Katherine Mayfair has changed. The change would be obvious for everything who used to know Kath, but for many reasons they haven't been around. The changes were both physical and mental. She was glamorous now. Her eyes were more green than before, her hair more waved and brown, her skin more shiny and healthy. AND her smile and her manners are more sophisticated and French, if there's such kind of rating. Katherine Mayfair has changed from desperate housewife to European beauty. She was even wearing jeans and t-shirts, well sometimes with classy heels, of course.

Wanna some ice-cream? – Robin sat on the sofa with huge box of Hassle-Dazzle.

Your healthy food inspires me – Katherine kissed her mouth, passing by the room.

Ice cream are veery healthy

With your age and body – definitely.

What's wrong with yours?

I have to watch it out. – Katherine was in the other room so, she sounded loudly – In my age hormones are just ruthless.

One dollar, yesss! – Robin lick off the spoon. – Trust me – she said with significant smile – I am an expert with your body, I don't see anything you could be worry about. By the way – she added after a while – we are practicing at least once a night … and day. Sometimes.

You're evil and shameless – Katherine sat near on the sofa and took the spoon.

For sure. You are pure innocence. Heyyy was it me, who wanted make love in the kitchen three hours ago? – she smiled sweetly.

Ohhh… you were so hot making this coffee for about twenty minutes. I was thirsty.

Yes, you were – Robin's eyes were full of love. – And now, please give me this spoon back, hon. You lick it in the way, that make me hungry.

And this is what we call provocation – Katherine's voice got lower and deeper.

Do we…?

Yes, we do… and we like it… – Katherine's lips were millimeter apart Robin's still not touching them just only with a warm breath.

It looks like you want burn out some calories, you've just eaten – Robin tried to reach sweet lips but Katherine was teasing her with almost butterfly's touches of her mouth

We have to make an arrangement – Katherine whispered touching Robin's upper lip with the very top of her tongue

What kind an arrangement? – Robin's hand slipped slowly under Kath's t-shirt. Her fingers were drawing circles on her breast finding soft nipple. Katherine's breath was getting a bit louder and shorter. – What kind an arrangement, honey? – Robin repeated, stroking delicately sweet point she was treasured between her fingers

I don't remember – Katherine's voice was dark and juicy of passion

That's a pity – Robin took off Kath's t-shirt and started to kiss slowly both beauties, which appeared right there. – I just love make arrangements with you - Her kisses was more and more closer to the nipples which were getting harder. Katherine closed her eyes because of coming bliss.

Rrring… ring… rrring ….

SHIT! - Katherine's tune was this moment so far from classy woman tune. – Fucking shiit!– She dressed up quickly and reached for the cell.

I wasn't sure you can swear – Robin kissed her neck. – Back to the ice cream.

Too late. And private number. - Katherine dropped phone on the table.

Double wrong timing. Rule number one. Switch the cell off, when you suppose to… I mean when you are getting horny.

You think so? – Katherine touched her hair.

Well, mine is off all the time, or on vibe at least… - Robin finished with angel smile.