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Chapter 1: The Stone starts rolling

March 1988 Primary school Little Whining

"There is he, get him!" called Dudley. They were taking part in their usual break entertainment, also called "Harry Hunting". As Harry heard this, his insides turned to ice as he though of what happened the last time they got him.

Dudley broke his right arm, as Harry tried to protect his face. Even worse Dudley stumbled and fell, while chasing him, which Dudley immediately blamed on Harry as soon as Dudley was home.

That earned Harry another beating by Vernon after which Harry was thrown into his cupboard, while Vernon said:

"Now you have time to think about you actions. Never again think it is all right to make Dudley fall and then try to blame him, Freak!"

No, that was not what Harry wanted to happen this time. All he wanted, was a quiet time, so he could immerse himself in his books. Even though, he was not allowed to be better than Dudley in school or he would get in troubles with his relatives. The books were one of the only things that gave Harry any sense of peace.

Also Harry quite curious, which made him not only read books but also learn quite a bit just for the sake of learning. Back to the Problem at hand, Harry needed a place where Dudley and his gang wouldn't follow him.

His Though ran wild as he tried to think of a place where he was save. Because of that, he did not concentrate enough on where he was running, so he bumped into someone and fell. As he looked up to apologise, he saw that he bumped into Pierce, who did ran the other way around the school yard to cut him off.

As Harry lay there the remainder of the group slowly gathered around him.

"No, please, this can't happen again," thought Harry frantically, while wishing as strong as he could to be anywhere safe. Suddenly Harry felt like he was being squeezed into a small bottle. His arms and legs tried to mould themselves into his body, when suddenly the feeling was gone as fast as it appeared.

Harry was afraid of opening his eyes, since he expected to see his cousin standing over him. Slowly the curiosity about the feeling won out and he started to open his eyes. He did not want to get his hopes up, that something changed, but normally his cousin would already taunt him.

Harry's eyes gradually opened and as he did not see his cousin or in therefore anyone standing above him he looked around and immediately wished he didn't. He was on a roof, and if he was right, it was his cousin calling down there. Which meant, that this was the roof of their school.

"Whoa wait. How the Hell did I end up here?", thought Harry. After all just moments ago he was lying down there in the school yard, waiting for the inevitable beating of Dudley's group. So, how was it possible for him to just disappear and than reappear at the roof of the school?

While he wondered about that, his next thoughts completely shoved the wonder of this feat out of his head.

"I'll be in so much trouble, as soon as Uncle Vernon hears of this."

And there was no way Vernon would not here of this, as Dudley was not able to beat him, he would tell his Daddy, so Harry would get into trouble.

The first Problem was getting off this roof, than he could start getting ready for the punishment Vernon would give him, for his "unnatural" behaviour. This was always the reason for his beatings, as his relatives prided themselves for being a perfectly normal family, doing perfectly normal things. Sadly disappearing in the school yard and then reappearing on the roof, does not count as normal.

After half an hour Harry was back on the ground and on his way back to Privet Drive. He shuddered at the gleeful look that his cousin gave him, as the teachers fetched him from the roof. That look normally meant that Dudley would be imaginative in the story he was going to tell his parents. That on the other hand, would have an negative result in his punishment. The letter from his school director asking for an explanation for the incident did not help either.

Harry arrived at Privet Drive Number 4, wishing to be anywhere else, sadly did not had the same results as in the school yard, and Harry started to doubt at his mind. He already knew what was going to happen, as soon as Vernon came back from his work.

Harry's prediction came true, as soon as Vernon went through the door of Privet Drive. Dudley immediately ran to him and cried:

"Daddy, Daddy he did his freaky stuff again."

"So did he?" asked Vernon his knuckles cracking.

"Yes. We wanted to play with him, but he just laughed at us and then vanished. Seconds later he shouted at us from the roof of the school, that we were too stupid to play with him."

Dudley explained, while smirking. Vernon called Harry, who slowly came, with his head downcast, from the cupboard that was his room.

Vernon turned to him.

"So you think, that after we fed you, gave you clothes and a home. That after all that, you can just go laugh and insult Dudley and think that this will go unpunished?"

"But I didn't..."

Harry instantly knew, that this was the wrong thing to say, as soon as he saw the Hand from Vernon coming full force at his head and the next thing he felt was pain, as Vernon hit him in the face.


Vernon just carried on as if nothing happened.

"Lying again are we? I thought the last lesson was enough to stop you from lying ever again. But then again, what can you expected with such near criminals as parents?"

Harry just tried to blank Vernon and the coming beating out, as usual. He curled himself to a small ball, to give less surface to be hit on.

Harry groaned as he was thrown into his cupboard. Even lying was hurtful for Harry. He tried to get into a position, where his injuries would not get worse and where the pain was as little as possible.

