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Chapter 5:

The Group left Gringotts quite confused. The behavior of the Goblins was quite confusing and even though the director did his best to explain it to them, they still were not quite sure what exactly they should make out of this.

"Quite an interesting visit we had there. Is everything ok, Harry?"

asked Hermione, as looked a little worried at him. She knew, that being reminded at his parents death, would affect him quite a bit.

"Yeah, just a little much information,"

answered Harry. He was overwhelmed by everything Ragnarok told him. He knew about Voldemort, thanks to Hermione, but it seemed that there quite a bit that they did not know yet. That would be Harry's first goal. He wanted to know more about his family and if possible what exactly happened that Halloween night. Why did Voldemort try to kill him and why did he survive.

Hermione did not quite believe him, but decided to wait until they were home again before trying to get it out of him. Now was not the right time and she wanted to give him and herself a bit time to think over everything.

"Hermione, do you have the shopping list with you?"

"Of course, mother."

Hermione gave her mother the shopping list that came with her Hogwarts letter. Since Harry had to wait until his eleventh birthday to get his, they decided to use Hermione's letter. They began their tour by going to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. There they were treated by a friendly saleswoman who, after asking if it was for Hogwarts, gave them the usual things for a first year. The shop was a little strange to Harry. Even though he had no experience of shopping, he was quite sure that normally the measure tape would not fly around on its own.

Then again the whole Alley was a little different from what you would expect to find in a shopping center. The Grangers already experienced this the first time they were here. But Harry felt as if he was thrust back into the century, which little he knew from school anyway. After buying the clothes, they made their way to the Apothecary where they bought all the stuff Harry needed for Hogwarts. This consisted out of the ingredients for potions as well as a cauldron and different gloves.

Then they went to Flourish and Blotts where they bought the books. The shop fitted perfectly in the theme of the Alley. There were ceiling high shelves standing at each wall and they were filled with leather bound books. On some books there were the most confusing symbols, others seemed to be written in a completely different language. At least some seemed to be normal books.

Coming out of the books shop seemed like quite the achievement considering Hermione had her loves for books, from her mother and they seemed quite happy to spend the rest of the day there. Sadly the dealings with the goblins and the fight to get out of Flourish and Blotts made it, that they had no more time to buy anything else.

"Seems like we have to come back for the other stuff, Harry. Since our dear women seemed to have forgotten the time inside the bookshop." Said r. Granger with a smile directed at said women. They had at least to decency to look a little ashamed. "That is quite ok. I still have to get my head around all of this."

They made their way back home to the Grangers. Sadly this was the day, when harry had to come back to the Dursleys. Because Harry normally walked all the way, they decided that the Granger would store his stuff, so he did not had to carry it all back. Harry said goodbye to the Grangers and made his way back to the Dursleys.

The first indication for the Dursleys, that change was coming, was in the mid of July. The beginning of the day was normal. Vernon and Petunia came down to breakfast, which was made by the Freak. Than Dudley would come down and eat for two. The Dursley's would make pleasant small talk, while Harry had to clean the table and the kitchen. The day continued until the postman arrived with the post. "Dudley get the letters" said Vernon. Dudley being his usual whiny self: "Make Harry get them." "Boy get he post!" Since Harry knew exactly what would happen, if he even suggested something like Dudley, just said: "Ok Uncle Vernon."

As he came to the door he found the letters at the doormat like always. Harry made his way back to the living room while looking through the letters, to sort them already. He then came across his Hogwarts letter. He knew it was coming from Hermione. How could he not, when she asked him every time they saw each other if it was already there. She really wanted to go to Hogwarts together with Harry.

After Harry gave the letter to Vernon and petunia respectively he tried to inconspicuous leave the living room and get back to his "room". Sadly luck was not on his side, because just as he opened the door he heard Vernon: "Boy, What do you have there. If I see you trying to hide our mail from us than..." Harry turned around and showed the him the letter: "This letter is for me." That was as far as he came before Vernon, surprisingly quick considering he looked like a walrus, snatched the letter out of Harry's hand and, after casting a quick glance on the letter, threw it into the bin.

"There is no one who would want to write a Freak like yourself. Do not ever try to lie to us again. Do you understand!" there was only one answer which could maybe stop his Uncle from erupting and since already knew what the letter said anyway he did not think it was worth getting hit for "Yes Uncle Vernon." "Good. Now finish the kitchen and then go to your cupboard, your aunt and I have to talk about a few things."

