There are times when people dream of things, not that they hope for, but things that they miss. There are solemn days when people and neopets spend their days dreaming of the past. These dreams may be beautiful indeed; but rarely does one ever truly enjoy dreams of the past, for they often bring to remembrance a pain that cannot be fixed.

Rain poured down on the cloaked figure. Little water puddles dripped around the feet of the person staring at the neohome. The neohome was a rather ordinary, if small, classic neohome, except for the strange ice that covered the windows and doors. As lightning flashed and thunder roared, a sigh escaped the figure; and strangely enough water dripped from the portion of the figure that should've been safest from the rain: her face. Sadly she turned and walked away, the droop of her shoulders giving her a defeated aura.

The lightning flashed again, and unseen from the window of the neohome, a blue Aisha watched the figure fade into the dreariness of the stormy day. The aisha sighed and curled into a dreary looking ball, dejected and alone. Slowly she drifted into a dream, a dream of days long past...

The blue aisha started awake from her nap as a squeal resounded in the tiny neohome.

"MAG! I got 6,000 neopoints today!"

Magda yawned and smiled sleepily at her owner,

"Really, E?" E grabbed her little aisha and hugged her tightly,

"Yes! If this keeps up I can buy your faerie paint brush in just a few months!"

"Oh, E, that would be great! But what about the lab map? Don't you have almost all the pieces?"

"Almost, but I'd rather get your paint brush first. You'll be so beautiful!"

Suddenly the Aisha started from her dream and looked around, "Is there anyone there?" Her call echoed around the abandoned house and her earstalks fell.

"Of course no one there's, silly, you're the only person in the house, and no one can get in or out."

Magda slumped back into her dejected ball, her fur falling about her in rumpled, greasy lumps. A low growl rose from her empty stomach as she slipped into the only release she had: sleep

"Hey, Mag, do you think E will really get the lab map?"

Magda smiled at the yellow Lupe speaking: her adopted brother who shared their owner's name, with the exception of the numbers in his name.

"Are you that eager to be zapped again?"

"Yes! Maybe my first zap will change my gender, too, like the last zap my last owner gave me!"

Mag covered her mouth with her hand and coughed delicately, actually hiding a grin behind her hand. She had never seen anyone as eager as her brother to be zapped, especially considering all the horror stories their cousins had told them about it.

Suddenly E skipped in, her ever-present grin lighting up the room with glee, as she sat on the floor pulling groceries into her lap to get their small supper ready.(She still hadn't gotten round to buying a table.) As suppers go, it was unique: a mishmash of all the things she had gathered during the day as she did her dailies. There were Cheops from the Lost Desert, omelettes from Tyrannia, beans from Mystery Island, and Mag's personal favorite, the Tchea Fruit bought with the Shop Wizard's erstwhile help.

Laughter and conversation flowed in the room. They were the little things, really, questions about the day, commonplace discussions that take place in almost every neohome. Things that one always takes for granted. Mag laughed and chattered with her owner and brother in her dreams. They were planning a new addition to their home: a chocolate room.

Suddenly thunder shook the earth, and the little Aisha murmured and moved around in her sleep. Her dream was changing

It was a time when E was older, several months after the Pound had closed for repairs. E was no longer as happy-go-lucky as she had once been, and there was a strange look that rested permanently upon her face, as though some great conundrum had been placed before her that she was constantly seeking the answer to. Day after day, Magda_Sea would watch as her owner would trudge out to Neopia Central and day after day, return to Mag and her brother with the same report:

"The pound is still closed."

When the pound had first closed, E had smiled,

"This will give us plenty of time to work on saving up for that last piece of the lab map, and hey, who knows, I might get enough neopoints saved up to start helping even more pounded pets!"

But the months had wore on; and pressures from beyond Neopia reached out against E. One day, Mag returned from a small shopping trip to find her owner sitting on the floor staring at the wall. Her brother, usually sitting in his chair, reading, was no where in sight. Something in the air chilled Magda,


E turned around with a sigh, looking far different from the person Magda had always known.

"I've decided to leave Neopia. I've been wasting my time, I can't help others anymore. Things seem too young for me. I've placed your brother in the pound; if it ever opens I'm sure someone will adopt him."

E spoke as though trying to convince herself.

"As for you, I don't want you to go through the horrors of the pound, so I'm going to leave you here in the neohome. There's plenty of food for you. I'm sorry, Mag; but my life needs to go on from Neopets. G-good-bye, Mag."

Through her speech, E had turned and walked toward the door; then stopped,

"M-mag, you've been a good friend."

She opened the door as Magda wailed,

"NO! Don't leave me!"

But her cries fell on unheeding ears as the door closed behind Magda's former owner.

Magda burst upright and tears fell from her eyes as she recalled the rest of what had happened after that. A flash of incredible light and a horrendous noise had rocked the house; and when it was over, Magda_Sea was alone in a house with doors and windows covered by a strange impenetrable ice. She had spent most of her time working on a way to look outside her home, dreaming of the day her owner would return and shatter the ice, and once again love her as before.

Years passed, and that day never came.

Magda grew unkempt with no loving owner to care for her, and her food supply dwindled away to nothing. Soon her only distractions were watching the passersby and sleeping in dreams of the distant past.

Over the years, she began seeing a figure return every so often to stare at her home. Always the figure was cloaked, and never did the figure come on any but a dreary or dismal day. Magda watched the figure, but her curiosity had died long ago. ~

Out on the street, a cloaked girl kicked the dirty water into the gutters. Her tears blinded her even more than the clouded skies and the pouring rain.