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Warnings: It's completely AU Fapezberry with g!p, spanking, anal and a whole lot of dirty talk so if any of that isn't your thing I really wouldn't read this story if I were you! Total smut

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Learning Her Lesson

Officers Lopez and Fabray were almost at the end of their shift, just an hour or so left as they patrolled some isolated streets near the woods in their patrol car. Both were surprised to spot a vehicle ahead of them on the otherwise deserted road and as they drew closer they saw that it was going too fast and swerving all over the road. They exchanged looks and Santana Lopez pushed down on the accelerator as Quinn Fabray flicked the switch and the sirens and lights came on, blaring and flashing.

They watched carefully as the driver ahead slowed and pulled over, albeit with a few swerves and wobbles. They both raised their eyebrows – whoever this was, they were really out of it. They pulled up behind the car and both got out, approaching cautiously. They walked up to the driver's side window and peered in, a little surprised to see a petite young woman with long brown hair peering back at them. She was swaying slightly and her pupils were almost fully dilated. She was drunk and on drugs, probably ecstasy or cocaine considering her enlarged pupils.

Santana rapped on the window and said: "Miss can you open this door and step out of the car please?"

The two officers stepped back as the woman (who looked to be in her early twenties) shakily open the door and stumbled to her feet with some difficulty.

"What-what's the problem officers?" She asked a little groggily, trying hard to focus on the women in front of her.

"Well, for a start, you were speeding AND you seem to be drunk and under the influence of drugs too. I'll need you to give me some identification Miss", Santana said with a stern tone and an impassive face.

Rachel's eyes widened with fright and she fumbled with her purse and pulled out her wallet. Her shaking fingers weren't able to grasp her driver's license so Quinn took her purse and got the license out. She looked at the name and photo, checking the girl's face. As she did so, she couldn't help noticing how hot the girl was. Long, soft brown hair and plump, red lips. Quinn's cock twitched involuntarily as she imagined those lips wrapped around her dick; sucking hard. She quickly shook her head, trying to focus.

"Rachel? Rachel Berry?" The girl nodded mutely.

However Quinn wasn't the only one distracted. Santana was staring at the girl's long legs (who had legs that long when they were so short?) and the cleavage that was threatening to spill out of her revealing red dress.

As Quinn started walking back to the car to run her details Rachel panicked:

"No please, I've never been in trouble before, it was just an awful mistake, please!" She begged desperately. Quinn, unable to control her dirty thoughts, imagined Rachel begging in a different scenario…

Rachel noticed a slight swelling in Quinn's crotch area and she suddenly got an idea that both gave her hope and made her incredibly wet.

"Maybe we can work something out – I know I've been bad and need to learn my lesson but… maybe you could punish me out here instead…"

Both Quinn and Santana's cocks definitely liked her idea as they hardened considerably. Rachel stepped closer and, feeling bold because of the alcohol and ecstasy in her system, softly cupped both the officers' bulging crotches. Quinn jerked against her hand and Santana grunted. Rachel felt a rush of heat through her body, she was convincing the officers, she was sure of it, just another little push would do it.

"Ooooh I can feel that you have what's needed to really punish me. Please, I'll be a good girl and make you feel real good, I promise."

She looked up at them with innocent eyes and rubbed them.

Santana sneered: "You want us to punish you here? You have no idea what you just got yourself into. We're gonna punish you so hard you won't be able to walk afterwards."

Rachel let out a loud moan as she felt a wave of wetness drench her thong and something snapped in Quinn. She grabbed the girl and ground her hard-on against her center. She claimed her lips roughly and started shuffling backwards, wanting to lean against the car while she ground herself hard against a very willing Rachel.

Rachel was letting out little whimpering moans that were muffled by Quinn's mouth as she ground herself wantonly against Quinn's big hard-on.

Santana stepped up behind her, an evil smile on her face as she decided to get started on Rachel's 'punishment'.

Rachel squealed in surprise when Santana hiked her dress up over her hips and pulled at her thong, causing it to rub hard against her pulsing clit.

