Ahsoka's POV

Why did this happen? Why do the worst things happen at the worst times? I thought as I dragged my Master's body from the wreckage of what used to be his ship. I almost vomited at the sight of so much blood spilling from one man. Blaster fire whizzed past me, but all that I could do is slowly get Anakin to safety. He screamed when a piece of metal dug into his back. I wanted to cry at the sound of his screams. It hurt me to hear him cry in pain, but I pushed on, not able to accept the fact that Anakin may die.

We were on Christophsis, and Anakin had been leading the air strike when his ship got shot down. The air was thick with a horrid smelling smoke, stinging in the cut on my leg. After what seemed like forever, I finally reached the base. I carefully set Anakin on the ground, and went to look for a medic.

"Master Kenobi," I said into my comlink as I frantically looked for someone who could help my Master. "Can you read me?"

"Yes, I read you," Obi-wan said on the other end. "What's wrong?"

"Anakin is hurt, bad," I said into the comlink, unable to find a medic. "I think we have to get him out of here. Our medic is down."

"On my way," he said. "I'll send you a gunship. Make sure that you're at the coordinates."

I looked on the small screen and saw the coordinates.

"Thank you, Master," I said before ending the transmission. I told Rex the plan as I slowly lifted Anakin up off of the ground. I slung his limp arm over my opposite shoulder as I started to make my way to the rendezvous point. My legs felt as if they were on fire, and I was having trouble keeping Anakin up.

Hold on, Master. We're almost there. I thought. I trudged through the wreckage of a city, eyeing the sky for the ship.


I looked around, but nobody had spoken. I looked at Anakin, but his lips were pale and unmoving. I noticed that he was deathly pale, so I sped up my pace.


I recognized that voice: Anakin. I looked back at him, his face pale and silent. His eyes were closed, and his black eye seemed to get even darker with each step I took.

Where am I? He asked in my mind.

On Christophsis. We're getting you out of here. I responded.

My head hurts.