For Harry the vacations were always the worst time of the year, it got even worst since he knew Hermione. Not only did he have to work in the house the whole time, there was no difference from before but then there were the times in which Hermione went on vacations with her parents and somehow the Dursleys were always more reluctant to allow Harry to go to Hermione than while school was in session.

The next week would be one of the most interesting the Dursleys and Harry ever had. First off the amount of letters which were addressed at Harry seemed to increase with each one that got destroyed. As such each day inside of Privet Drive 4 was spent with more chaos than the day before. When at July the 30. the letters also started to arrive through the chimney Vernon had enough. He put the entire family inside the car and drove to the coast.

Vernon rented a building that looked like a oversized shack on a small rock at the coast. Here he hoped that the flood of letters would stop. He was not mistaken. There would be no flood of letters, but instead shortly after midnight. "Knock! Knock! Crash!" Someone had knocked on the door, but the door did not survive the 2nd knock and fell to the floor inside.

Inside the door stood someone you could only describe as a giant. He was 3 ½ meters tall. He came into the shack and picked up the door mumbling: "Sorry 'bout that." In the meanwhile Vernon and Petunia, woken by the crashing door came down from where they slept. Vernon had an old shotgun in his hand: "You are breaking and entering, Sir. I demand that you leave at once." The giant of a man just went over to Vernon and bended the barrel of the shotgun 90 degree upwards, where the gun discharged into the ceiling. "Oh Vernon, dry up you old prone."

Hagrid looked around the room and his eyes fell on Dudley, who sat on the sofa. "Harry. The last time I saw you was when you were just a toddler, but you a further along than I thought, especially around here", and with that he patted his stomach. Dudley just tried to sink further into the sofa: "I am not Harry."

That was when Harry came around the chimney, behind which he stood until now. "I am Harry." Harry thought it best to play stupid, as not to tell his relatives that he already knew about Hogwarts. If you had to come back it would be wise to know as little as possible. As such he asked: "Wh.. Who are you and what do you want?" Hagrid first of gave Harry a small birthday cake: "Happy birthday, Harry. Now I am Rubeus Hagrid. Keeper of Grounds and Keys at Hogwarts."

"What is Hogwarts?" came Harry's reply. Hagrid just looked perplexed. "Blimey Harry. Did you not ask yourself, where your parents learned that all? You're a wizard, Harry." Harry sticking to his story of not knowing anything: " A wizard. Are you sure that you mean me. I mean I am just Harry." Hagrid walked over to Harry with a big smile "Of course I mean you. Your parents where one if the finest people I knew and where there not times, when something happened, which you could not explain when you were angry or sad?"

Harry just stayed silent and looked at Hagrid. Hagrid went on: "You will be learning to control it at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Under one of the finest headmaster the school ever had. Albus Dumbledore." That was when the shock wore of by the Dursleys and Vernon said: "He will NOT go there. He will go to Stonewall High and he will be grateful for it. I will not pay some Crackpot to teach him magic tricks." That seemed to be the wrong thing to say. As soon as he finished speaking Hagrid grabbed him by his collar and with his face near Vernon's: "You will not insult Albus Dumbledore while I am here!"

After that Hagrid took Harry with him and they mounted a motorbike. Harry wondered, if they were going to Diagon Alley, when he Bike started to fly. His amazement must have been easy readable because Hagrid said: "It is a nice bike and you have to remember with magic nearly everything is possible." and with this they flew to London. Landing near the Leaky Cauldron, Hagrid parked the bike. "Where are we going Hagrid? You said something about shopping and not a pup." Harry remembered Hagrid. They spoke briefly about it, when Hagrid gave Harry his Hogwarts letter.

"Oh but we are going shopping. It is just that the magical world is hidden and this is the entrance for the part with the shops." Hagrid explained. As they entered the pup, the barman greeted Hagrid: "Hello Hagrid. The usual?" But Hagrid shook his head: "No. I am on Hogwarts business and to go shopping with Harry Potter."

This one sentence had the ability to make Harry feel about as uncomfortable as possible. It seemed as if every witch and wizard stopped whatever it was they were doing and stared at the two. This was only for a moment though as shortly after Harry was swarmed, because everyone wanted to shake his hand and ti make small talk.

Harry was more than just a bit surprised. Of course, he expected some popularity, after all the books that mentioned him and his conversation with the goblins, but never in his wildest dream would he have thought that is was in such a magnitude. He was glad when Hagrid took charge and let him through the masses to the backdoor. When they were through Harry just had to ask: "What the hell happened with the people there. Why was it that everybody wanted to shake my hand?"