She leaned forward and whispered in her ear:

"It's time for your punishment…"

With that she brought her hand down on Rachel's ass hard, causing the girl to shriek and shudder with pleasure.

"You've been bad, haven't you Rachel?"

"Yes, yes I've been so bad," Rachel sobbed out.


"Uuuh yesss" Rachel pushed her ass out further.

"You've been a very naughty girl."


"Aaaah yes I've been a naughty girl!"



'Will you do it again?" Santana hissed into her ear.


"Oh God, I won't do it again I promise," Rachel gritted out between whimpering moans as she switched from rubbing against Quinn's cock to rubbing against her muscular thigh. This 'punishment' was turning her on so much that she couldn't stop herself humping Quinn's leg like a dog in heat.

Santana smirked: "You're not getting off that easy. You've been bad and you need to be punished. Hard."

With that Santana ripped off her already soaking thong and began spanking Rachel's round, smooth ass in a steady rhythm, the sounds of the slaps and Rachel's moans echoing into the night.

Rachel felt like she was losing her mind: every slap against her ass was sending jolts of pleasure to her pussy and she could feel that she was dripping cum down her thighs. She alternated between pushing her ass out to meet Santana's hard spanks and rubbing herself on Quinn's thigh.

"Oh God! Uh-uh-uh oooh! yes yes yes SO GOOD! Uuunngghhhh oh-oh-oh-oooooh…"

Both Quinn and Santana knew that Rachel was already close – she was humping Quinn's leg with abandon and every hard slap of Santana's palm against her ass forced a sound half-way between a moan and a shriek from her lips. She was clinging on to Quinn desperately, her arms clasped on Quinn's shoulders as she felt herself losing control of her body. Quinn grunted loudly - watching Rachel so lost in the pleasure of her 'punishment' was making her impossibly harder. She was just happy they were in such a secluded area as Rachel was moaning really loud.

Santana was also incredibly hard as she stared at Rachel's reddening ass jiggling each time she spanked it. She started spanking Rachel harder and faster, grinning at Quinn as Rachel's moaning became louder and non-stop. Quinn gripped Rachel's hips to hold her up as her legs started turning to jelly from the pleasurable punishment.

Rachel had no coherent thoughts in her head: just an overwhelming animalistic desire to cum. She had never felt so mind-blowingly good in all her life. She clasped her thighs hard around Quinn's, shoving her mouth against the blonde officer's to try to muffle the screams she knew were coming. Santana gripped the back of her neck and started really waling on her ass and Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head as her orgasm pounded through her whole body, her clit throbbing so hard Quinn could feel it on her thigh as she swallowed Rachel's loud screams of ecstasy and thrust her tongue into her mouth. She could also feel Rachel's cum soaking her pants as her hips kept pumping and jerking erratically.

Santana kept spanking her through her orgasm, causing Rachel to cum harder and longer than she ever had before. She had no control over her body, which was jerking over and over against Quinn's thigh as spasms of unbelievable pleasure coursed through her like lightning, completely frying her brain. Both her pussy and asshole were clenching hard and her tight nipples and clit were throbbing hard and fast, sending waves of almost unbearable pleasure wracking through her body as the seemingly endless orgasm almost caused her to black out.

Finally, just when she thought she really was going to pass out, she felt the last huge wave of ecstasy rising through her and she ripped her mouth away from Quinn's, arched her back and opened her mouth wide in a silent scream. Santana gave her ass one last hard slap, making Rachel jerk hard against Quinn's leg and, grunting, release another wave of cum on her. She let out a low, shuddering moan as she finally collapsed against Quinn, only the officer's hands on her hips holding her up as her whole body went limp.

Santana, by now painfully hard, ran her fingers along the folds of Rachel's still spasming pussy, eyes widening at the huge amounts of wetness on Rachel's pussy and thighs. There was so much of it that some of the cum had dribbled half-way down her thighs.

"Shit! Quinn you should feel how fucking wet she is", Santana ground out, gasping a little in arousal.

