had a serious problem, someone would tell Dumbledore.

"Bull shit. Drooling over a hot guy is not 'comparing'. And besides..." He trailed off, slightly embarrassed.

"Besides?" Severus prompted.

"Never mind." Harry's voice was quiet, strangely so. Almost as if he'd entered another world. Severus leaned over, and used his free hand to click his hand in front of Harry's face, startling him back to the present.

"Tell me. I need to know if you're gay or not. The last thing we need is for me to further confuse you. I don't really care if you feel slightly embarrassed. Just pretend it's those muggle sex-ed lessons all over again."

Harry snorted, eyes brows raised. "At the age I stopped going to Muggle school, they basically just told you 'everything fits like a jigsaw'. Useless class."

"Don't dodge the question."

"I wasn't!" He sighed. " I hate to be blunt, but two things very clearly say that I am most definitely gay. Firstly, I much prefer kissing guys to girls, though I'd guess that you would counter that with the idea that the guy was probably a much better kisser."

Severus noted that Harry had kissed at least two people. So that probably wouldn't prove much of a problem later on.

"And the second?" This was getting tedious. Why wouldn't the boy just spit it out?

"McLaggen is the thickest bloke I've ever met, but there's no denying that watching him play quidditch shirtless got me harder than any of Ron's bloody porn mags."

That tone of voice was just designed to shock, so Snape deliberately hid any reaction, keeping his face blank.

Including his slight agreement with Harry. He himself did not think McLaggen much of a turn on- he was too young, and a little too muscled for his tastes. He could see how others would find him attractive though, 'buff', strong features. Including Harry, who seemed to be his mental exception with students. [He couldn't even help that. He never allowed himself to think about any boy like that, but asleep, he didn't have any control. And he would always curse himself to hell when he woke up.]

"Well, okay. I think we can probably say you're gay."

Harry frowned at him, a little unnerved.

"What is it, Harry?"

"What have you done with Snape? Seriously."

"I already told you that you need to learn to differentiate. Honestly." He shook his head. Does Harry want to have to play this with me in 'spy and teacher' mode?

"Yes, but normally you'd at least tell me off for insulting McLaggen."

"We both know he is a little...challenged."

Harry laughed, then turned his attention back to their hands.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Which you is the actual one? I mean, I can think this whole situation into circles. Is this sort of how you'd have gone about it if I didn't know? Or is this just another plan that fits everything together? I know I should trust you; Dumbledore does. But, when I was thinking, I came up with an idea."

"What was the idea?" Severus already knew what he was going to say, a closed his eyes as if against the impact of the blow. He did not deserve Harry's trust, but he still knew it would hurt.

"That you're still doing what Voldemort asked. Just.. pretending we're both working against him. Like you're waiting until I trust you before you hand me over to him. Or kill me, or whatever."

Just as I thought. Direct hit.

"I know you wont believe me, but I'm not going to do that. My loyalty does not lie with the dark lord."

"His name is Voldemort. And how do I know to believe you?"

"You don't. But seeing as this is the only option that could possibly save both of us, I'm hoping you will go along with it. At least for now."

"I will. You know I will. Unless you tip the scales, I'll play your lolita."

Severus winced.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it quite like that."

"Yes you did. And quite rightly so." Severus's voice changed back to his 'teaching voice' and he let go of Harry's hand, then waved his own to dismiss the boy, who left silently.

Grey Skies- Just Plain Nightmares.

Harry felt empty as he sneaked back to the common room. There was no better word for it. Just the lost, empty feeling that one gets if something is incomplete and they're disorientated to boot. It was silly, really, but Harry felt terrible for leaving the room after clearly getting to the other man. He had been strangely...pleasant for the whole conversation, and Harry just had to be flippant, say rubbish, and ruin it. And, to top it off, he was worrying about Snape.