What ever he tried, he would be left with pain, as Vernon was known in taking great care in hitting everything while berating him and insulting his parents. It was one of the worse punishments as Vernon gradually worked himself up about his "unnatural" nephew. Slowly and painful Harry drifted of into unconsciousness, welcoming it as salvation.

He slowly regained his conscious. While his injuries did hurt less, they were still painful enough considering he was only a 8 year old boy. Slowly Harry got more and more aware of his surroundings.

Sensing a pressing need, he needed a few attempts to stand up, as his legs would buckle from the pain his body still experienced. As he managed to stand up, he shakily walked to the cupboard door, praying that it wasn't locked. In his semi conscious state he didn't hear the quite click that signalled his door being unlocked.

It happened as he neared the bathroom, when he heard the sentence that would change his live quite significantly. He would only realise it when he woke up the next time what it meant when he heard Vernon say:

"There is no way he will ever learn about magic!"

Harry hauled himself to the toilet and back to bed where he slowly drifted back to unconsciousness.

The next time Harry started to open his eyes, he felt way better and started to wonder how long he might have been out this time. Not that anybody would tell him, but it would give him an idea what to expect.

That was not the main thing on his mind right now. The dominating thought in his mind was the last sentence Harry heard from Vernon. Harry was confused which showed in his thoughts:

"What did he mean with that? He always says that there is no such thing as magic. But if there was..."

Harry's mind wandered back to the incident that caused his present situation. While disappearing and reappearing definitely did not count as normal, it would count as magic better yet, there was no "normal" way of explaining that action.

Now to the question on who could have done this. Slowly Harry remembered other incident's where Vernon would get furious and try to beat the "Freakishness" out of Harry.

"Uncle Vernon was talking, that he will never allow somebody to learn magic, but who?"

The only one, who was at these events was Harry. Also Vernon hates everything that has to do with magic passionately, the same Passion he only holds in regards to Harry.

"Could it be, that he talks about me leaning magic? That would mean, that I did magic,"

Harry thought excitedly. Now Harry needed a way repeat it, so that, if he was able to do magic, he could do it when he wanted and not only on accident.

Harry mentally went through all the times, when one of these accidents happened and tried to find out what could have caused it. He remembered the first one very well.

It was one his first day of school, the day when Harry learned his name, as all he was called till then was Boy or Freak. The teacher called the roll, where Harry could not react as he did not know his name.

When the teacher got angry at Harry, asking if he was too stupid to react to his name, Harry felt embarrassed and was frightened. He wanted to embarrass the teacher and as Harry looked back up the teacher had blue hair.

Than there were smaller ones, where Harry was lucky that nobody seemed to have noticed them. Harry needed to find out what they had in common, if he wanted to be able to use magic at will.

The more Harry thought about it, the more he realised, that every time one of these strange things happened, it was a emotionally very intense situation. Harry learned long ago, that showing emotions in Privet Drive was just an invitation for Vernon to hit him more, so he started learning to suppress them, until he was able to almost always keep his emotions hidden.

"So it looks like emotions are the key to magic."

Harry thought. Now Harry needed to verify this. The best way would be to actually use magic, but if Harry was wrong he would be stuck here forever. That would also mean, that his Uncle did speak about something completely different and that Harry wasn't able to do magic.

"Well I won't know, if I don't try it."

And with that resolve Harry looked around in his cupboard for something small to test and experiment a bit.

He found a small wood stick, that splintered from the cupboard door some time ago. While he picked it up, Harry was amazed how such a small item could change it life, or doom it forever.

Because if his experiment failed and he was not able to do magic, the small amount of hope that collected itself in Harry's mind, would be destroyed. Harry lay the stick a on his bed. He stood up and looked at it.

"Now what?",

were Harry's thoughts. He did not had a clue, what he was supposed to do now, or how to make magic happen.

His best bet would be just to try a few different things, so Harry stretched his arms in the direction of his bed and concentrated on the wood. He wanted to make it fly.

As Nothing happened, Harry closed his eyes and tried to concentrate harder. But again nothing happened. Saddened, Harry let his arms fall back to his body and thought dejectedly:

"Maybe Uncle Vernon is right and there is no such as magic and I am really a Freak.

But what did he mean than, with: "There is no way he will ever learn about magic!"

There has to be something to these incidents. It just HAS to work! I don't want to live the rest of my life as a servant to the Dursley's"

Refreshed with how his thought's turned around and determined that something just had to explain these incident's, Harry decided to give it one more try.

He looked at the wood stick angrily. Again Harry wanted to make it fly, but this time he did not stop there. He let the desire fill his mind, as he closed his eyes. He wanted nothing more, than to make this small stick of wood fly.

