Here is another great little one shot, The Bond of Six

The Host Club, well only one thing to say, they are one of the most mixed people, but they fit just like a jigsaw.

Tamaki was the first. He is the ambition, the one who pulls the Host Club together out of all of their worlds. Tamaki, despite being hated by his grandmother, does his best in everything, even though he is the most idiotic of them all.

Kyoya is the second. He is calculating on the outside, but on the inside, he is just as passionate as Tamaki. Haruhi was right after all, they are more similar than they think and this brought the club to life.

Mori-Senpai is third. His silence is rewarded with a cute companion and the best of friends. Without him, the bond wouldn't be there.

Huni-Senpai is fourth. His cuteness deceive many, but he is a good friend and roots for anything. His sweetness can help most situations and without this, the bond would be threatening.

Hikaru and Kaoru are fifth. They may have hidden in their own world, just the two of them, but their mischievousness creates adventure within the club. Hikaru is the oldest, but is not shown. Kaoru is the youngest, but isn't known.

Haruhi is sixth. She is blunt on the outside, but her smarts and commoner style brought all the members together, making the bond grow each and every second she is there.

They will stay together through thick and thin,

Knowing only a few have seen within

The outside world, try to break them apart,

But everyone knows they won't, they wont even start,

If any leave the club will fall,

Because The Bond includes them all.

Hope you enjoyed it

Smartapple out