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Title: The Real Side.

Author: Khatzdaax3

Summary: To realise that their character on the outside is maybe just a mask to cover up the real side of them.

Chapter 1: Visit.

A woman not more than twenty years of age moved around hastily in an all too familiar room, grabbing the things she needed and putting them in her small clutch. Walking around the room, she stopped abruptly by the mirror looking at it once more adjusting her grey knitted cardigan and soon after moving out of her room half running, half walking. She rushed to the door but stopped with a jerk even before exiting it when she realised that she had forgotten something important. She quickly ran to the living room table and took the flowers that was neatly wrapped by the florist in newspaper and finally exited her house increasing her pace at every step.

She sprinted down the long flight of stairs and took a right turn like every other day. And in no less than twenty minutes, she reached the tall building which was washed in white. She greeted all of the staff with a kind smile like always. She was a regular there; so, many of the staff knew her.

"Here to visit him?" a short lady in white holding a report file asked her. She smiled a little wider and answered with a nod while continuing her pursuit to the second floor of the building. She raced up the stairs and walked to the room. She stopped in front of the door and looked up at the room number, Room 2-14, it stated there. She took a deep breath and opened the door to the small square room.

"Sorry I'm late, was held up at home by some unexpected guests." Her cheery voice filled the whole room. She moved to the centre of the room where a big bed was placed. Before she even thought of sitting down, she moved away from the bed and went near the window side at the corner and pushed the curtains away to let the natural moonlight or rather the streetlights and soft sounds of the passing vehicles in.

"It's just too dark and quiet in here." She mumbled to herself rather than saying it out loud. She paused for a moment and then turned around with her face plastered with a big smile. She moved to the bed side once again, her focus now on the flower jar on the bedside table. She removed the partially wilted flowers from the jar and replaced them with the newly-bought ones, dumping both wilted flowers and newspaper that once wrapped the yellow daffodils in to the nearby trash bin.

She finally took a seat and heaved a sigh while looking at the person lying on the bed. She smiled as she skimmed through his handsome features.

"You must be wondering how my day was today." Her smile became wider as she started with her narration of her day.

"Well, it was pretty much normal at work but our friends came home for a surprise visit just when I was about to visit you so that was the reason I was late. They were all asking about you and I told them you were fine and improving."

When she finally stopped talking, the room was filled with nothing except silence again. She sighed yet again. She leaned forward, her elbow supported by the bed and she gently touched his cold left cheek with her right hand while stroking it softly with her thumb. He looked like he was just taking a small nap, but she knew that no, this was not just a nap; it was more of a deep slumber for who knows how long.

"You did your waiting, so I guess now it's my turn to wait right?"


"It's been a month already. You'll wake up soon right?" now it sounded more like she was pleading.


'I miss you.' She whispered looking at him. After a few seconds, she removed her hand from his cheek. She folded her arms on the bed and put her head atop them and closed her eyes and instantly fell asleep.

"She works all day and then spends many of the nights sleeping here to keep him company but never have I once even seen her smile falter nor does she looks tired or exhausted when she talks to him." The same short nurse said to her colleague while standing outside the room looking through the small rectangular window. They both sighed looking at each as they started walking away from the room so as to not intrude on their privacy any further, continuing to the other rooms to attend to the other patients.

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