It started as wiggling. Slowly, ever so slowly the stick started to rise. Harry opened his eyes, because he felt a warm tingling at his fingertips. He was so shocked to see the stick about a feet in the air, that he lost the focus and the stick fell back down on the bed. The warm feeling in his fingers was gone, too.

Harry nearly shouted in joy, because there was no doubt in his mind now, that this was magic. He was able to collect himself and only grinned like never before. The next thing on his mind was the need to train, so it did not take so much time and concentration just to make something fly.

Still that would have to wait, because even this small feat took a lot out of Harry's energy and he still had to complete his chores or it would be right back to being "educated" on right behaviour.

Harry just removed the stick from his bed, when the cupboard was opened by Harry's aunt, who said:

"So you are awake again. Go and take care of the garden, after that make dinner, your Uncle and Dudley will be home soon."

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry answered. He needed to keep it secret, that he discovered how to do magic, because he still had no where to go and Vernon would sure kick Harry out of this house, if he even suspected Harry of being able to do magic at will.

After that, the house number 4 on Privet Drive slowly returned back to it's usual behaviour, with one exception. Every night now right before going to bed Harry would use some time to train in magic. Something that will have quit the impact on his future.

October Privet Drive Number 4 Little Whining, Cupboard under the stairs:

Harry woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning. A little earlier than normal for him, but he wanted to test something. Doing it early, would ensure nobody would notice, especially his relatives.

It was a little more than half a year ago, when Harry found out, that he was able to do magic. Since then, he trained hard but it was an extremely slow going process.

He was now able to let the wood stick, or something of similar size, fly without too much of a hassle. It still took some effort, but Harry wanted to see what else he could to with magic.

He wanted to know whether he was able to unlock his door. This would allow him to be out of his cupboard, even if his relatives weren't at Privet Drive.

Harry started nearly the same way, he did with the stick. He looked at the door and wished that it would open. But as his first attempt, with the wood stick nothing happened.

Harry tried to use the pattern he got used to while training with the wood stick. He closed his eyes and tried to find the feeling he associated with magic, since every time he could do magic he had the same feeling.

Harry was confused why it took him so long to find the feeling when he did something new opposed to doing something he already trained, where he could do it nearly instantly.

Finally after 10 minutes he heard he faint klick and the door door was open.

Harry opened the cupboard slowly, because he didn't want to get caught and after ensuring that the door was really unlocked, he closed it again.

His curiosity satisfied, Harry now had to lock the door again or his aunt would get suspicious, when she came to let him out of the cupboard, to make breakfast.

Harry concentrated on the door and tried to lock the door again. That the first attempt didn't work, was nothing new to Harry. But as his 3rd attempt also failed he was getting worried.

Harry, hearing Petunia coming down the stairs he nearly fell into a panic, because the door still was not locked.

As the steps of Petunia got louder and nearer, Harry fell into a full panic and desperately wished:

"Please, don't let her realise that the door wasn't locked, please!"

The steps stopped before Harry's door and he heard a surprised:
"What the...!"

As Petunia opened the door her face first showed surprise, which slowly morphed into anger.

But as soon as Petunia looked at Harry, Harry felt familiar feeling, which he always felt while doing magic, and Petunias face changed back and she looked at Harry with her normal disdain.

She just wrinkled her nose and went to the living room. Harry just stood there. He was so surprised, that he didn't react at first. As he realised what happened he hurried to the kitchen to get breakfast ready, he didn't want to test his luck, but his thought's were in chaos.

"Why didn't aunt Petunia say anything about the door? Could it be that she didn't realised it? But she did say something as if there was something not right. And then she looked at me. What magic did I use there? Is it possible to make people forget or not realise things?"

Harry was lucky that he was so used to making breakfast that he did not do something wrong even though his concentration was no where near the kitchen.

He just had to try this out again, to know what exactly happened, because if he could make people not realise things, this would give Harry chances to do what he always wanted but because of his "family" never could.

The other thing was, if magic could do that, what other amazing things could be achieved with magic?

He was still fantasising about the possibilities of magic on his way to school. School started out like at any other day. Like any Wednesday, an hour of maths followed by two hours sport.

It was the English lesson that was different than on other days. Mrs. Perings the English teacher of Harry and Dudley began the class normally, but halfway through she said:

"All right. Listen up everyone. A college of mine and I came up with an idea to improve your English. You will be required to write at least 3 letters to a pen pal. You will give he letters to me and we will than forward it to a person who we think has the most things with you in common. You will be required to hand me the first letter no later than Friday. We will be happy to forward any additional letters after the first three."

The class was filled with groaning as the pupils realised how much work that would mean. Harry wasn't thrilled either, but he took it as a chance to improve his writing that suffered strongly at his relatives. The rest of the day went like the norm and Harry found himself in the library after school.

Harry did not have time to do his homework at Privet Drive, because of the chores his relatives would always give him, so he always went to the library after school and finished it there.