Normally, he would be feeling very sorry for himself. But no, he felt sorry for a man that dreamt of him, Harry Potter, sucking his dick. That was downright peculiar, and he had a feeling that it had a lot to do with seeing the man so distraught; it showed that the Slytherin actually had some sort of emotion.

If that wasn't faked. Which lead to another problem. Could he trust Snape?

Well, he didn't really have a choice, and Harry knew it. The question was whether to keep his guard up, which would no doubt hinder the 'bonding' process.

At least Snape hadn't really made a move on him. That was another thing that was eating at him. Not the fact that he had wanted anything from the other man. (Harry was rather relieved that he hadn't literally been thrown in the deep end. Not exactly shallow either, but he figured they probably didn't have time to flap around. A year sounded like ages, but in actuality -and with Voldemort calling the shots- it wasn't long at all.)

But that he had been, essentially, snuggling with Snape, and he wasn't disgusted by it. In fact, and it was difficult to admit, even in his head, he had thought it nice. Not in a romantic way, but the older man was warm, surprisingly so, and comfortable to lean on; the overall feeling was that of being very safe.

Which is most certainly not a word one should apply to a double-agent- death-eater.

It had only just passed curfew, so no-one was really surprised to see Harry enter the common room, other than Ron and Hermione, who had been looking for their friend for the last half-hour.

"Harry, where have you been?" Hermione ran towards him as if he'd been gone for half a year. She was so easily worried, though that was mainly due to the disasters that seemed to occur at least once a year.

Harry nervously scratched the back of his head, effecting a sheepish expression. "I feel asleep. Outside." He caught her eye, and she turned around; everyone had returned to what they were doing before.

"Ronald! Get over here, now!" Ron glared slightly at the use of his full name, then sighed, leaving Dean and Seamus to go and join Harry and Hermione.

Harry felt slightly annoyed; he hoped Hermione would not be careless in advice; he did not need an extra conversation with Ron in addition to everything else.

The three quickly ascended the stairs to the boys dormitory, and Hermione locked the door behind them.

"What is it, Harry? You didn't see Voldemort, or have a vision or something, did you?" Her voice was hopeful, but Harry realised that she already knew that was part of it; she had immediately called Ron.

He nodded dumbly.

"Well, out with it, mate. What did you see?" Hermione shook her head at the Weasley who clearly lacked subtlety.

Harry glanced around the room warily; he couldn't have anyone overhear, otherwise both Snape and himself were dead men.

"'Mione, can you make it impossible for anyone to hear? And I do mean impossible."

She blinked twice, then nodded. Without further ado, the book-worm set about sealing the three of them in a blue-tinged bubble. On top of this, she added a three way privacy spell, and finally added one more spell to the bubble, giving it an affect much like one-way glass used in police stations. No-one could see them, but they could see if anyone entered or left the room.

"There, finished." She looked proud of her work, and Harry smiled at her. Ron just looked around in awe.

"This is so cool. It's like we're in our own world." He reached out to tap the filmy side, but Hermione smacked his hand. Hard.

"Don't touch it. If you touch the bubble from the inside, it breaks the spell. Like a quick cancellation. After all, this was designed to give people the element of surprise in a fight."

"Oh. Okay." Ron rubbed his hand, and both him and Hermione then looked at Harry expectantly.

"You can talk now, Harry."

So he did. He explained the vision and the situation, carefully editing and leaving out parts as he felt necessary. It was to help Snape rather than himself that he left out Snape's dream.

And entirely due to Ron's presence, he left out the fact that the other man's embrace was warm and safe. He might have admitted that to Hermione alone, as she had the wonderful gift of not being at all judgemental about things like that, but not in front of Ron.

Harry also reasoned that if he did, Ron would get side-tracked, and miss the point entirely.

"I feel sorry for you, mate. Getting a bit friendly with Snape? I couldn't do it."

Harry snorted. "I think you could if your life depended on it."

"Are you sure he's not just waiting to kill you anyway?"

