Upon arriving at Loki's door, the Avengers stop and inspect Loki's door.

"I was expecting a grander door instead of a… simple elegant door." Tony says, looking at the fine gold vine patterns with delicate flowers on the green door.

"Well, my brother prefers simpler designs and lighter armour instead of traditional designs or our heavy armour." Thor explains, opening the door to reveal a dark and spooky room.

"Umm, Thor? Are you sure this is Loki's room?" Tony asks nervously, looking at the strange dark things which seem to come out from a horror game.

"Well, his room is pretty strange at times…." Thor admits sheepishly.

"I somehow think there is something fishy going on." Clint whispers to Natasha.

"I agreed." Natasha softly whispers back.

Loki seems to perk up upon seeing something in his room and dashes in.

"Nooo! Don't go in there!" Tony exclaims as Loki somehow manages to vanish from their sight by going through a dark corridor in the room.

The Avengers looks at each other and starts to panic.

"Now what are we going to do?!" "Loki! Don't worry, I will come and save you!" "Thor, you can't just charge in blindly like that!" "Why are things getting so complicated?" "What the-"

"Everyone keep quiet!" Steve yelled out loud. The other Avengers immediately keep quiet except for Bruce who decided to ignore the rest of them and that his specs need to be cleaned again.

"Now let's go in and find Loki! After that, we get his toys and get out, understand?!" Steve shouted his new orders.

The other Avengers look at Steve, then the dark corridor and finally look at each other.

"Worst idea ever…" They all thought at the same time.


"Lokiii! Where are you?" Thor said, trying to pretend that the corridor is not terrifying enough to scare him.

"This is a bad idea." Tony whispers to Clint.

"It is a bad idea. How are we going to get out?" Clint replies back with a frown.

"First, we find Loki and his toys. Then we get out." Steve said firmly.

"If we can't get out?" Tony asks with a poker face.

"Then we are doomed!" Clint exclaims out loud dramatically.

"Shouldn't we be more worried about Bruce hulking out?" Natasha frowns, remembering that the tension is consider stressful for the scientist.

The other Avengers look at Bruce with a dead pan look.

"Please don't hulk out here." Tony said with a smirk. "I know I am too awesome to be smashed by Hulk, right?"

"Easy for you to say with this kind of spooky atmosphere." Bruce chuckles nervously.

Steve starts to regret entering Loki's room.


Loki happily skips down the corridor and found a simple elegant room.

"Toys!" He squeals, spotting the toys in a transparent magical storage. Loki tries to open it with his strength to no valid.

As he is unable to open the storage, he starts to cry softly. While he is crying, he notices that someone is gently petting his head and cooing soft words at him.

Loki looks up to see a strange man who has the same green eyes as him.


"Bruce, you sure that you are okay?" Clint asked nervously.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Bruce said moodily, starting to get irritated.

"Loki, where are you?" Tony yells out, his voice echoing out.

"Hey, that is fun! Booooo!" Tony said cheekily, making more echoes.

"Tony, we should be looking for Loki and not playing with echoes." Steve sighs, then realise that they just reach the end of the corridor to reveal a sinister room with shady things which seems to come out from the very nightmare of their own.

The Avengers look around the room nervously. Thor then spots Loki sitting near a dark creepy box.

"Loki!" Thor boom worriedly.

All the Avengers rush to Loki, fretting over him.

"Are you alright?" Thor asks in concern, hugging Loki in a suffocating bear hug.

"Yup. I also make a new friend!" Loki squeaks happily.

"Really, where is he?" Bruce asks with a frown.

"He is right beside me!" Loki says happily, pointing an empty space beside him.

"…" The Avengers turn pale at the sight.

Then suddenly something horrifying screeches into their face and jump straight towards them from that 'empty' spot!

"AAARGGHHH!" All the Avengers immediately run away from the frightening creature and try to leave the room. Only realising they are trapped in the room, with no exit.

