Set during 'The Family in the Feud'. Bones belongs to HH.

Temperance frantically called Max's cell phone again, heart racing. She tried her best to push away flashbacks of long days waiting by the window for her parents to return; Social Services taking her away from Russ. She was a mature adult now and she couldn't let panic take over. Booth didn't understand. How could Max do this? Just disappear with Christine Angela, knowing how his loss hurt her before. She wasn't always good with expressing her emotions, but she thought she could trust him. She thought she could trust Booth's confidence in him. What if she somehow lost Christine to The System? Foster parents who might leave her screaming in a rickety crib, not feed her enough, shake her…

She needed to get to work, compartmentalize, but Christine invaded her every thought. It took her twice as long as it should have to analyze the bone fragments from the bullet, she kept getting worried and distracted. She glanced at the phone again, making sure she hadn't somehow missed a call from Booth, the police, or Max. She couldn't imagine never seeing her baby again. Walking through the house that they bought because of her. Having to tell Parker that he might never see his little sister again.

Cam and Hodgins started a video chat and Brennan pulled up her data on the bones, forcing herself to talk only of the case. She didn't need her friends patronizing her on top of her anxiety.