Ahsoka's POV

I stared at my Master's silent form as he slept, thinking how and why he was on the bridge at the tie of the incident. My questions seemed to whizz past me before another could appear and speed past like the plasma storm we were stuck in. I held my head in my palm, hoping that I could solve this mystery soon.

If Anakin is paralyzed, how did he get on the bridge?

"Are you alright?" Obi-wan asked, noticing how depressed I seemed. I turned to face him with a weak smile before it faded quickly.

"Just…" I began, but my throat seemed as dry as sand. "…thinking."

"What do you think happened?" he asked, trying to help me think.

"Either Anakin learned to walk with paralyzed legs, or a dinosaur dragged him to the bridge and killed everyone," I replied with a shrug, turning back to look at Anakin. He seems so innocent and peaceful when he's sleeping…

"I highly doubt either could happen," Obi-wan responded with a forced smile and chuckle. "Who do you suppose did it?"

"I don't know," I said. "I just don't know…"

Anakin's POV

When I opened my stinging eyes, I saw only the blackness of space, occasionally dotted with the light of stars. They seemed so far away…and I seemed so helpless.

"Do you see?" a gravely and somewhat familiar voice hissed in my ear. "See what I did?" That's when I noticed the bodies of clones floating around me, lifeless and bloody. My heart jumped into my throat at the sight of so much blood. The odor seemed to stick on my skin, in my nose, in my mouth.

"What?" I ground out, barely able to respond. A floating mirror in the debris of bodies gently bobbed towards me until I could see my reflection…red cat-like eyes…long fangs…

"Hello, old friend," the image said, but I felt my throat vibrate in time, as if I were the one speaking. "So good to see you again."

"Who are you?" I asked my reflection, terrified by the sight of the demon.

"I'm you, of course," it said with a demonic smirk. "Don't you recognize me?"

That's when it clicked, the dream, the bodies…

"Now you understand," it whispered, appearing to lean in closer, almost out of the mirror.

"You did this?" I asked, gesturing towards the bodies. The reflection shook it's head, almost disappointed, but not quite.

"No, you did."