Sur le ciels de Paris

The monumental, grey facade of Georges V hotel, appeared just in front of Robin's eyes. Since they left Orly Airport , she almost lost her breath, looking at marvelous city. Paris. The city of love. The taxi cab droved by young, smart Frenchman passed Champs d'Elysees. Robin captured quick glimpse of grey eyes dropped her by the driver. She smiled, as she used to. Robin Gallagher just smiled to people.

In her rather sad life, Robin Gallagher haven't had so much pleasures. Well, frankly saying, she was always pleasure for other people, but get nothing in revenge. Except money.

When the huge jumbo raised up from Kennedy's Airport, she felt, that something in her life is over. She was flying to Paris with woman, who she has strong feelings for. She left her past, her humiliated stripper career, her friends and family for one sentence: "I'd love to know what we have here". Yes. Robin Gallagher exactly knew what was hidden behind it.

Katherine Mayfair was keeping quiet, when they left Fairview. She was keeping quiet also, when they walked up on the trap of monster PAN AM plain. Her green, shiny eyes were half covered by her hair – the most beautiful hair, Robin has ever seen. Two hours later, in complete darkness, she felt chilly, gentle touch of Katherine's fingers on her hand. Delicate, stroking, smooth moves of long, subtle fingers caressing lovingly Robin's palm. Robin Gallagher took deep breath. She was ready for this trip.

Taxi cab stopped in front of magnificent entrance one of the most outstanding hotels in Paris.

Here – young driver smiled to Robin. Katherine walked out. The wrinkle on her forehead showed more storm than sun.

Thank you – she said to the driver shooting the door a bit too loudly.

Welcome to Paris – he smiled brightly – You two are just marvelous. American, oui? If you were a couple I would pray to you. Have a nice stay – he jumped into the car and drove fast away.

He was stirring at you all the time – Katherine barked, grabbing her bag. Robin did not answer. Her thoughts flied to the big, soft bed she wanted badly. Her eyes closed themselves. Two thing she was dreaming of was shower and bed. Well… maybe not only this. She wanted cuddle to Katherine as she used to for the last time. But Mrs. Mayfair was not exactly in the mood for cuddling.

Yeah, he did – Robin dropped her luggage into the wardrobe. – He did also on your legs, because of this heels and let's say – really nice length of your skirt, honey.

Nonsense – Katherine tried not to give up. You are just so young and beautiful…

Yeah, yeah and all men on entire world dream of my sin body – she smiled sweetly. - Welcome to Paris, Love. We have to know what we have here, remember? – she touched gently Katherine's cheek. – I have to take a shower and then meet me in bed – she finished harshly and disappeared in the bathroom.

Katherine felt nice, lazy tiredness flooding thru her body. She also felt that life with Robin Gallagher will certainly not be so easy. but the most surprising thing, Katherine Mayfair felt this afternoon was how really nice and chilling this thought was.