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"Hello this is Yuuki speaking,"chirped Yuuki into the phone, half distracted by the contractor who's showing her paint samples, "yeah, I want the dark brown one for the entrance."

"Dark brown what? Who are talking to? Is Nishikado there?" asked Tsukushi so fast she couldn't answer them fast enough.

"Its nothing, I'm just repainting the entrance of the shop, and no, obviously I'm not talking to Nishikado-san," she said exasperatedly, "and before you ask again, I fine..."

"humph... It is a perfectly valid question, you were incommunicado for a whole week and you have moved out of your parents home without informing anyone, your mother was hysterical." shot back Tsukushi.

"And again for a millionth time, I'm sorry, I just needed time for myself," she apologized, "beside, my apartment above the shop is basically finished and I needed to be closer to the shop during renovation anyways."

"Well, I'm still worried about you," sighed Tsukushi, "so, level with me here, how are you, really?"

"I'm fine, I really am," said Yuuki, "a little bit broken and bruised but otherwise I'm fine."

"Good," Tsukushi approved, "I know I never said this before, but I never liked the idea of the two of you together, you are way too good for him."

Yuuki couldn't helped but felt a little bit stung by Tsukushi's word. Intellectually, she knew that it wasn't Tsukushi's intention to hurt her but she couldn't help but feel how her words mirrored what Nishikado's had said that night in the library.

"Well that was not what he said." Yuuki had mumbled out before she could stopped herself, hoping afterwards that Tsukushi hadn't heard her.

Unfortunately, luck was not on her side, "What, he said that! That cur!" shouted Tsukushi, clearly enraged by what Nishikado-san had said, "You are all that is beautiful, nice and good and you will find someone who is as good as you, and he will be better than Nishikado for having the brain for choosing you."

"Thank you, you are a good friend Tsukushi-chan." she smiled at Tsukushi's support, feeling truly thankful for having a friend as good and as loyal as Tsukushi, even though she knew that chances of her being with someone as good or even better than Nishikado-san is slim to none. Realistically speaking she knew there are better men out there. Someone who is nicer, more considerate, less narcissistic, less of a man-slut and even better looking than Nishikado-san, however Yuuki just couldn't imagine anyone of them could make her feel as he did her. Like falling free fall from the sky on a cloud of rainbows and sunshine.

The rest of the conversation wasn't as soul baring for her as it moved on to Tsukushi's plan for the nursery, doctor's appointments and other baby related stuff.

After she said goodbye to Tsukushi, she went to inspect the work the contractor had done in the kitchen but couldn't concentrate on the fine white molding as her mind keep drifting back to the mess that is her love life.

A week had past since the unfortunate incident at the Domyouji's library, and to be completely truthful Yuuki never felt better. Sure, she was still prone to random outburst of tears and there's a a constant low frequency of pain in her heart, but she never felt freer.

It is as if she had put that chapter of her life behind her and now she is ready to move on with her life. Sure, this wasn't the ending she had dreamed about endlessly everyday for the past fourteen years but you have to grow up sometimes.

Its sad, but is what it is.

People get their heart broken everyday and they still survived and so would she.

Right now, she's going to focus everything she had on the shop and get it up and running again, after that she didn't know what she wants to do. She never wanted to work at the dango shop full time much less owning it. So maybe now she'll finally get the courage to sell the dango shop and do something different with her life.

When she graduated from college she had envisioned herself working for a big company. To be one of those highflying girls in suits. Chic, confident and sophisticated. Good enough for the Nishikado's name.

She sighed. Even then her ambitions were tainted by her feelings for him. It seems like almost everything she had done for the last fourteen years she had done for him.

Not anymore.

She is now free to do what she wants. Whatever she wants.

Maybe, she'll work with children as a teacher. She love children. Being a lonely only child, she had always imagined herself with a houseful of them even before her tragic attraction with Nishikado-san.

Maybe she'll start dating again. Despite the evidence to the contrary, she is quite a catch. She is pretty if not extravagantly beautiful, perfectly nice, quite intelligent and pretty successful in her own right. She had guys chasing after her in university but she never paid any attention to them as she was too preoccupied with Nishikado-san.

But it is time to open her eyes and start properly looking for someone. And this time she won't be looking for an epic love story- she had enough of that to last her a lifetime, beside she doesn't think he heart is even capable to love someone else as much as she loved Nishikado-san. This time she'll lower her expectation and just hope for someone she like enough to contemplate a future together as a family. Maybe, if she's lucky she'll learn t fall in love with him in time.

Making up her mind, she called her mother and asked for that blind date her mother had been harping on and on about for the last few months with the son of her father's colleague.

Finally she's making a good decision with her life.