The sight of Rachel cumming so hard humping her leg and getting spanked had made Quinn's dominant side rear its head. "I know how fucking wet she is", she growled out with a hard edge to her voice, "the little slut soaked right through my pants."

At this Rachel, who was still moaning and grunting erratically as the aftershocks jolted through her body, let out a long, low groan and gripped onto the blonde officer's body as she got weak at the knees once more.

Quinn exchanged a delighted, albeit slightly evil, grin with her fellow officer. This was too good to be true: not only was this hot girl begging to be punished, it looked like she wanted some dirty talk too.

"Oh yeah, listen to that! The filthy bitch likes being told what a whore she is, don't you?" Santana spat out, causing Rachel to whimper helplessly and nod. Another slap to her burning ass, this time from Quinn who had reached around her, caused her to shriek loudly.

"You answer when you're asked a question, slut." Quinn growled at the girl, glaring intimidatingly.

"Ooooh fuck yes, I love being told what a dirty whore I am, I'm just a

horny slut…please, let me make you feel good, I can make you feel so fucking good.."

Rachel was still having a little trouble forming coherent sentences, mainly because her thigh was still pressed up against Quinn's crotch, where her aching hard-on was making a very impressive bulge. Rachel licked her lips as she imagined how big the two officers must be – she had felt Santana for a quick moment pressed up behind her before the spanking had started (she felt a little more cum dribble out of her as she shivered, remembering the mind-numbing pleasure,) and she had also felt huge.

She was in heaven – though bi, she had never found a boy or a girl who could properly dominate her, and now she'd found two incredibly sexy and skilled women (and cops to boot! So hot!) who were fulfilling all her deepest needs, spanking her hard and calling her names. She was desperate to feel their cocks inside her, she didn't care which opening, she just needed to be filled.

"That's right," husked Santana; "you told us you'd 'make us feel real good'…" She raked her nails up Rachel's throbbing butt cheeks, grinning at howl of pain and pleasure it elicited from the petite brunette. She then locked eyes with Quinn and engaged in a silent battle of wills with her partner about who got to fuck the girl first. Eventually Quinn grunted and nodded – though her dick was painfully hard and covered in pre-cum, she had loved watching Rachel cum and she knew Santana would want to take the girl's soaking pussy, leaving her a nice, tight un-fucked asshole to drive her dick into after. She pushed Rachel away a little and moved out from in front of her, making Rachel put a hand on the hood of the car to steady herself as she turned round to face Santana, her dress falling back down from where it had been hiked up over her hips. Quinn stood to the side as the dark-haired officer prowled towards Rachel, her eyes black with arousal and a massive bulge in the crotch of her uniform.

"Yes, yes…" Rachel whimpered helplessly, unable to take her eyes off the outline of Santana's hard-on, "please put your dick in me, I need to be fucked so bad…"

Santana, practically nose to nose with her, quirked up an eyebrow.

Quickly Rachel remembered she was there to be punished. She ran her hand down Santana's chest and stomach as she stared pleadingly into her eyes until she reached her belt buckle and clutched at it.

"I've been such a naughty girl officer, I need to be fucked really hard so that I learn my lesson. Please, punish me with your big cock, I'll take it any way, anywhere you want, I'll make you feel so good…"

Santana was sure that her dick had never been this hard or big before, and she had to choke back a groan as she felt it swell even more at the brunette's innocent tone. She grasped Rachel by the hips and turned her around so she was facing away from her again. She put her hand between the brunette's shoulder blades and pushed her down until she was bent over the hood. Rachel panted with excitement; she loved taking it from behind.

"Seeing as you were humping Quinn's leg like a horny animal, I'm gonna fuck you from behind like the bitch in heat you are, you filthy slut" Santana growled.

"Uuuuunggghh yes please please I need it so bad! I'm a dirty little slut, I need to be punished!"

