"Hmm, let's see." Hel said, looking at the spell book which Loki dumped at a secret dark corner which he like to hide at.

Tony decided that he is feeling extremely bored, start to tease Loki.

"So what can you do now for those little tiny weeny magic spell of yours, little kitty boy?" Tony asked in a teasing manner to Loki.

Loki sulked at the teasing tone and puffed out his chest in indignation, crossing both arms at his chest.

"Remember who's the one who ruin your bar in accident, Tony?" Bruce said, lifting up the newspaper to look at Tony meaningfully for a while before looking back at the newspaper.

Tony shrugs and continues to tease Loki. Loki's face starts to grow redder and redder with every teasing words Tony is saying in anger.

"Thor, may I asked HOW bad it is when Loki gets angry or upset?" Steve asked poking Thor eagerly at the shoulder, turning paled as Loki started looking even angrier with cheeks puff out and his black tail curling up in anger, black cat ears bending backwards in anger.

"He once destroyed the entire field. Is that consider bad or not the worst tantrum he made when he is young?" Thor said, frowning at he tried to recall the massive damage Loki have done.

"Then someone better stop TONY FROM DISTURBING LOKI NOW!" Steve yelled out loud in alarm when Loki starts to shake in anger, eyes ablaze with anger.

Then that is the last thing he managed to say and…


Tick tock



Everything is just so fuzzy.

…What just happen?

How come I feel so weird?


"Oh my goodness." Natasha can only just say.

"Is this considered a bad thing or a good thing?" Clint said, raising an eyebrow.

"Why is my life always this complicated?" Pepper signed in exasperation.

"Well, maybe this will make things better…" Bruce said, before trying to think of how to fix the problem.

"Oh, Tony! Why must you complicate things?" Steve thought.

"Ha! Serve you right! That is for teasing my father!" Hel said gleefully.

"Brother… Can you try to change him back?" Thor looks at Loki meaningfully.

"No!" Loki said with a sulk and puffing his cheeks out rebelliously, looking away, avoiding eye contact with Thor.

Tony is standing there as a very sexy young lady.

… Tony just can't think of anything to said, being frozen in shock what just happened.


"So you mean when he is angry, his magic will lash out like that?" Bruce said plainly.

"Well, it depends on luck. Sometimes the magic will affect more than one person. When he is younger, he tends to accidentally cause big, no, not just big, a gigantic bad accident if he is that mad."

"What happens if the magic lash out at the wrong person?" Pepper asked, not liking the way things are going.

"Hmm. Best of luck to you then." Hel just shrugs.

Tony then started to curse and swear with lots of colourful words. Thor quickly covers Loki's kitten ears, hoping that Loki will not learn to swear like Tony. Loki looks up at Thor innocently with big green eyes, wondering what Thor is doing.

"YOU THIS - !"Then Tony suddenly turn towards Loki and marched towards him in anger. Loki suddenly feels threatened by Tony's anger, quickly hide behind Thor in fear. Thor stands in front of Loki protectively and daring Tony to say or do anything to his little brother.

"Thor, move out of the way now or else I will make sure there will be no Poptards bought for you!" Tony yelled.

"I am not going to give my brother to you with that mad look on your face!"

"Who also owns us pizza for today?" Bruce said innocently with a smile.

"You should also change your clothes too." Steve said, trying not to blush as he tries to start look away from Tony in man shirt when his body changed.

Tony's face still red in anger, yells out some vulgarities, stomped out of the room and slammed the door.

"Looks like no pizza for dinner?" Clint said with a frown.


"So Tony is going stay like this forever?" Pepper asked, wondering how bad things can go if Tony remained like this.

"Well, it will not last that long. It should wear off in a few days' time." Hel replied.

"So what did Loki learned so far?" Thor asked, looking at Loki who is staring at the ancient clock swinging pendulum.

"Flying, a bit of magic spells and that's all." Hel said plainly.

"What is the 'bit' of magic spell?" Clint sulked at the part where Hel mentions a bit.

"He knows basic attack spell."

"How about that teleport or the clone or other stuff or whatever thing he knows?" Steve asked.

"Those are pretty high level. They are needed to be taught by a mage teacher or read from a book." Hel said.

"We should be glad he have not learned that. Our life will be like hell." Clint sighed in relief.

"Should we go after Tony now, since this is settled?" Natasha asked.

"I have asked Lady Jane to help Tony currently with his problem. He should be fine." Thor replied.

"At last everything is settled!" Steve said.

Loki, who decided to stop staring at the swinging pendulum, just walks out of the room with his kitten back to bed.

"Where is Loki?" Bruce asked, who did not notice a few minutes away Loki just went back to bed.

Everyone (except for Hel, busy being angry again) groaned at the thought of finding him again.


After Thor found Loki, everyone agreed to put a little spy bug on him to find out where he is in an instant. Everyone gathered at Loki bedroom and start chatting.

"It's going to be dinner time. And Tony is still not buying pizza." Clint complained out loud.

"What is this strange word known as pizza? I don't like the way it sound." Hel asked. Thor decided to help by explaining to Hel, but sadly annoyed Hel more instead of clearing her doubts.

"We can buy first and asked Tony to pay the bill." Bruce said suggestively.

"AND EAT ALL WE WANT!" Thor yelled out happily, waking Loki up. Loki sits up and looked at them sleepily for a while, once again fall back to sleep in bed, snuggling against the kitten.

"He looks so cute when he is sleeping." Hel sighed happily, watching her sleeping father.

"Try to lower down your voice also, Thor. You should also try not to run to Loki to hug him. It is like an elephant trying to be with a cat." Steve said.

Thor gives a look which is like a kicked puppy face.

"You can order pizza too." Clint said with a flat face.

Thor immediately brightens up like a sun, grinning happily. "He reminds me of a golden retriever a bit with that face of his. Best he does not get a pet like a golden retriever. They will look real alike…" Clint thought.

"So how many pizzas should we order?" Steve asked.

"Hey count me in too!" Jane said, poking her head into the room.

"Lady Jane!" Thor grin, hugging Jane tightly.

"Love birds." Tony said, sulking behind Jane.

"Lady Tony." Thor laugh, clapping Tony hard on the shoulder.

"I AM NOT A LADY!" Tony screams at Thor in anger.

The kitten beside Loki wakes up and glared at Tony in anger.

Tony, upon noticing the kitten, immediately kept quiet.

The kitten continues to stare at Tony for a while before curling up against Loki.

"Fine, let's just buy lots of pizza to have a pizza party."