Harry couldn't blame him for asking. He had thought it, though it was doubtful. It seemed slightly less plausible every time he thought of Severus, who he had spent much of the evening with.

"I don't know. I don't think so. I mean, I ran into him outside of Dumbledore's office, and he looked terrible. He was really crying. And, I don't see how he could have known I was going there. He had just told everything to Dumbledore. Why would he do that if he wanted to go and kill me anyway? It would be bloody obvious it was him."

"Okay. Just make sure you don't sleep with him, Harry. Just in case. He's a nasty bastard, and a bloke, so I don't see why you would, but anyway. Make sure you don't fuck him."

"Language, Ronald!" Hermione glared at him, whilst Harry just raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, really likely mate. I think we can safely say that I won't have sex with him."

Ron sniggered, and accidentally hit the bubble, effectively ending their conversation.


The room was not dark, as people would assume. No, darkness would be too kind a gift, like offering a veil to hide his shame. His hands were tied behind his back, causing his balance to falter at the most inconvenient times.

It may have been too bright, and his arms may have hurt, that being the least of his pains, but even then, a supposedly naïve eighteen-year old, Severus Snape was not stupid.

He just wanted to get it over.

"Is that all you've got, Lucie? You sissy."

He had seen Lucius rape others, before, and it was always over with quicker if the victim was angry and shouting. Lucius Malfoy was one twisted individual.

He felt Voldemort watching, and he guessed others were too. But he did not open his eyes, not wanting to show his weakness.

This group, they thrived on weakness, and so he would offer them nothing.

They laughed enough every time he almost fell over. That evil laugh, made so much worse by the fact that the Dark Lord wasn't only appearing vindictive, but sounded genuinely amused.

It was strange, the detachment he had, though it was almost like watching another person. If the person nearly twenty years down the line had that done, he would have stayed silent, would have hid in his head.

The scene was covered in a purple mist that he was positive wasn't in the real scene, and that was confusing.

Severus had seen this over and over, back when it happened, he hadn't been able to sleep without the repeat for nearly two months afterwards. He had only broken the habit with several slight overdoses of dreamless sleep. That had worked, though he didn't know why.

Every time he saw it, it was as painful as the real thing, though he saw it as a spectator, and there had never been a colour tinting the images.

But it was purple, just slightly, and a teeniest bit darker where it surrounded his bent figure.

Severus finally let out a howl; it was all too much to cope with.

The next time he screamed properly, a flash went off [in front of 'viewer' Severus's face], and suddenly, it was no longer Severus Snape, nor his deep voice, but a higher pitched shriek, accompanied by a crying Harry Potter.

Severus watched in shock, unable to turn his head away as Harry's screams pierced his ears. He was trying so hard to pull away, to save himself, clearly not yet comprehending that it was a waste of energy.

There were cuts everywhere, the back of his neck, his arms, mainly his back though. Severus rubbed his arm without thinking, wincing as he remembered the pain of the deep wound on his right arm, close to his elbow. That one had taken the longest too heal, though wasn't as painful as some of the others.

Harry whimpered, his blotchy face directly in Severus's line of sight.

Then Harry's face flickered back to that of the young Severus, and back again.

Harry still cried as Voldemort stepped forward, though he ignored the boy on the floor, looking straight at the man who was forced to view the scene.

"You will bring me Harry Potter."

The room started spinning, but Voldemort's voice cut through it all, threatening.

"You know what we will do, Severus. Do as ordered or you will find yourself on the ground. Stepping in for someone else. Again."

Then it came back to the scene before, Harry still there, but pulled to his feet by Voldemort.

It all started again, with Voldemort in the place of Lucius.

Severus screamed, begging them to stop.

