Reasons Against Denial Ch. 4

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Reasons Against Denial Ch. 4

The eighth years were all feeling bittersweet. Their (extra) final year was almost over. Everyone was talking about what they were going to do after Hogwarts. But many were still sad to be leaving the school, for good this time.

Harry and Draco were laying in the Room of Requirement one night late in May when Harry brought it up.

"What are you going to do after this year?"

Draco looked at him in surprise. They hadn't talked much about it at all, and he wasn't really sure what he was going to do. He supposed he would go back to the Manor. But he had realized that he didn't really want to. Too many memories he didn't want to remember. So he told Harry as much.

"Well..." Harry said hesitantly. He looked a mix of nervous and excited. "I have to help raise Teddy Lupin, but... If you wanted to... You could... Live with me? In Grimmauld Place of course."

"Really?" Draco asked, having truly not expected that.

"Yeah... If you don't mind Teddy. And Ron and Hermione will probably pop by often. But you could have a room for all your potions and stuff. And there's a huge library with a ton of old books you might be able to use..." Harry babbled on.

Draco cut him off with a kiss. "That sounds perfect," he said honestly, hugging Harry tight.

Now it was Harry's turn to be surprised. "Really?"

"Did you not expect me to say yes?" Draco asked, a little wary.

"I didn't know what you'd say," Harry admitted. "But I'm glad you said yes."

He leaned into Draco, kissing him deeply. "I love you," he muttered into the kiss.

Draco pulled back a little. "I love you, too."

Harry's hand traveled down Draco's spine, landing at the small of his back. He hooked his thumb in Draco's boxers, his eyes lustfully pleading. He never pushed though (true to his reason), he had waited for Draco.

Maybe that was why Draco nodded his head slightly, giving his consent. Maybe it was the way Harry was looking at him. Maybe it was the way that look did funny things to his stomach. Maybe it was how good his skin felt against his own. Whatever it was, it was amazing. And it felt right.

Both boys slipped out of their boxers, kissing passionately. Harry straddled Draco's hips, grinding their groins together. A moan escaped Draco's lips, and Harry used that chance to nip at his lower lip.

Draco could feel the heat in the pit of his stomach, telling him he needed more. As if he could read his mind, Harry pulled back, gently pushing Draco onto his chest, but here he stopped. "Are you sure?" he asked, his voice husky with lust. "This is okay?"

Draco turned his waist to look at him. "I've never..."

"Me either..."

"But I want you," Draco assured, and the look in his eyes confirmed that.

Harry kissed his lips before he turned back over. Harry pressed light kisses all down Draco's back, relaxing him. His hands brushed over Draco's thighs before teasing his entrance. He heard Draco gasp beneath him and softly kissed his bum. He grabbed the lube that the Room had conjured and coated his fingers before thoroughly preparing Draco.

Draco gasped and moaned as Harry's fingers slid in and out of his arse. It felt so. Bloody. Good. Then he pulled out. Draco moaned again in protest, but he felt the tip of Harry's cock between his cheeks and stiffened.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked again, one hand running up and down Draco's thigh, the other rubbing circles on his back.

"Yes. Please, Harry, I need you inside me," he said, meaning every word.

Harry's hands moved to his hip and his shoulder as he leaned against Draco's back, kissing the nape of his neck. Very gently he pushed himself inside Draco; he was so tight, it felt amazing. Beneath him, Draco gasped, then let the breath out in a hiss. Harry stilled, letting his boyfriend adjust. He ran his hands the length of Draco's body, rubbing his arms, his chest, his back, his thighs, until he felt him relax.

His pace started slow and even, not wanting to push too far. Gradually, it got faster and faster, hitting Draco's prostate. There were many "fucks" and "oh gods" called out as Harry wrapped his hand around Draco's length, pulling him closer to his orgasm. Harry himself was close. He finished with one final thrust, each boy calling out the others name as he came.

Exhausted, they collapsed against each other, Harry still inside Draco and content with being so.

"That was so good," Draco breathed out, having come down from his orgasmic high.

"You were so good," Harry replied, gently pulling out.

Draco turned in Harry's arms to look at him. He had kept his glasses on, which Draco thought was kind of silly, but sexy at the same time. "I love you," he repeated.

"I love you, too, Dray. So much," Harry said. "I'm so glad you'll live with me."

"You just took my virginity, and technically I yours, and you tell me you're glad I'm going to live with you?" Draco teased.

"Yes, because then we can do this again, whenever we want."

"And it will be perfect."

"Just like this time."

Harry muttered a quick cleaning spell, and pulled Draco closer. Harry lay on his back, with Draco's head on his chest, their arms wrapped around each other, legs tangled together. Draco could hear Harry's heart beat, still a little fast. He felt Harry drawing soft patterns on his back. He fought hard to stay awake, to keep living in this moment, this perfection. But exhaustion took over, and both boys fell asleep like that, naked, holding their lover. Their boyfriend. Their lifeline and stability. Draco's reasons against denial.

The (final) end.

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