Hello everyone this is my third X-men fan fic and I love kurt so that's who I'm writing about. This story was requested for me by Megumi no Namida. So this is for you, great idea. Read and Review

"No! You monster! What have you done to him," a feminine voice cried from inside a gothic castle. The same women ran out of the castle with a bundle and onto the stone bridge as fast as her legs could carry her.

"No! Come back," a strong masculine voice said as he followed her.

As she ran her hood fell back and her fiery red hair billowed behind her. She felt something snap at her legs and she turned to find that she was being pursued by vicious wolves.

"No!" The poor woman cried as she ran onto a rickety wooden bridge; she looked back and felt her foot catch against a plank and she fell hard. The wolves took this chance to surround her and growl and snap at her from every angle.

The man floated up to her and smiled from beneath his helmet.

"What do you want with us," she cried, clutching her baby closer to her chest.

"Not with you, with him," the voice boomed.

"No! Please you won't take him," The woman sobbed and she turned away from the man.

"I own both of you."

"Why? Why, what do you with my son?" She said clutching the baby closer to her.

"This child will be useful to me in the future," The man said and he bent down and picked up the baby from the blue woman's arms.

Fifteen years later

Kurt sat with his knees pressed against his chest staring at the people walking below him. He looked up at the full moon and back down at the small people from his perch on the building.

"Nightcralwer, do you copy," a voice said in his earpiece.

"Yes, Magneto," Kurt responded.

"You know your target," the loud booming voice said.

Kurt snorted and looked away from the people in the street. He flipped off the room and used his tail to curl and flip over onto the ledge of a window. As quietly as night itself he opened the window and slipped inside. Because of his dark color he disappeared into the darkness of the room and he nimbly climbed onto the wall and out of the room; crawling on the ceiling down the dimly lit hall to the room on the opposite side of the hall. He Jumped at the closed door and disappeared into the room in a puff of smoke. He looked around the room only lit by a lamp.

"Senator Harnell, Ve have something's to discuss," The dark being said.

The tall, thin, glasses wearing man looked up from his papers and his mouth and eyes opened in pure terror. He dropped the pen and backed as far into the chair as it would allow as he stared into the yellow eyes of death itself.

Well hope you liked it. I made Kurt kind of the same, just moreā€¦.. gothified, and I am making him superbly bad $$! Enjoy the next chapter read and review.