This also had the bonus of him being able to read about anything that struck his mind, as his relatives were happy when he came home late, Harry just needed to be in time to prepare dinner and do the usual chores.

But today there would be no reading as Harry was too focused on his English homework. This pen pal could be his first real friend, since Dudley did not know where he lived he could not scare him, like the rest of his schoolmates. With this in mind Harry started working at his letter:

Dear Pen pal,

my name is Harry and I'm 8 years old. Our teacher just asked us to write a letter that he than give to a collogue of her. As such I will just tell you about myself.

Like I said my name is Harry, my complete name is Harry Potter and I'm a 8 year old boy.

I like reading a lot and spent most of my time in the local library. I will just look through the shelves and look for a book that peaks my interest. Than I go to my favourite spot and start reading.

The last series I started to read was Sherlock Holmes. It's interesting what you can learn just by paying attention to your surroundings.

I hope, I did not bore you to dead with my rantings about books, but it's my favourite topic and I like talking about it. I hope that you like reading, too.

I hope that we can stay in contact as I do not have too many friends and always like to make one.

My cousin also goes in the same class as me but he isn't exactly the smartest and like to beat up people.

That's also the reason that I spent most of my time in the library and started to read books.

Like I said, I hope, that I did not bore you too much and that we can stay in contact after the initial three letters.

Hope to hear soon of you


After Harry finished with his letter, he reread it. After he was sure that it did not reveal too much of his personal life he put the letter away and started with the rest of his homework.

He did take some risk in revealing that much about Dudley. If Petunia or Vernon ever found this letter Harry would be in so much trouble that he would be lucky if he ever woke up again.

After Harry finished the rest, he started to look for a interesting book, that he could read for the rest of his time today.

Friday arrived and Harry gives his letter to his teacher. Harry luckily didn't need to write Dudley's letter, even though he had to do every other Homework of Dudley. Vernon and Petunia thought that Harry would sabotage any friendship attempt of Dudley, if Harry wrote the letters.

The weekend went slowly for Harry as he was excited and a little afraid about the letter he would receive. The teacher said, that they should be expecting a letter around Monday in a week, as they wanted to give the other students about a week time to answer the letters.

Over the week the excitement in Harry build up more and more, as did the fear of having another Dudley as pen pal.

South of little Whining about an hour away by car, in Crawley. There was a little girl who was sitting at her desk in her room. She was trying to do her English Homework. It was different than the normal assignments they got. They had to reply to a letter which was handed to them by their teacher.

The teachers hoped that some would continue after the three mandatory letters, so that pen friendship could develop. Hermione really hoped that this Harry could be her friend, since she did not have any at school.

This was thanks to her tormentors who, mostly ridiculed her for her intelligence and the rest either just ignored her or were too afraid to come into focus of the bullys. The only help she got was from her teachers and, when she was in the library.

As she read the letter she got from Harry she couldn't contain herself. There was someone, who also loved reading and spent quite some time in the library.

Maybe there was a chance of them becoming friends. As the excitement threatened to boil over, she just had to start writing the letter. Yes it was only due on Friday but Hermione liked to get her work done early.

Dear Pen pal,

My name is Hermione Granger and I got your letter from my teacher for our pen pal project.

Since this is my first letter to you I would like to introduce myself.

I am 9 years old and as you can tell from my name, I am a girl. In have brown curly locks and brown eyes.

When I read your letter I have noticed that we have a lot in common. I am a great fan of books myself. The library near my school is one of my favourite places in my town.

I for myself have read Sherlock Holmes for a few times now and this series is one of my favourites.

I like it especially when he solves the riddle with the help of small evidences, that seem unimportant at the time.

I do not only like reading books for fun but also for learning, which is one of my favourite activity. I am on top of my class in nearly every subject. Perhaps that is the reason why I have no real friend either. Since we both have no friends I would certainly like to become yours.

I hope, that I hear of you soon,


The week passed and as Harry got the letter from Hermione some of his fears vanished. The letter seemed like it was written by a nice enough person and her hobbies looked very similar to his.

Harry put the letter in a hiding place he found at the library. He did not want to take them with to Privet Drive, as he did not want his Aunt or worse his Uncle to find them.

Later that day, as Harry was doing is daily magic exercises, he thought about what he could write in his next letter to Hermione. Maybe he could write about books, since she seemed to like reading and it was a safe enough topic.

His magic still frustrated him, it was so slow going. It was 7 months ago that he found out about magic but the only thing he could do with any real reliability, was letting that small wood stick fly. Anything else was extreme exhausting and he could not always make it work.

After that, live in Privet Drive Number 4, Little Whining went back to normal, at least partially. Harry and Hermione continued to write each other a letter nearly every week and Harry continued his exercises in magic.