Hagrid looked a bit uncomfortable when he said: "Well Harry. You are quite famous in our world. I am sorry but I forgot that you do not know anything about this all. You see... When you were just a baby, there was this Dark Wizard. He was so feared that even today the people refuse to call him anything else than You-Know-Who. He was killing and torturing everybody who opposed him. Everybody but you. When he came to kill you, he cast the killing course on you. But somehow you not only survived but he vanished."

That was what Harry already knew, but it seemed he underestimated Voldemort even after his conversation with the goblin leader. But it made sense, why else would the leader of the goblins talk with him. Still it was something Harry wanted to know more about. How was Voldemort so powerful and who followed him and such.

Silence hung between them, as Hagrid led Harry to the bank. Harry was in his own thoughts and Hagrid seemed had quite a bit on his mind as well. As they entered the bank Harry thought he should say something: "Excuse me Mr. Hagrid. What are we doing here? I do not have any money."

Hagrid continued while looking strangely at Harry: "You did not think your parents left you nothing did ya?" And with that he went to the next teller.

Harry being confused at what Hagrid knew about his finances followed him. When it was their turn Hagrid said: "Mr. Potter here would like to make a withdrawal." The goblin looked down on Harry and said: "Very well. The key please Mr. Potter." Now things got confusing. As Harry wanted to take out his key Hagrid started to search through his pockets, while saying: "Oh wait. I have that."

He placed different things on the counter. The goblin's looked more disgusted with each new thing Hagrid laid onto the counter.

After a short while he exclaimed: "There is the little devil!" and proceeded to give a key to the goblin. Harry just stood there shocked, as it seemed the mystery of where his key went was now solved. The goblin looked indifferent if you were not able to read them well. However every goblin knew about the potter fault, as it was one of the few security leaks ever at Gringotts. He pressed a button which was hidden from view of the customer and continued on as normal. "This seems to be in order."

As they made their way to the carts to drive to the vaults Harry still did not know what to think. But he was curious what would happen as the key, which was now in the possession of the goblin would not fit, as they remade the lock after Harry's last visit. But they did not reach the carts, as about half way they were intercepted by 4 guards which took formation around them and lead them to another room. As they arrived at the door the guards asked Hagrid politely, well as politely as was possible with everyone carrying a deadly looking battle ax.

"What the hell." Was all Hagrid could say, as he was shoved into the room. After the doors were closed the goblin spoke to Harry: "Mr. Potter, I hope you will allow us to interrogate Mr. Hagrid as how he got hold of this key." Harry was conflicted. Yes Hagrid had his key, but he also rescued him from the Dursleys and in the short time he got to know him, he did not think that he was a bad man. As such he said: " Yes, but please do not be too hard on him. I have the feeling that he is a good man, in the wrong position." The goblin nodded and entered the room in which Hagrid was. The guards meanwhile asked Harry, where he wanted to go and that escorted him to a waiting room, so he could wait for the result of the interrogation of Hagrid.

About half an hour alter was when Hagrid was released from the goblins. He looked confused and a bit conflicted as he collected Harry. Harry not being able to suppress his curiosity asked: "What did they want form you and is everything alright?" Hagrid jerked as he was in his own thoughts. "What?... Yeah, everything is good. They just asked me how I got the key to your vault. Told them I got it from Dumbledore. Didn't seemed to happy they did. Seemed as if you should had your key as you visited them last time. Funny since Dumbledore said this would be your first visit." Now Hagrid looked at Harry with a confused look. It didn't seem as if he was angry, as such Harry thought it would not hurt to tell him at least a little of what he was up to.

"Yeah. I was here the first time about a year ago. My friend and her family brought me here. But did we not come here to buy a few things? We did not get everything last time. I already have the robes and the books but I still need the rest." "Alright then. How about you go to Ollivander and I will buy your birthday present in the meantime." With that Hagrid showed Harry to the wand maker.

Harry entered the shop with caution, as the door squeaked when he opened it. The inside was not really more inviting, with dust on every shelf. The moment when the door closed behind Harry was, when there came a voice from somewhere of the shop: "Greetings Mr. Potter. I expected you." Than Harry could see Ollivander as he came to the front of the shop. " I still remember the days your parents bought their first wands. But we are getting off track. Which hand?"

Harry was confused by this man. He was just a little taller than Harry, with gray hair. Harry lifted his right hand and it started surprisingly similar to Madam Malkin's. Harry was also measured by a band that moved by it's own. "How do we choose a wand for me?" asked Harry. Ollivander looked at him and started to laugh: "Oh no. We are not choosing anything. The wand chooses the wizard Mr. Potter. I just try to narrow it down to find a suitable wand." Then he went to one of the shelves and came back with a small package.