Quinn groaned at how dirty Rachel was talking and put her hand in her pants to stroke her erection and ease the painful throbbing. Santana meanwhile was unbuckling her belt and unzipping her pants before pulling out her ridiculously hard cock, the overwhelming arousal she was feeling making the erection incredibly big. She grabbed Rachel's hair and pulled back before hissing at her:

"Turn around, bitch, I want you to see what you're about to be punished with, what I'm going to ram into your dripping sluthole."

Rachel mewled and pushed herself up a little to look back over her shoulder and finally see Santana's cock. What she saw made her gasp as her jaw dropped. Santana was huge! She was well over 9 inches long and almost 3 inches wide. The head of the tan cock was leaking precum that made Rachel lick her lips hungrily. Her pussy clenched and her clit throbbed at the thought of something so huge pounding her and she couldn't help moaning out:

"Oh holy shit! Fuck yes uuuuuhhh you're soBIG! Oh my god you're gonna punish me soooo good oooooh…"

She trailed off into incoherent whining and Santana pushed her back down onto the hood of the car again while hiking her dress back up over her hips. She rubbed her length along Rachel's dripping folds as Rachel whimpered and bucked her hips, trying to hump her cock. Santana grabbed her hips and pushed them against the car, trapping her in that position. She let the thick head of her cock brush up and down the folds of Rachel's soaking pussy, occasionally hitting her clit. Rachel felt like she would go crazy if the officer behind her didn't fill her up soon, she was whimpering and practically sobbing with need.

"Oh god please please please I need it, I need it so – OH! UH! UH! UUUUNNGGH!"

Santana had just pushed the bulbous head of her dick into Rachel's pussy and she smirked at the loud, ecstatic moans that fell from the desperate girl's lips. If this was how she reacted to just the head pushing in, imagine how she was going to react when Santana plunged the whole length into her clenching cunt?

Rachel couldn't help the loud moans and groans coming from her mouth – Santana's cock was easily the biggest thing she'd ever taken inside her and the feeling of the entrance of her pussy being stretched so good was driving her insane. She slumped against the car, shivering as she waited for Santana to take pity on her and shove the rest of her long, thick cock in.

Santana was breathing deeply as she mentally prepared herself to be all the way inside Rachel's hot, throbbing pussy. She leant forward to whisper in the girl's ear, causing the head of her cock to change position inside Rachel, who let out a surprised squeak.

"You ready for the rest of my big cock, slut? When I'm done pounding you, you're not even going to be able to stand, much less walk. You're gonna feel it for weeks, squirming when you sit down as your stretched hole aches… That's what a dirty little bitch like you wants, isn't it?"

Rachel was no longer capable of coherent speech. Each dirty thing Santana whispered in her ear made her pussy clench hard on the thick head inside her. She could only nod frantically and vocalize a long, desperate moan:


Hearing that, Santana lost it and shoved the rest of her cock in hard and as quick as she could, knowing the girl would love the pain of being stretched so roughly.

"AAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAAGGHHH! UUUUUNNNNGH! Oh god yesss, so big, so good, holy shit! Fuck fuck uuuuuunhh!"

Rachel sobbed and shuddered as she orgasmed just from having the cock rammed into her. She panted as she adjusted to feeling something so big inside her whilst waves of pleasure still ripped through her. Santana was so deep, she could feel the head of her dick bumping up against her cervix, her thick length rubbing spots that had never been reached before. Her pussy had never been stretched so much either; she felt like she was being split in two and it hurt so fucking good…

"You want to be fucked? You want to be fucked hard? Then beg for it like the slut you are!" Santana was almost losing her mind at the feeling of being buried in Rachel's super-tight wet pussy. Easily the tightest I've ever fucked, she thought. She'd barely managed to stop herself from cumming too when she'd felt Rachel's pussy convulsing and clenching around her cock.

'"Please, oh please pound me, pound my pussy, I'm a filthy fucking whore uuuh god I need it, I need to be punished please please! Fuck me hard, show me what a slut I am!"

Rachel was desperately blabbering out anything that entered her head, hoping that some of it would be what Santana wanted to hear.

