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The silver moonlight bathed the meadow, darkening the shadows, turning everything a contrasting black and white. The moon was an immense, brightly illuminated orb in the dark night sky, and stars hung in the heavens like diamonds on a deep violet veil.

Lying under the night sky, Cilan sighed. Ash was doing it again.


It had happened frequently in their journey. Iris and Cilan would wake up in the morning, groggy and exhausted from sleeping on the ground, only to find Ash next to their supply bags, a donut or a loaf of bread clutched in his fingers, sound asleep and mumbling about "my mum's buttered bread loaves...".

Right now, Ash lay heavily slumped on his chest, his sleeping bag still on the floor at its original position. Pikachu's little yellow form was sound asleep in the folds of his sleeping bag. Ash's sleeping, vulnerable face was pressed against Cilan's chest, one hand was knotted in his short green hair, which had turned messy and unkempt. The other hand was clutching the right side of Cilan's sleeping bag.

Cilan groaned. This had never happened before. It'd always been with food.

Reaching up with his left hand, he tried to pry those fingers from his hair, but they were so tangled with the strands of his hair his efforts were futile. It's like they'd grown there overnight... He might rip off his scalp if he wasn't careful. Just as he gave those fingers another experimental tug, Ash stirred.

"Whattsamatter?" He grumbled. The temperature had dropped rather drastically at night. A cold breeze now swept across the meadow, ruffling the grass, lashing the trees. It was very cold indeed. But the warm surface he was lying on was doing just the trick. Sighing, he rubbed his cheek against that warm toasty surface. It felt soft and hard at the same time. However...there was an uneven thumping coming from it. That doesn't make sense. Why would a mattress have a heartbeat? Unless...

"Oh my god!" He leaped up, tottering slightly due to the weakness of his limbs. He would have fallen again, hard, on Cilan's chest had Cilan not reached up and grip his arms and settle him gently on his chest.

"This is awkward, huh? Cilan laughed a little stiffly. There was a kind of tension between them now, a palpable cord that seemed to stretch and tighten the longer they stared into each other's eyes. Eh? What am I doing?

"Cilan..." Is this the right moment? Should I tell him now? Yet the words wouldn't come. They halted on his lips, stuck on his tongue. But before he could even attempt to spit out the words, Cilan spoke up, very quickly.

"You know...this person you were talking about... whom you have a crush on..."

"Yes?" Ash's breathing was uneven. Is it possible that he'd guessed?

"Is it Brock? Is it Gary? Is it that guy you told me before... what's his name... Max?"

"What?! No, of course not! They're all my friends!"

Cilan racked his brain. "Is it someone you told me about before?"

Ash sighed. This was impossible. He should just say it and deal with the consequences... "It's...It's you." He said it almost inaudibly.

There, it's out. He thought his chest should feel lighter, but it had gotten heavier. How would he react now? Better get away from him myself, before he pushes me away...I don't think I would be able to stand it if he did that... He couldn't find the courage to look at him. Head down, he got up and walked towards his backpack and slowly slid the zip open, taking the bottle with the rose out, laying it gently on the ground. Since it's out... might as well be thorough with it... "I was going to give that to you too." He laughed humorlessly, his face still hidden by his hair. Everything had turned out to be such a mess.

He turned and headed towards his sleeping bag. His head feeling so heavy that it drooped. There's nothing he could do already. He'd confessed aloud. And its obvious how Cilan felt about him by the way he stayed silent for so long.

A hand suddenly gripped his left forearm, turning him back.

He was about to say he was sorry, when he felt a warm hand cup the right side of his face. A pair of hot, soft lips crushed his own. A nose rubbed against his own cheek. Hair tickled his face. hair.

A warm buttery feeling flooded through his entire being. He couldn't stop his sharp intake of breath, or the way his heart was racing, or the jittery feeling in his stomach that was making his fingers ache.

His senses had completely overwhelmed him. Any form of logical thinking had utterly deserted him. All he felt was a play of hot and cold. He could feel the freezing air caressing his skin, making it even more sensitive. Yet he felt like a burning furnace was inside him.

The soft lips plundered his own. "Ash," he heard him whisper against his ear. Chills spread down his back. He gasped as his earlobe, cold because of the biting wind, was drawn into a delicious cavern of heat. He could only hear their ragged breathing, the sounds that the wind was making, and the frenzied beating of his own palpitating heart.

Strong arms encircled him, squeezing tightly, a hand brushed his bottom...



"Are you going it?"

He heard a low chuckle near his head. "You have a rather...dirty imagination."

Cilan said nothing else but continues nuzzling his neck. Ash had to groan when he felt teeth nip his earlobe.

"So... are you?" His voice was hoarse and strained.

"What do you think?" The reply was just as husky.

Hands gripped his back and he felt himself being lowered onto the grassy ground. He's really gonna do it! He felt trepidation and excitement immediately. He'd heard about something like that, and he knew lovers do this all the time...But he'd never done something like this, or knew what to expect at all.

A strange pressure was building down low in his body, a growing need that made him quiver and tremble with need. He felt the lips again, warm and moist and familiar, tracing from his forehead to his nose and his lips. His lips...and those lips...they fit perfectly together. That thought made him ridiculously happy.

He could feel each individual hair of his tickling his face, and the warm, good solid weight of him pressing him down. Cilan's chest was warm, and he could feel a low current in his chest, the fast thumps of his heartbeat that matched his own.

Above him, Cilan groaned. "You don't know how many times I've dreamt of doing this," the voice was pained.

Those lips melded into his again, strong and soft at the same time, teasing, rubbing, encasing his own. Tantalizing sparks of pleasure traveled down his body and collected in his groin. A moan couldn't help but escape from his lips, and he reached up and caught his soft, silky hair in his hands.

A hand trailed down the length of his body, down between his legs and pressed gently into him. That...that sensitive part. Ohh! He couldn't help but arch upwards. That's...that felt so good...

Cilan rolled off him.

"What?! You're just going to end it like this?!" He demanded.

Cilan gave him a sweet smile. "We can't. We're in the middle of a forest. If you really want about later?" Was that a wink? In the darkness, he wasn't really sure. Since when was he so flirtatious? end it like this...

Cilan dragged his sleeping bag between the two of them. "Right now, I'm just contented with sleeping next to you," he told him. Aww, when he says it like can I be angry with him...

Cilan got in. "Together?" He asked, pulling one edge of it, smiling at him radiantly. He snuggled in, and was awarded with a gentle, tender kiss on the lips.

"Are we going out now?"

"Yes." Even in the near complete darkness, Ash could see the white gleam of his teeth. He couldn't stop grinning too. I never thought it'll end so perfectly...

"Hey, Cilan?" He asked as he snuggled against his chest. One of his hands was buried in the folds of his shirt.

"Yes?" He was curled around Ash, his face buried in his jet black hair, clutching his slender waist possessively. Their legs were a tangled mass.

"Where did you learn to... kiss so expertly?"

Cilan could feel a blush starting from his neck and extending to the roots of his hair. "Well... I'm a kissing connoisseur, after all, so..."

"A kissing connoisseur? I never knew such people even existed!"

"Yes, well..."

The night air was silent except for the chirps of crickets and the rustling of leaves. And the gentle breathing of the two couple, of course.

The moonlight fell on everything, the yellow Pikachu that was still curled in the other sleeping bag, oblivious to everything... and the rose that was still on the floor. The moonlight lent a silver glow to the large, exposed petals. Yes, the rose had last.

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