Ollivander took the wand out of the package: "Ebony with a Unicorn hair." He gave it to Harry, who did not really know what to do and just stood there. Ollivander looked at him and said: "Well, give it a wave." but as soon as Harry started to move the wand, Ollivander snatched it out of his hand: "No, not that one". And that was how it went for the next hour. Ollivander would search a wand give it to Harry and that take it away when Harry waved it. With each failing wand Harry got more irritated and slowly fear started to built up. What when there was not wand for him? But Ollivander seemed to enjoy it. He got more exited the more time went by: "A tricky customer he." he said with a wide grin.

Suddenly Ollivander looked as if he was in deep though. He went deep into his shop and came back with one of the most dusty wand casing Harry had seen until now. "Hmm. Maybe, yes why not. Dumbledore said it could be." said Ollivander to himself, then to Harry: "Here try this one. Holly with a phoenix feather, 11 inch." It just made Harry more nervous and confused: "Why is it, that everywhere I go something happened with this Dumbledore. I need to see what he wants from me." In the meantime Ollivander already had the wand out and wanted to give it to Harry. Harry took it and felt something different in this one then the rest. It felt as if his magic responded it the wand, but it was not a good feeling. It felt as if there was a extreme pressure behind his magic and Harry knew this feeling from when he learned to control his magic. It was always when he was about to use too much power, but Ollivander sold wands his whole life, so Harry thought he knew what he was doing. As soon as Harry started to move the wand he knew it was a bad idea and he should have heard on his feeling. He felt as if his whole body was on fire and the wand in his hand exploded before he was able to raise his hand completely. Sadly it did not stop there as shortly before the wand exploded a light shot from it to one of the shelves which was instantly completely covered in flames.

While Ollivander was occupied with dousing the flames, Harry was under intense pain as he tried to control his magic, which was trying to escape his body. It felt as if his whole body was on flames and he was exposed to one of Vernon's not so mercy tenders. It took about 10 minutes for Ollivander to completely get the flames under control as they did not respond to flame freezing charm or such things and had to be doused the muggle way with water. For Harry it was enough time to get his magic back under control and to look something resembling normal, if you ignored that his clothes were full of sweat.

As everything calmed down Ollivander was not able to conceal his shock and excitement. It was a long time since he had such a tricky and interesting customer. The fact that this customer just destroyed a whole shelve of wands was not interesting for Ollivander. He liked challenges. He turned to Harry and said: "It seemed as if you are the most tricky customer I had yet. Let's see what we can do for you." With that he began to mumble and walking though the shop. Sometimes he would look at Harry and then go back to mumbling. Harry just stood there leaning on the wall beside the door and trying to catch his breath. He also hoped that Ollivander did not want him to pay everything that was destroyed right now. While Harry knew he had money, it did not mean that he wanted to throw it our the window.

Ten minutes later Ollivander stopped mumbling and it seemed he had an idea as he started to walk into the deeper parts of his shop. Before he was out of sight he turned to Harry and said: "It seemed as if the last wand was a match, but was somehow not able to withstand the power you put out. Quite curious if I may say so. Now... The best way would probably to make you custom wand. WE better get started than as this will take some time and I think you would like to have your wand before you get to Hogwarts. If you would follow me please, Mr. Potter."

Ollivander led Harry deeper into the shop and through a door. In this room there was quite a chaos. Different size of wood sticks lay in seemingly random order on the left side. One corner on the right, there were towers of glass jars stacked until the ceiling. In the other corner were things which Harry was not able to identify. On the wall opposite to the door there was a working table which was also covered with some materials. The only light in this room was a dimly glowing lantern.

As they entered the room the first thing Ollivander did was waving his own wand and the materials from the table flew back to the different stashes. "Now. If you could please go over to the wood." Harry went over to the left side. "Now please try to bring back the same feeling that you had when the wand blew up. Do not worry if it does not work at the beginning. You need to let your magic fill your body a to find the right materials. Normally the only one who want custom wands are already finished with Hogwarts and as such know how to do it. We will just have to try and if it does not work than." That was as far as Ollivander came with his explanation. Harry knew exactly what was wanted from him, as it was the same thing he did already at home when he trained. It was now pretty easy for him.

