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Title: The Real Side (Chapter 3)

Author: khatzdaax3

Summary: To realise that their character on the outside is maybe just a mask to cover up the real side of them.

Chapter 3: Gangster Savior.

People were still giving me pitiful stares for getting myself into trouble with a person whom nobody wants to mess with. I didn't do it on purpose so why with those stupid stares? So I being the paranoid girl was still taking the new route for safety measures because hearing anyone talking about the issue will be a blow to my now lowered self esteem.

But on the happier note, that gangster was not following me anymore. My impression of him had gotten from bad to worse after this incident. Not only was he a gangster but he was also a stalker who stalks innocent girls when they walk home after school. Yes, I'm judgemental. Surprisingly he was in school today. Usually he absents a lot. But what's the point? Even if he comes to school, he will be either be sleeping or using his phone every time I walk past his classroom to go to the washroom. And the best thing is that the teacher's don't even care of what he does. It's either they don't have the guts to question him or they just don't bother because he gets grade that is enough for him to pass. Does he even study? How does he manage to pass his examinations? How can he do it even without paying attention in class? Why am I mentally ranting about him anyway? I stopped in my steps, paused and then shook my head to erase any thoughts about him and then continued walking home faster as the skies was getting darker signalling sunset.

The only downside about this route is the narrow poorly-lit alley on the right that I have to walk past. It gives me the creeps even though I just have to walk past it. Something (might be my instincts) told me to walk a little faster while passing it. But halfway through passing it, I felt a strong tug and I suddenly felt myself being pulled in to the dark alley. I was dragged and swung and my back hit the wall. Before I could even realise anything my mouth was covered with a big hand and my left hand being gripped strongly by another. I could faintly smell the scent of alcohol as everything was a blur.

"Hey g-girl~" the man holding me stuttered with a disgusting tone in his voice. He was so near me that it made my heart pound that I became paralyzed. I heard another voice sniggering. I regained my senses as I saw two men with unkempt hair, beard and torn shirt. I couldn't really see the face because of the inadequate lighting. Fear gripped me as I screamed and struggled but it was futile because of the hands holding me.

"Let's have some fun pretty chic~" the other man hiccupped. He then ripped the sleeve of my shirt. My screams turned into muffled sobs as tears started streaming down my face.

"Now now don't cry, I promise we will have a good time~" The man removed his hand from my mouth as he traced his finger up my wet cheeks in a failed attempt to wipe my tears. I tried to struggle once more but I was overpowered but now my mouth was free so I managed to scream for help loudly. I tried to scream once more but the man holding me slapped me hard with his free hand which made me feel faint. This was the second time I was slapped in a few days. I couldn't open my eyes but I could hear what they were talking vaguely something about the start of some fun. I could hear the man holding me chuckling softly while also feeling the alcohol-scented breath near my neck. I could feel my other sleeve being torn apart into two. I could hear and feel everything but I could not do anything.

As the last tear dropped from my eye the only thought that ran in my mind was that I was going to get raped and I was helpless. But then the man released his gripped from me before he could do anything and I felt myself sliding down the wall till I reached the ground. I was slowly getting back my consciousness.

Why didn't they do anything?

Before I even had to find for an answer, I realised that I could hear sounds of punches being thrown. Does this mean I was saved? I tried prying my eyes open and it became wider as I couldn't believe my eyes. He was here. "The Kanata Saionji", that gangster and stalker was fighting those drunkards. They were giving him a hard time I could see. And before I could stop myself, I stood up shakily and took my bag which was lying in the corner and with all my strength and anger I could muster I ran a little distance to where they were and hit the drunks with my bag continuously without any sense of direction. My anger increased so as my tears too much that I closed my eyes to stop it from falling. I continued swinging my bag without realising that they were gone.

"Hey, you can stop now" a quiet voice said but I was not in the right frame of mind to understand that simple sentence. I did not realise I was acting like a crazy woman swinging my bag in thin air until a pair of hands held my bag and forced me to stop. I dropped myself and kneeled on my knees as I covered my face and started crying with so much emotions; fear, anger, happiness, relief, everything. It was not until something warm covered me that I realised that he was still there. I looked around myslef to see that he had given his jacket to hide my torn school shirt. An unknown fear crept on me when I saw him walking away.

"Can you accompany me home?" I said timidly. He stopped and turned staring at me unable to comprehend my muttering.

"I'm scared. Can you please accompany me home?" I said louder, looking down. Déjà vu all over again as the last time I had an encounter with him I repeated my words twice too. I did not know what made me say this. But at this point where I was most terrified, I just needed someone to bring me back home safely. He slowly walked back, reached out his hand out and said,

"You coming?"

The walk home with him was silent but nevertheless it felt much safer. I glanced sideways to peek at him. He was looking forward with no expression in his face. I looked down clutching either sides of the zipping area of the jacket consciously. He actually saved my life. He is my saviour now. And I was thankful for that. It took a while but we finally reached my home.

"Thanks" I said slowly. He gave a nod as a form of acknowledgement and started leaving.

"Were you following me?" I asked quickly before he could walk any further. He turned with a quizzical look on his face.

"Erm..Were you following me?" I asked him again. Why do i always have to repeat what I am saying to him. It took him a while but he said it.

"Yes." he answered. I gasped(I told you, he is a stalker!).

"Why?" The word came out of my mouth without warning. He looked at me and sighed messing his hair. He came nearer. He raised his hand and for a moment I thought he was going to slap me again. But...

"Sorry." he said gently placing his hand on my cheek. I looked at him shocked. Did he just apologise to me? And did he just put his hand on my cheek? Unknowingly my cheeks had turned a little shade of red. So this is why he has been following me all this while? To apologise to me? He then removed his hand quickly and started walking away. I was still shocked but nevertheless smiled a little wider as I saw his retreating figure. Who would have thought that he had it in him to apologize. I still considered him a gangster but with the big exception that his stalking had saved my life. A gangster savior my brain lamely came up with. I looked down and gasped when I realized that I had forgotten to return him his sweater. But as tired as I was, I settled to returning it back to him tomorrow. I walked into my house and noticed a letter on the table. I took the letter and I knew immediately that it was from my parents.

Hey Miyu honey,

We are going to out of town to Tokyo space station for some work. It might take a week or so. We promise we will be back soon. Please take care of yourself honey. We love you!

From Mom & Dad.

My smile dropped a little. I know this was not something new. They have always been away for work. By now I had totally near forgotten about the near-death experience just now but as I looked around the empty and dark house I just felt a little sad. I realized I needed a bath to think things over. I walked to my room my mind occupied on whether this situation will change.

What did I just write? 0.0



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