He woke up with a start. Or not. In truth, Severus only woke up when the pain of his own screaming got to be too much, and he was jolted from the warped memory awkwardly, sweat pouring down his face, mingled with tears he did not know he could shed.
It was so strange, crying whilst asleep.
The Slytherin only waited until he could properly see the room before he pitched himself out of bed, and did not even bother to put on slippers before he rushed blearily from the room. That had been terrifying, and the almost purple tinge surrounding the dream had him set on autopilot, walking to Trelawney though he hadn't the slightest clue where he was going or where she would be.

He stopped at an alcove, near one of the towers, where a tiny room was situated. Trying to regain his breath, so he could explain everything properly, would be pointless. Despite what people said about Sybil, he had seen her prophesies first hand, and whilst she did bull-shit it most of the time, if it was real, she would undoubtedly know all about it.

He pushed the door open, hoping to find the other professor, and was not disappointed. She ran up to him, eyes wild, unfocused, a frown creasing her face. "It will happen again. Whilst one is protected, the other is hurt, and self-sacrifice will only pain you both."

Severus waited for her to say something else, anything, but she didn't. The slightly eccentric prophet merely froze, blinked her eyes, then gave Severus a very confused look.

"Did you want something, Severus?"

He shook his head a little. "No, thank you Sybil. You just said what I needed to know." From past experience, he knew she wouldn't remember, so it was useless asking for any help.

Whilst one is protected, the other is hurt

Slightly bewildered, Severus went back to his rooms, though he knew he would get no more sleep that night.

Severus was horrible to all of his students the next day, and he was well-aware of the fact, though he did absolutely nothing to try and change it. They all thought he was a mean git anyway, so in saw no point in putting in the effort to chance, especially when he felt so crap.

A lack of sleep, reliving the worst thing he'd ever experienced, and a threatening prophecy was an excellent excuse for acting like someone had hit his cat with a bludger (metaphorically, of course. Snape had never really considered pets. He didn't hate animals, he just didn't seek out their company. ), though no-one, not even Trelawney knew about the events of last night, and they all just thought he was evil.

He wanted to drink himself to sleep by the time his last lesson came around. And...he had sixth-year Gryffindors and Slytherins. In his opinion, the most useless potion-makers he had seen in years.

With the exception of both Malfoy and Granger, they were all fairly rubbish to begin with, and, of course, they had to make it all worse by tampering with each other's potions.

Not that he did anything to stop it when they did. Severus had long since learnt to leave that be, assuming that if anyone could slip something into another student's cauldron, they clearly weren't paying enough attention to their potion to begin with.

The Slytherin head-of-house glared at the door as a babble of noise surrounded it. This lot were an exceptionally loud group, always, even when they weren't all arguing.

He groaned, ran a hand through his hair, then made himself appear at his most frightening before banging the door open with a clatter.

"Enter. Now. You can talk in your free time." Several girls had jumped at the noise, and Severus carefully held back a smile. So stupid. You'd think they would expect the teacher to turn up and talk.

He watched as they all rushed into the room, scanning the groups to see who was late. Potter. He was the only one. Even Weasley and Granger were there, though that sent off alarm bells in Snape's head. Potter was rarely without the other two.

He thought back to the day before. He hadn't really thought about it at the time, but the other two had been absent then as well. They hadn't been arguing or anything in the last lesson, so why was Potter suddenly alone?

Shaking off the strange realisation that he was actually worrying about Potter, Severus moved to stand behind his desk.

"Today you will all be brewing a simple cough syrup. The instructions are on the board. And I did say simple, even Longbottom should manage this." He glared at the boy, who tried to hide behind his cauldron. "Therefore anyone, and I do mean anyone, who manages to mess this up will be in big trouble. Now go!"

Everyone rushed forward to collect the necessary ingredients, most feeling a little threatened. Enough to be quiet and work in near silence, which was what Snape had been aiming for. Well, he'd actually wanted complete silence, but knew it to be entirely impossible, no matter how scary he tried to be.

There would always be brats that didn't value their lives.