Santana growled and pulled back out almost all the way, leaving the head in as Rachel whined at the emptiness. Then she smirked and let loose, pounding Rachel's pussy hard and fast, the tight wet clenching feeling like heaven around her cock. Her smirk grew wider as she heard the noises Rachel was making: animalistic shrieks and moans, occasionally managing to blabber out curses and incoherent nonsense as her body thrashed. Within a few seconds of Santana's heavy pounding, she was cumming again, clenching so tight on the officer's dick that it was hard for her to keep going.

Rachel's mind was blank. White sparks fired repeatedly behind her eyes, erasing any coherent thought as she felt pleasure she didn't even know was possible. It was like every other function in her body had shut down and all she could feel was the huge thickness ramming in and out of her pussy, making her whole body convulse in ecstasy. She glanced up for a second and caught sight of herself in the reflection off of the windscreen of her car. She was flushed, her hair wild and her face contorted in a mixture of intense pleasure and desperation; her tits had popped out of the front of her dress, making her diamond-hard nipples rub against the cool metal of the car with every powerful thrust of Santana's hips. She looked like a debauched whore. Then she came so hard she blacked out for a few seconds but the relentless thrusting of the thick cock splitting her open brought her round again. She could vaguely hear the obscene noises she was making as she was mercilessly impaled but couldn't have stopped them even if she wanted to.

"AH! AH! AH! UUUUuuuuuuuh yes YES! uh-uh-uh-uh-OOOOOOOH! Fuck fuck uuungh.."

Santana kept up her relentless pace, close to cumming herself but wanting Rachel to cum one more time first. She decided some dirty talk might speed things up:

"That's right, take it like the slut you are. Fuck, my big cock's stretching your tight pussy wide open and you're screaming and moaning like a whore. You really are a filthy cockslut, aren't you? I bet you can't fucking wait for my hot cum to fill you right up."

Rachel let out a hoarse scream at Santana's words and her pussy clenched hard on the officer's cock as she was thrown into her strongest orgasm yet. She couldn't stop screaming as every muscle tensed and thrashed, the pleasure from her pussy and clit radiating everywhere in sharp pounding pulses. She was cumming again and again around the huge cock and just when she felt she couldn't take anymore she felt Santana spurt into her over and over and feeling Santana's thick, hot cum filling her up made a massive burst of pleasure pound into her body so strongly that her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed against the hood of the car as she blacked out.

Santana groaned and grunted as she finally came and filled Rachel's pussy with more cum than she'd ever spurted in her life. Even though her body was weak and shaking from her monster orgasm, she managed to grab Rachel's unconscious body before it slid down to the street. Quinn, by now shaking with need, walked over to help her prop Rachel up in her original position bent over the hood. They both took a minute (Santana panting) to admire Santana's cum dribbling slowly out of Rachel's cunt.

At this point Quinn had her dick out, it had been far too uncomfortable in her boxers and uniform pants.

"My turn," she grunted out through clenched teeth.

Bringing her hand back she smacked Rachel's red ass, causing her to come round with a shriek. Quinn chuckled as she saw the girl's pussy clench and more of her fellow officer's cum leaked out.

Rachel moaned and shuddered a little as she remembered how hard and long she had cum, she didn't think it was possible to feel that much pleasure. Her mouth watered as she pictured Santana's huge cock and how good it had filled her pussy. She could feel a delicious burning ache in her cunt and she realized when she felt her twitching legs that Santana was right: she wasn't going to be able to walk or stand.

"Oh my god you fucked my brains out, you punished me so good, thank you for punishing me, thank you for giving me what I deserve…"

Rachel's whimpered words snapped Quinn's self-control:

"Your punishment isn't over yet, cockslut."