"What on earth is that?!" "What in Odin's beard is that!" "I want to go home…" "I shouldn't have come here..."

Then they hear a light gentle laughing sound. The Avengers looks around with questioning looks, wondering where the sound is from.

Only to spot the adult Loki right beside kitten Loki, laughing at them.

"LOKKKIII!" Thor exclaims out loud.

Both Loki and kitten Loki looks at him attentively.

"Well, that was most hilarious face expression of yours!" Loki laughs out loud.

"All this time you are here in Asgard, Loki? Then who is this kid here?" Clint exclaims out loud, pointing at kitten Loki accusingly.

Loki looks at kitten Loki, who is innocently playing with the toys.

"I am not master. I am his magic and guardian of this room." Loki said seriously, looking at them with a straight face.

"His magic?" Bruce asks with a frown.

"Yes, but I seriously didn't expect my master to return as a kitten kid." Loki looks down at kitten Loki, who grew bored with the toys, deciding to play with Thor's hair by changing it to all kinds of colour and different hair style.

"Well, it is a long story…" Tony said sheepishly.

After hearing everything from them, Loki just laughs.

"Thor, you should just be in a circus along with these mortals!" Loki keeps giggling, smacking Thor's back in amusement. Thor looks at Loki uncertainly, unsure what to feel about Loki.

"You are really different from the real Loki though." Steve said.

"In what way?" Loki looks at him with a gentle smile.

"Usually, he is quite playful and funny but you are the more like gentle and quiet type." Steve replies.

"That is because he alters my knowledge of things. He says he prefers me to be not exactly like him." Loki says.

The other Avengers look thoughtfully at him for a moment.

'At least he is nicer and less troublesome to deal with.' They all think in a similar way for once.

"If you like, I could give you one of the containers for me to help you or chat with you easily." Loki says with a radiant smile.

"Really?" Thor said with a bright smile.

"Yes, just hold on a moment." Loki says thoughtfully, teleporting a crystal ball into his hand.

"Here, I shall entrust my heart to you." Loki says happily, passing it to Bruce.

Thor looks most devastated when Loki didn't pass the crystal ball to him.

"Wait, your heart?" Tony asks with a frown.

"Well, all this container are for me, his magic. So you need to be careful of how you hold the container. I am very sensitive." Loki said with a blush, eyes glinting with mischief.

Thor immediately glares at Bruce. Bruce immediately start regretting that Loki choose to entrust him with the container.

"Oh, do note that this container must not land in the wrong hands. They can contaminate me with dark magic if I am in the container or try to contact me through it." Loki sighs. Thor's glare intensifies at the words of Loki, making Bruce sweat drop even more.

"I promise to take care of it properly." Bruce said softly, looking at the crystal ball.

"Okay, then. I should go and have my spa." Loki said, fading away.

"Wait a minute!" Tony said, snapping his finger. Loki frowns and stops his spell.

"Just curious, do you have any idea how to get him back to normal? Then we don't need to get his toys." Tony asks, earning a sigh from Steve at Tony's laziness.

"Well there will be complications for removing since some smart brother of mine did something clever for once. It is best not to remove it." Loki said sarcastically, while Thor sheepishly looks away.

"Sure, since you said so. But how can you go for spa if you are just purely magic?!" Tony sweat drops at his words.

"Best not to ask something which you can never understand nor see…" Loki said with a secretive smile, before disappearing.

"Well, I guess it's time to take the real Loki toys and other belongings. We should quickly head back or else Fury is going to have our heads." Natasha said with a shrug.

"More like our hair since he has none." Tony sniggers.

"Maybe we should get a wig for him as his birthday present." Clint smirked at the thought of Fury's face expression.

"Or give him a shaver for the beard." Tony sniggers.

"How about for your beard?" Clint immediately said back, earning a shocked look from Tony.

"No one touches the beard." Tony said seriously.

"We decide all that when we reach back home, okay? Let's get all the items we need and head back to Earth." Steve said with a smile, eager to head back to Earth.