As everyone settled, and the noise of knives cutting and fires being lit under cauldrons were close to being the only noises heard across the room, the door creaked open, revealing a tired and morose-looking Harry Potter.

Before Snape had a chance to make one of his usual scathing remarks (which he still would, no matter how cosy they were pretending to be), the Gryffindor walked up to the desk, appearing drained and a little lifeless, and limply waved his arm towards Snape, handing him a blue piece of parchment- he type written on by Madam Pomfrey.

Severus glared, but took the parchment, immediately noting that it had two people's handwriting on it.

Harry Potter was in the hospital wing receiving treatment...

It continued on to give information of several headache potions, one for nausea, and a Pepper-up potion.

Underneath, Harry had written his own note.

Give me detention for being late; I'll explain everything after class.

Well, that had to be a first. Harry actually asking for detention. He crumpled up the note, a threw it away.

"Very well, Mr Potter. Though that doesn't prove you weren't skiving, just claiming . You can make up the time you've missed after class."

Several Gryffindors groaned at the unfairness of it all, and Harry flashed him a smirk before trudging over to sit next to Ron, pretending to grumble.


At the end, when everyone was trudging off in small groups, Ron and Hermione attempted to stick with their friend. Harry, observing and assuming that they weren't going to budge, caught Hermione's eye, and sent her a look.

Thinking that Harry was just going to 'lay foundations' for his and Snape's 'relationship', she left dragging Ron with her.

The remaining Gryffindor did not know why he didn't want his friends to stay, he just knew that Snape would be the most useful person to tell, and he wanted him to know.

The door shut behind the pair, and Harry walked up to Snape's desk, and perched on the end. It made them look close, intimate, but Harry did it merely for the purpose of minimising the risk of anyone overhearing.

Severus looked up from the paper he was marking, and tried not to jump as his own eyes locked with green ones. That were very close to his.

It wasn't a bad thing, he just hadn't been expecting it. Those orbs seemed troubled though, and Severus felt his face crease into a frown.

"What's wrong, Harry?" He laid his quill down, showing that the boy had his full attention.

"I had another...vision. Earlier. That's why I was late."

"Okay. Want to tell me what it was?"

The Gryffindor nodded. "This time was different. The images swirled. In the beginning, Voldemort was talking to Lucius and a couple of others, planning an attack on a town in south England. Apparently, there were loads of wizards living with Muggles, and they wouldn't allow it. Or something. That was the same as all of the others. But as I got more information, it started to look purple, not really purple, just a little. And then the picture sort of flashed, and... and... then two different places were being attacked by groups of death eaters. They were happening at the same time, that much I was sure of, even though there was no way to tell. One group was with Voldemort, the other with Lucius."

He shuddered. "It was awful. They were all killing randomly, no pattern or anything. Lucius...he found a Muggle-born. And..." Harry's voice trailed off.

"He raped her." Severus's tone was completely flat, but Harry didn't notice, just nodded in agreement.

"It was awful." Harry sounded really upset, and Severus felt the need to do something to comfort him, even though they weren't really comfortable with each other yet.

Standing up, he took one step to where Harry was sitting, and wrapped his arms around the boy, who immediately leaned into him.

"It's okay, Harry." He felt himself soften slightly when the Gryffindor reached out to hug him back, though the boy also shook his head,

"How is it okay, Severus? That woman got raped. That's horrible."

"Yes, it is. But, she might not. We can stop it."

"Everything I see is happening at the time. We can't stop it."

"You said it was surrounded with purple. That means it hasn't happened yet."

"But it will." Harry sounded miserable.

Severus pulled away a little, so he could look Harry in the eye.

"It won't happen if we warn Dumbledore, he can probably send some people straight there. But you are going to have to go into detail, so he knows what to do. Can you remember the place names?"

Harry nodded. "I think one was the one they were discussing before- Brighton. And the second, someone died in front of the town hall- that was Wimborne."