Slowly Harry let his magic fill his body. At first nothing happened. Harry let his body fill more and more with magic. When he was about three quarters to the maximum of what Harry could store in his body safely, suddenly one of the wand blank shot from the pile directly into his right hand. Ollivander took it from him: "Ah Holly. Not surprising really, considering the last wand seemed like a match. Now we need a core. Please repeat the same action again next to the cores. They are inside the glass jars there." He pointed to the jars in the corner.

Harry went over to the cores and started to let his magic fill his body again. Hen he was about the same as when the wand blanket came there happened again something. Surprisingly enough it was not only core that came to him this time. First thing that flew into his flew hand was another wood stick. It had the form of a cylinder but was really thin. Than came his core. One of the jars from Ollivander's stock rose up, but instead of coming to Harry, the jar broke. From the door to the front of the shop came a feather and the string from the jar wound itself around the feather before flying into Harry's right hand.

After giving it over to Ollivander, the wand maker carefully puts everything into a box. Then he said: "Let's see. Holly and vine wood for the case. A Dragon hearth string and the phoenix feather for the core. If you ask yourself how the feather can still be fine after your little explosion, it is actually quite simple, even though I never knew this could happen. Phoenix use the fire for regularly rebirths, you will learn about that in Hogwarts, and it seems as if the feather used that ability and the fire to renew itself. Quite interesting. Now that we have everything, that will be 10 galleons. I will have this finished in a few hours since you need to have it for Hogwarts."

This concluded Harry's business with Ollivander. He paid for the wand and then went outside to look for Hagrid. Just as he was exiting the shop he met Hagrid who was about to enter. "Hello there Harry. When I saw that it took you a while with old Ollivander I was bought everything else you need. I also bought you a birthday present." Only now saw Harry the sack that was carried by Hagrid in one hand. In the other Hand Hagrid had a cage with a beautiful white snow owl inside. When Hagrid gave him the cage, Harry gingerly took it and put one finger inside to caress her.

"Thank you Hagrid. What do we call you hmm? Hedwig?" The owl lovely nipped his finger. "Looks like she likes that name. Now while we wait for your wand to finish I need to make a short stop at Gringotts. It's something I forgot before."

They made their way back to the bank and when they were inside they went to a teller, which Hagrid gave a letter. After that they went to the carts and drove to a vault. There Hagrid took out a small dirty package, which he instantly put inside his coat. After that they wandered a bit about in Diagon Alley. When they went back to Ollivander's the wand was finished. When Harry first took

hold of his wand, he could not describe how it felt. It was as if his magic was summing inside him and responding to the wand. Sadly they were short on time and as such he had no real time to explore the feeling. He would do that in Hogwarts. After that Hagrid brought Harry back to the Dursleys.

The next day was the day on which Harry and Hermione would take the train to Hogwarts for the first time. Harry was so excited the whole night that he was barley able to sleep. Finally he would be able to leave the Dursleys for a longer time and be together with Hermione. Harry and the Grangers agreed that they would take Harry with them to King's Cross. As such it was early in the morning when Harry started to make his way to Hermione. Luckily he had most of the heavy stuff already there and only had to carry what he bought with Hagrid on his birthday.

But even that was a challenge as it consisted of quite a few bulky things. But Harry was not your normal 11th year old. After all it was 4 years ago when he discovered that he was able to do magic. Although he had no comparison to anyone who learned magic from Hogwarts, Harry still thought that he did well enough on his own. As such he was able to shrink his stuff and make it at least a light enough that he would be able to carry it without much of a problem.

As he arrived at the Grangers he was greeted by Emma: "Hello Harry. Hermione is still eating breakfast. Do you want anything?" "Hello Mrs. Granger. No thanks, I have already." In reality Harry had not anything to eat, but that was because of 2 reasons. First he was way to excited to eat anything and 2nd were the Dursleys.

Harry followed Emma into the living room. There were Dean and Hermione sitting at the table. It was clear that Hermione was having problems to really eat anything. She was not able to sit calmly at the table. When she saw Harry she was instantly up and had Harry in a hug before anyone could react. "Hi Harry. Now can we finally go." As Dean heard that he let our a small chuckle. "Hermione we still have more than enough time. How about you finish your breakfast and than we drive over to Kings Cross." Hermione looked irritated at her father but did as he told and sat back at the table. "I'm just so excited and I do not want to miss the train." Harry let out a small smile as this was exactly Hermione.

An hour later the five were in the car and on their way to the train station. In the car they talked about a kind of things, Hermione especially asked Harry about all kind of things, what he was expecting Hogwarts was like. It was a good atmosphere in which they arrived at King's Cross in London.

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