Rachel looked over her shoulder at Quinn who was holding her cock in her hand and stroking it softly. She was a little smaller than Santana, less thick but just as long. It was still bigger than any cock she had seen other than the other officer's. She thought that after being fucked into unconsciousness she wouldn't be able to take anymore but her pussy clenched and she felt desperately aroused again. She squirmed as she felt Santana's cum sliding down her thighs. Locking eyes with Quinn, she shakily slid a hand down between her legs and slipped two fingers into her pussy, her eyes widening as she felt how stretched it was. She shuddered as she scooped out some of Santana's copious cum and, still holding Quinn's gaze, brought her cum-coated fingers to her mouth and sucked them. She moaned and her eyes rolled back at the taste of the cop's cum – she knew then and there she had to blow both of them at some point, it just tasted too damn good.

Quinn growled and grabbed her hips, slamming her down against the car and then rubbing her cock between Rachel's ass cheeks.

"So you're a fucking cum-whore too, huh? Jesus, just when I think you can't get any filthier, any more perverted…I get the feeling you're going to enjoy this part of your punishment too."

Rachel moaned in agreement, knowing that she'd enjoy whatever Quinn did to her, she just needed her to do it soon: she was starting to hump the car in wanton arousal.

Quinn put one hand on Rachel's lower back to pin her down and brought the other hand down between her legs. She grunted as she felt the unbelievable amount of cum dripping out. A lot of it was Santana's, but most was Rachel's – she must have squirted when Santana fucked her because there was cum almost down to her knees, her inner thighs were completely coated. Rachel whimpered as Quinn pushed at her pussy, gathering a mixture of her and Santana's cum on her fingers.

She used her other hand to spread the brunette's round ass cheeks, which were still red from the spanking she'd received, and spread the cum on Rachel's quivering asshole. Rachel let out an excited screech as she realized Quinn was going to fuck her ass.

"Oh god YES I want it, please, please..."

"Oh you're gonna get it you filthy little whore. Do you have any idea how hard I'm gonna pound you? How much my big dick is going to stretch your tight little ass? I'm gonna make you take it hard like the dirty bitch you are. You're gonna love it, aren't you, slut?"

"Yes, yes, I'm such a slut, please give it to me, give it to me in the ass, uuunnggh please," Rachel sobbed out. She was letting out little mewls of pleasure as Quinn ran her dick between the sopping folds of her pussy and then she unexpectedly thrust two fingers into her asshole.

"AAAAAHHH! UUUUHHHH! Oh fuck! Fuck!"

Quinn smirked and removed her fingers, her smirk widening at Rachel's disappointed whine. She looked over at Santana, who was still recovering, and called out:

"Hey you're gonna wanna see this San. Watch the filthy bitch take my cock up the ass."

Santana grunted in agreement and made her way over til she was standing next to Quinn. Rachel was trembling on the hood, desperate to be fucked.

"Alright slut, spread yourself for my cock," Quinn growled with a sneer. Rachel nodded feverishly and brought to two shaky hands down to clasp each butt-cheek and pull them apart. Every degrading thing that was done or said to her was making her pussy gush and throb. She spread her cheeks wide to reveal her tight cumstained little asshole clenching with need.

Quinn lined herself up and slowly squeezed the head of her cock into the brunette's tight opening.


Rachel grunted loudly but forced herself to keep her asshole relaxed.

Quinn looked at Santana, winked, and in one quick move thrust her entire dick deep into Rachel's ass.

"AAAAAAAAGGHHH! OH OH OH UUUUHHH! Oh god I feel so full! You're so deep inside oooooooh fuck please! Please fuck me!"

Quinn had waited long enough to be inside Rachel and didn't tease her any longer. She started pounding in and out of Rachel's ass at break-neck speed, making sure to thrust in as hard as she could. Rachel was shrieking and screaming, occasionally moaning how good it was and how big Quinn was but mostly she had lost the power of speech. Quinn's cock was stretching her ass so much she felt like she was being ripped apart but the pain was only adding to the ecstasy wracking her body. Quinn was so big, so deep inside and she was fucking her so hard that she thought she was going to lose her mind.

