A/N: With how often Lucrezia must have seen Micheletto with Cesare, I imagine they have to be 'officially' introduced at some point…

I'm saying this takes place late in the 1st Season, when Lucrezia is pregnant and back in Rome, before she goes to the Convent to have her baby.


Micheletto and Cesare fell silent as Lucrezia approached them. Cesare smiled at her, as Micheletto stepped back a pace.

"Good morning, Cesare."

"Good morning, my sweet sister," Cesare replied.

Lucrezia's smile faded a bit, and she glanced at Micheletto, then back to Cesare. "Are you ever going to introduce me to your new shadow?"

"Lucrezia, this is Micheletto. Micheletto, my sister, the Lady Lucrezia," Cesare introduced.

Micheletto stepped forward and gave a small bow. "My Lady."

Lucrezia curtsied slightly. "Micheletto. Thank you."

"My Lady?" Micheletto asked, as Cesare tensed.

"I may be young, but I am a Borgia. I'd guess your job is to watch my brother's back, and keep him safe… so, thank you."

He gave a deeper bow.

Cesare relaxed a bit. If Lucrezia wanted to believe the Micheletto was some sort of body guard, he certainly wasn't going to be the one to disabuse her of that notion. And, thankfully, neither was Micheletto.

A/N: So, would anyone be interested in me continuing this, with more conversations between the two?

I have an idea for Lucrezia figuring out Micheletto's secret… Yes? No? Maybe so?