A/N: Takes place in Ep 2x4: Stray Dogs, before Rodrigo and Cesare leave Rome. I'd really wanted one of the Borgia's to know Micheletto's secret, and with the way Lucrezia can use her beauty as a tool/weapon, I thought it most believable to be her when a man doesn't react to her beauty as other men do. But this is probably a bit more realistic that the earlier chapter… Thanks to MolotovMini for the inspiration for this variation.

Again, many thanks to Queen of War for letting me use her line "You're one of the few men I do not share blood with that I can trust not to look at me as an object." Also, thanks for the kind reviews, and adding this story to your Favorites and Alerts. Hope you like this chapter.

The evening before her brother and father were to leave, Lucrezia walked over to Micheletto.

"My Lady," he greeted.

"Micheletto. I trust you'll watch out for my brother on this trip?"

"Of course," he replied.

"Then I will not worry for his safety."

"Yes, you will," he countered.

"Yes, I will," she admitted. "You… intrigue me, Micheletto."

"How so?"

"You don't look at me, or Giulia, the way other men do. It's like you don't notice we are women. No… You notice, you just don't care… It doesn't matter to you the way it does to other men… I'm not explaining myself well…"

"I understand what you mean. It's really very simple: if Cesare saw me look at you with even a hint of lust or desire… well, he would not be happy."

"True," she admitted. "And that's what I thought at first. You're one of the few men I do not share blood with that I can trust not to look at me as an object. Whatever the reason for that, I appreciate it," she told him.

Seeing Cesare's eyes on them, she moved back to her place at his side.

"What were you and Micheletto talking about?" Cesare asked.

"I was just asking him to make sure you come home from this trip safely," she replied, then leaned up to kiss his cheek.