Quinn had a similar problem – Rachel's ass was so tight and hot she also felt like she was losing her mind. She gritted her teeth to stop herself from cumming and started rotating her hips to hit every spot possible inside Rachel.

At this Rachel arched her back while letting out an ear-piercing ecstatic scream and the new angle meant Quinn was able to drive even deeper into her. It was too much for the brunette and her ass tightened around Quinn's dick as she came hard for the fifth time that night. Cumming around the huge cock fucking her ass so hard sent shockwaves throughout her body, her toes curling and her clit throbbing non-stop whilst spasms of pleasure shuddered through every limb as she collapsed against the hood.

Feeling the almost painful tightening around her cock and hearing the pornographic noises flowing out of Rachel's mouth was, in turn, too much for Quinn.

She grabbed Rachel's hips and lifted her so that her feet were no longer on the ground and started driving into her at the speed of a jackhammer.

"Unngh fuck that's right, your tight little hole is gonna be filled with my cum, it'll be dribbling out of you for days there's gonna be so much of it so far up your ass..oh oh oh here it comes….UUUUGH UUNNNHH!"

At the feel of Quinn's cum filling her ass Rachel whimpered helplessly as she gave herself over to yet another orgasm:

"AAAAAAH your cum feels so good yesss fill me up UUUUNNNNGGGHHH!"

Rachel's asshole clenched and spasmed once more, milking every drop of cum out of Quinn.

Finally, the night was silent bar some heavy panting. Quinn slowly pulled out of Rachel, who mewled quietly, and set her feet back down. Rachel promptly lowered herself to the ground, knowing it might be quite a while before she had enough control over her body (which was still pulsing in pleasure) to be able to stand and walk.

Santana shifted uncomfortably, she had another hard-on from watching Rachel take it so good up the ass. But she checked the time and saw that their shift was over in twenty minutes.

"Hey Q we need to get back to the station and clock off. You drive her car and I'll take her in the patrol car and you follow us back to her home."

Quinn nodded shakily and walked to the driver's door of Rachel's car, seeing the keys on the seat. She got in, closed the door and belted up.

Santana meanwhile was practically carrying Rachel over to the patrol car and lowered her into the passenger seat then belted her in. She got in the driver's seat and asked Rachel her address – Rachel wracked her orgasm-fried brain for a couple minutes before remembering where she lived and telling the officer. Santana smirked to herself – oh they'd 'punished' her good alright…

Rachel squirmed in her seat – she could feel the thick cum sloshing around inside her cunt and ass. There was just SO much of it – she knew her dress was ruined from all the cum leaking out of both her stretched holes. It made her feel like a well-used whore, which turned her on so much she started subconsciously rolling her hips a little, trying to get relief from the ache that had once more flared up between her legs.

Santana smirked, all too aware of Rachel's discomfort – and its cause.

"You insatiable little slut. Look at yourself – you've been spanked, had your pussy pounded until you passed out and been fucked up the ass so hard you can barely walk; but you're still humping the air, desperate for more. You're just a dirty, desperate whore, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh…" Rachel whined weakly, eyeing Santana's crotch hungrily.

"Yeah I bet you'd love to suck my cock, suck it all down like a good little slut. Too bad for you that I'm not going to be late clocking off just because you couldn't control yourself."

Santana finally pulled up to the house Rachel told her to, Quinn right behind her in the girl's car. Again Santana had to almost carry Rachel to the front door as Quinn went through her purse looking for the house keys. She found them and fitted them to the door, opening it for Rachel. Rachel reached for her hand, smiling coyly despite her wobbly legs;

"You know, I really am a very naughty girl and I sometimes need to be punished REALLY hard over and over and over before I learn my lesson…"

Rachel had no idea where her second wind had come from but she thought it might have something to do with her still unsated desire to suck the officers off and feel them fucking her throat.

Quinn and Santana exchanged looks.

"God you really are an insatiable little slut. We'll be back here in 20 minutes," Santana said with a huge smirk on her face. Rachel shuddered and grinned, her pussy clenching again as she imagined what other punishment she would have to face…

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