Chapter 6: The Days to Come

When I woke up from the few hours of sleep for the second night in a row. The pounding of my head is no longer around, just slight wooziness. The first thing that popped into my head was Eilidh. I would've been lying if I'd said I wasn't terrified after yesterday's performance.

Eli Cambers came across my mind following a fresh and very sharp pang of guilt. Why would I feel guilty about her? I noticed that I had been smiling from the minute I had woken up. But why? What could have happened that I… Oh… No I remember. I started laughing to myself at the sheer stupidity; this kind of stuff is what I usually think about the moment I wake up. Did he break-up with her already? Had she… No. I've seen the way she looked at him.

I felt my head. My hair was matted with all the dry blood that covered it. After the 4th attempt to get up and not lose my balance I cautiously walked to the shower. I couldn't stand up for long so I had to sit on to the seat that was built into the shower. Embarrassed by the white walls looking and laughing I tried in vain to quickly wash the blood from my hair. I made sure that I had a robe in the bathroom with me just in case I had any Jilline's or Golan's to come and rush me out of the room.

Once I had left the bathroom I noticed someone had come in with my training uniform for training and left it on the unsettling hospital bed. I got ready and when I was just about to leave I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." I called, like it was my own little unsettling apartment with the startling white walls and repellent hospital bed. I had never been in a hospital. All I have been in is Colette's pharmacy but I would not like to come back in here. The nurse came in with a tray which I swear made my stomach turn.

"Hi Maysilee, I'm nurse Ursula. The hole in your head will be a scar now. I'm just here to seal it up properly." The needle she towed out of one of the compartments in the tray made me crave more and more for one of Colette's home remedies.

"C'mon then," She said. I became aware that my feet were stuck to the floor.

"Sorry, if you don't mind me asking. But where is that going?!" I couldn't help the alarm in my voice and her expression showed that she had recognised it.

"Oh don't worry; this is going into your shoulder. We would usually put it just below your neck but you're too tender still." She chuckled after hearing the last sentence. I cringed, unable to hide feeling uneasy. I sat down, and closed my eyes, and realised I must have a problem with hospitals.

Ursula told me to try and distract myself; I tried twisting my fingers until they hurt, tapping my feet. Nothing worked. Thankfully it was over in a few seconds but my arm started to feel heavy and I started to feel dizzy too. It passed and Haymitch came through. I kept thinking, should I ask him about Eli? If this was going to continue I would have to ask. We walked out of the room in silence and I think he noticed I had a problem because he kept asking if I was okay. Eventually it slipped out before I gave it a second thought.

"What happened to Eli, Haymitch?" I winced at my tone; it wasn't supposed to sound like an interrogation! I looked up at him. It was totally uncalled for.

"Well, uh, she ended it. She knew I didn't have feelings for her." He said.

"What, you didn't-"

"No, she said, for a while she had known that I had feelings for you, but she couldn't admit it to herself. So she let it go on until she couldn't ignore it anymore. She came to visit me before we left for the Capitol and she said that I had to tell you how I felt before we lost each other for good. She said if I didn't I would end up regretting it until the day I died. So I did." He explained.

We walked in silence while I debated what to say, "Took you long enough."

He stopped for a few seconds and stared at me, it was only when I turned and stared back was when he started to laugh, I laughed back.

"Excuse me Little Miss Impeccable but I was waiting for the right time."

"Just when you were trying to catch that toad when we were five and you were apparently 'waiting for the right time', and when you reached too far and fell in the pond." I teased.

"Or that time you tried to cuddle Luka at that sleepover we had and you didn't realise it was me in the bed that you cuddled and went to sleep with." Haymitch shot back.

"We were seven, and you pinkie swore never to mention that again!" I shouted and shoved him playfully.

We walked to the training centre continuing the playful bicker. When we got to the training centre it was a similar routine to the day before.

I wasn't watching the other tributes, but when I was, they seemed to stare. I don't know if this was the aftermath of the fight between Eilidh and I, but the thought of them looking made my stomach turn.

I tried to ignore them but there was something else that was eating my insides. I could not find Eilidh anywhere, the fear of the both of us in the same room now made my head spin. Before, I wasn't scared of her, I was more anxious or threatened. But now I could not get over my fear of her.

The days of training were hard, but I had to keep telling myself that I can't think like that, because if I thought that the training was hard, then the real thing would be horrific.

At the end of the training sessions, there was an interview, broadcast on television, in front of the whole of Panem, the night before you entered the arena, with Ceaser Flickerman. And I most certainly would either fall or faint at this event.

For the whole day before this event, Jilline drove me nuts.