The green and blue lights reached the floor and filled the room with a blinding light. A second later the light disappeared, and where the lights touched the floor, there stood two young men. One had the garb of a rich man, billowing robes and a fair, gentle face; the other had a sword in his hand, armor on his body and a stern, almost cruel look in his eyes. They were still for a moment, then they both looked at Aleron. He wasn't mumbling anymore, he was simply staring into the distance like his soul left his body.

"Brother? Is he the one who summoned us?" The fair man asked. The room was quiet for a moment, though his words seemed to linger in the air.

"Yes, Brother. He is." Came the answer. The two of them looked at each other before parting and walking towards the altar on the balcony. They were identical, set aside from the clothes, and they both moved with the same grace and power. They seemed to float up the stairs and over the white marble floor before stopping on each side of Aleron. The gentle looking man put a thin, elegant hand over Aleron's who clutched the golden quill.

Aleron jerked away from the touch like he was burnt by a hot knife. He stumbled backwards and fell to the floor with a shriek of pain and surprise. It took him a few moments to regain his composure and clear his mind, he was still holding the quill, but the power it had on him seemed weaker, like it was pulled back by something.

"You found us, Mortal." The man with the sword said and looked down at Aleron who quickly turned to look at the figure who spoke to him. His eyes widened slightly and he crawled backwards before slowly getting to his feet. He looked from one man to the other, then down at the golden quill and back at the men.

"W-who…?" He stuttered before coughing violently. His throat hurt like he swallowed sand or hot mead.

"We are Castor and Pollux, The Twins." The man in the robes said and looked at Aleron with a gentle smile. Aleron stared at him for a moment before it dawned on him what he said. The Twins, Gemini, the constellation on the night skies. Gods.

Aleron could barely stand straight from the shock this knowledge brought him. Before he could say more, the man with the sword spoke up.

"Why did you call us, Mortal?" He looked at Aleron like he was expecting him to disappear at any moment, like he wanted Aleron to just disappear from his sanctuary.

Aleron buried his head in his hands with a groan. A stabbing headache set in now that he was relieved of the power of the golden quill.

"I-I needed a shelter, from the snow storm. I came here, and found this." He mumbled and straightened his back.

"You are Aleron, are you not?" The gentle man said, the one who was Castor. Aleron was startled by his words and nearly dropped the quill in his hands.

"How do you know my name?" He asked, puzzled. In return, he got a rumbling laugh from the one who was Pollux, and an amused smile by Castor.

"Leo told us about a human that found his temple and called him. We are gods, few things pass by us." Castor said and reached out to take the quill from Aleron. Aleron stared at Castor in disbelief, but returned the quill to the fair man. He knew what Castor meant. Years and years ago, when he was exploring the Etain Desert, Aleron stumbled over a temple much like this one. He found a golden claw, and Leo, a great lion, appeared before him. Aleron had been foolish enough to try and challenge Leo, but the god refused to kill him when Aleron lost. Instead he sent Aleron into the desert to either die by himself or return home.

"What do you want with my Quill of Knowledge?" Castor asked as he put the quill back on the red silk. Aleron noticed how the god's skin seemed to glow, and he also noticed that Castor's eyes lacked pupils.

"I want nothing with it. I was curious, forgive me." Aleron said and bowed for the god, hoping that he wouldn't become enraged. Castor only looked at Aleron and then at his twin brother.

"Then there is no need for you to apologize." Pollux said instead of his brother. He had a curious look in his eyes when he studied Aleron.

"Most men would have taken my Dagger of Power. But you did not. Why is that?" Pollux asked Aleron and gestured to the dagger on the red silk.

Aleron was quiet for a few seconds before he could find his answer.

"Because I value knowledge over power." He said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Pollux looked at him with an unreadable expression before turning to his brother.

"Brother, shall we send him home? He cannot stay here." Pollux said and earned a slow nod from his bother.

"W-wait, I have so many questions!" Aleron exclaimed now that he cleared his mind enough. He looked from Pollux to Castor, then back to Pollux and then at Castor again. Castor smiled softly and placed a hand over Aleron's chest, which caused the man to take a step back.

"Do not worry, you will find the answers you seek if you keep looking." Castor said and removed his hand. Pollux nodded slowly and looked at the golden dagger on the altar. Aleron followed the god's gaze and realized what he was thinking.

"I'll leave these here; Leo gave me enough for a lifetime." He said calmly to ensure the god that he wouldn't steal anything.

Pollux looked at Aleron, closed his eyes and lowered his head in a respectful gesture. Castor chuckled, a soft, unearthly sound, and took a few steps towards hi brother. He joined his brothers left side and rested his hand on his shoulder.

"Then go, Aleron, Son of Man. Tell none of this, but share with them your knowledge." Castor said when Pollux raised his head and looked at his brother. They both smiled, then their bodies began to disintegrate. They slowly turned into the same light that came from the Aurora Borealis, until they were completely freed of their physical forms.

Aleron was fascinated; he continued to look at the swirling light as it floated through the air to the middle of the room and fled the same way it entered. Just before the last of the light disappeared, a soft voice echoed through the room;

"Travel safely, Aleron, Son of Man. Spread light and join us one day." When the voice died out, Aleron snapped out of his spellbound state. He looked around as if he just woke up, then he glanced at the golden quill and the golden dagger on the red silk. He continued to look at the beautiful objects before running a hand through his hair with a sigh.

He left the beautiful room and headed back the same way he came, all of his thoughts soared back to Castor and Pollux. He'd been talking to gods, and him of all people. He barely noticed his worn out body when he entered the large hall and sent his were light into the air over his head. He ran across the room, his heavy footsteps echoing between the walls, until he came to the opposite end.

The white elk was still there, waiting for him. Aleron came to a stop next to the elk and looked back into the darkness from which he came. He then looked at his own hands, and then back at the darkness, and then at the elk. With a small smile he grabbed a hold of the elk's fur and urged it to walk back into the cave from which they entered. It was reluctant, but soon they were walking back through the tunnel.

After a few minutes of walking, Aleron saw how daylight flooded the tunnel. He was surprised, he had no idea how long he was in there, but at least a day, it felt like. Putting the werelight out and stopping at the entrance of the cave, Aleron took a deep breath of the cold air. He felt relieved, in some way, though he didn't know how.

The elk snorted and took a few steps into the snow, then it stopped and looked at Aleron. With a grin, he followed the elk and stopped next to it.

"Wait till I tell Sinan about this…" Aleron mumbled to himself as he began to walk back the way they came through the storm. He had completely forgotten why he came here in the first place, his mind was far away from the strange woman who requested him to go on this mission.

With a smile on his lips, his heart at ease and his mind buzzing with ideas and thoughts, Aleron patted the elk next to him and began to hum as he walked, happy to be on his way home.