"Could've Been"
by Ekai Ungson

Previously disclaimed.

Dedicated to: Luna, first.

Chapter I: Jade

If you were given the chance to relive a space in your life, a day, maybe; a week, two? If
you could go back in time and change one thing, just one thing, maybe remake a decision,
so that your future wasn't as it was?

Maybe you made a mistake, once, and you were given one more opportunity.

What if you could un-make that mistake?

Would you take that chance?


She had long, glorious black hair.

The only thing he could remember clearly about her; that is, what he could SEE clearly
in his mind's eye was her long, black hair. Blacker than the skies at midnight. And beautiful.

She told fortunes for a living, but he knew she was much, much more than a mere fortune teller.
He knew she could see deeper into the depths of the water she used to tell of the future. She
could extract power from the very element.

And she was powerful, she was powerful.


And she loved him with all her heart, and he never noticed at all, never noticed.

No, that was wrong. He didn't NOT notice.

He had refused to care.

He had refused to love.

And he had left her broken.

I'm sorry.

And Hiiragizawa Eriol woke up to the blare of the alarm clock.

"That's peculiar," Akizuki Nakuru said to Spinel Sun. "Usually Eriol is so precognitive that he
wakes up a second before the clock blares for FUN."

The winged cat nodded somberly. "I think he was dreaming," Spinel recounted in a sullen voice.

Nakuru whirled around. "Really, Suppi-chan! You make dreaming sound like it's such a bad thing!
Why, only this morning I was dreaming that I was the princess of Candyland and that Touya-kun
was king..."

Spinel rolled his eyes.

"--ANYWAY," Nakuru said, "I was VERY happy."

The door opened.

Eriol walked in, his shirt untucked, his hair uncombed, his glasses askew, and his socks not the same color.

"You look like a wreck," Nakuru informed him.

"He's in a lovely mood today," Spinel added.


"There's something very, very wrong with Eriol-kun today," a concerned Kinomoto Sakura said.
"He looks.... pale."

"There's always something wrong with Hiiragizawa," Li Syoaran quipped. "It's in his genetic makeup."

"Be nice, Syaoran-kun," Sakura admonished. "Ne, Tomoyo-chan. Don't you think so, too?"

Dadidouji Tomoyo looked up. "Don't I think, what?"

"That there's something wrong with Eriol-kun," Sakura repeated.

Tomoyo glancede at a forlorn lookiing Eriol.

"I don't know, Sakura-chan."


Lately something was very, very wrong with her, too.

Lately she'd been feeling.... there was no other word for it-- nostalgic. But. These memories
weren't her own. They were some other person's, and yet she almost always found herself in
the middle of this person's situations. Whenever she closed her eyes to sleep.

And she wasn't sure if she was going mad.

Every single night. Just one dream. Same feelings, she couldn't explain, but felt.

Pain. Grief. Loss. Love. Drowned in a world of water from tears shed.