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Oliver Arthur Potter

January 21, 2040

James and Alice Potter were happy with their three boys. Each showered their own light, their own happiness, upon the family. Kyle was the funny one, who was great at strategic pranks. Brandon was the smart one, always available when you needed help with homework, or change to give at the store. Jake was the goofy one, who was always ready to cause you to laugh, whether it was from something actually funny, or him behaving real goofily. Yes, James and Alice were positive that they had the best family, the best kids, out of all of James' cousins or siblings, and out of Alice's siblings.

However, they both knew that something was missing in their family. By the time that Jake was four, Brandon was nine, and Kyle was fourteen, they knew that they were going to have another child. Alice got pregnant in July of 2039, and it was a rocky road from the start. She seemed to get one illness after another, from a cold to the stomach virus. James didn't know what to do, so he asked his mother to take care of Jake for him, and his brother, Albus, to take care of Brandon because he didn't want them getting sick. Kyle was a Hogwarts, so he didn't have to worry about him.

Finally, on January 21, 2040, Oliver Arthur Potter was born two months premature. James isn't afraid to admit that these two months were the scariest of his life. He didn't know whether Oliver was going to survive, or if he was going to die like so many other babies born two months premature. He wanted to take Oliver home, yet he couldn't because his son had to stay in the NICU. So James stayed with his youngest son, always in the nurses' way, making them frustrated to the point of ordering him out of there to get some rest.

Then, Oliver got to go home on March 31, 2040. Oliver grew up to have his mother's blonde hair and his father's brown eyes, and was sorted into Hufflepuff.

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