"Okay. That's good, Harry. Really good. We'll go and tell Dumbledore, okay? It will be fine."

He let go of the Gryffindor to reach to where the teenagers hands were clasped into his robes, pulling them away so he could step away. Keeping hold of one of Harry's hands, he gently pulled the boy forward, up off the desk.

Harry liked the warm feel of the other man's hand in his- the awkwardness that had been there the last time was gone, the situation making it more acceptable an action, which in turn allowed Harry to simply tighten his hand around Severus's, and enjoy the small sensation.

When they reached the end of the first corridor (which, excluding Severus and Harry, had been entirely empty), Severus let go of Harry's hand.

He wasn't quite sure why. The object was to practice intimacy that could be staged for certain Slytherins to view, and yet he already felt that any closeness, any at all, was too private to put on show. There wasn't supposed to be any actual emotion behind anything, and still he was acting like he was the shy teenager, not the boy beside him.

Who gripped Severus's sleeve the moment his hand was released, which made the Slytherin feel so surprisingly happy, he couldn't keep the smile off of his face.

It was small, but still a smile, and Harry watched in amazement.


Once Dumbledore had been made aware of the situation, he immediately started fire-calling people, and dismissed the pair very quickly. Together they walked to just past the stone staircase to Dumbledore's office, then paused, both knowing that the other would go the opposite way. Harry to Gryffindor, and Snape back to the dungeons.

Harry smiled at the older man, then gave in to the impulse to hug him, moving quickly because it still seemed slightly strange, and he didn't want to over think things too much. Severus hugged him back, but very briefly, for the Gryffindor, let go quickly, whispering 'thank you' in his ear before scampering away.

Severus wanted to ask why he needed thanking, but Harry was already out of sight.

From around the corner of the corridor, Draco peeped around, and had seen the small gesture from Potter, proof that his godfather was doing his job.


Harry could not sleep. He just didn't feel tired, which was slightly peculiar, as nightmares ensured that he was nearly always tired. As was a near habit when up late at night, he reached out to the robes on the end of his bed, and drew the map out of one of the pockets.

He fumbled until he found his glasses and wand on the bedside table.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

He tapped the parchment, then put his glasses on as the map filled out.

Most people were in bed, as the full dormitories and empty corridors showed. Only a few people were walking around, including Dumbledore, as the footsteps showed. He was pacing his office.

Scanning over the map, near the bottom, a movement caught his eye.

Severus Snape.

The dot was in a small room on the fourth floor, and only had the occasional footstep, like Severus was standing around, or working at a cauldron.

At 1.30.

As usual, Harry did not think, but simple pulled his cloak from under his bed, covered himself with it, and sneaked out of the dormitory, map and wand in hand.

It only took a few minutes to find the room- even the stairs seemed asleep, and didn't move to annoy him.

He pulled his cloak off so as not the scare the man, then pushed the door open, and saw the Slytherin standing in the centre of the small space.

He was staring at a mirror, transfixed.

The mirror of Erised.

"What do you see?" Harry asked quietly.

Severus jumped, then turned to face the boy standing near the door.

"It's not important. I think it's wrong, anyway. What do you see?"

Harry walked forward, to stand beside the potion-master. He looked in the mirror, then nearly froze, the only motion being his rapid blinking.

"That...can't be right. I think the mirror is broken."

Severus frowned. "What do you see, Harry?"

"Um..us. As we are now. Like the mirror is just working like a normal mirror."

"Same. But-" He took a deep breath. "That's what I saw even when you weren't here."

Harry looked back at the mirror, and his 'reflection' seemed to react to what Severus had said.

In the mirror, Harry leaned over, and kissed the other man's cheek.

The real Harry startled more than a little, and Severus frowned at him. "What happened? What can you see now?"

Harry did not answer. Instead, he reached up on tip-toe, and gently brushed his lips across the man's cheek, just as his reflection had done.

Then he swiftly donned his cloak, and left the room.

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