A/N: So ummm…it's been a while but please don't hate me! Thank you to all who commented So I made up the spell Incisera Cansaneo and it means 'cut heal'. Feel free to use it if you want. So here is chapter two and I hope you all don't hate me!

Draco rubbed frustratingly at his eyes and sat up in bed. He had been unable to sleep through a whole night since his father was taken to Azkaban. He was left in charge of the household and business deals his father had going on until his father was released. He was just so stressed about not messing anything up that sleep was something that just wouldn't come to him. His mother had been distraught at his father's incarceration and was of no help to the young Malfoy. He let out a sigh and decided to go for a walk. He nearly woke Crabbe up on his way out of the dorm, but managed to make it through the common room without any disturbance. He quietly snuck past Professor Snape's office and out of the dungeons.

There was a secret passageway behind the portrait of a very grumpy juggler that led up to the sixth floor. Draco made his way through and ascended the stairs leading up to the seventh floor. As he was just making his way up, he saw a shadow pass around the corner. Draco slowed his steps and pressed himself firmly against the wall. He peeked around the corner and saw the shadow turn to go to the Astronomy Tower. Draco followed the shadow and stopped just at the top of the steps.

The moonlight hit the shadow figure at just the right angle to illuminate his face. Harry Potter was crying on the Astronomy Tower floor. Draco was about to step in and make some snarky comment on Potter's weakness but just as he stepped forward, Harry had taken the dagger into his hand. Draco stopped in his tracks and stared at Harry. Harry had begun to press the dagger down into his skin, causing blood to trickle down his arm. Draco wanted to stop him but didn't want to frighten him so decided to get some help. Just as he turned away, Harry had lost consciousness.

"Professor Snape!" Draco was frantically knocking on his godfather's door. "Professor! There's someone who-"

"What is it Draco? It is two o'clock in the morning!" Professor Snape said as he opened the door.

"Up on the Astronomy Tower sir, Potter has hurt himself. Badly. I didn't know what to do."

Snape pushed passed Draco and headed toward the Tower.

"Through here sir!" Draco showed Snape the passageway and they both climbed the stairs to the Tower. Snape gasped as he saw the Boy-Who-Lived laying on the floor, blood dripping from his arms. He quickly knelt down beside Harry and pulled out a Blood-Replenishing Potion. He gently lifted Harry's head and poured the potion into his mouth, rubbing his throat to stop him from choking.

"Incisera Cansaneo," Snape muttered under his breath. Harry's cuts slowly began to stich back together. Snape repeated the spell until all of the cuts had been stitched back together, only leaving a scar in their place.

Draco watched as his godfather meticulously healed his classmate. He couldn't believe that Harry Potter, the world's Golden Boy, had done this to himself. Draco understood that Potter hadn't had the happiest of lives but neither had he and he didn't want to hurt himself. Draco just didn't understand what would cause Harry to do this to himself.

"I will take him to the Hospital Wing. He will need help that goes far beyond my expertise. You need to rest," Snape carried Harry in his arms and left Draco on the Tower.

Draco picked up the dagger Harry had dropped on the floor and pocketed it. He went back to his dorm but didn't go to sleep. He was thinking about Potter. He was always thinking about Potter it seemed. Whether it was because he was angry at Potter, hurt by Potter, or jealous of Potter, he was always thinking about him. Now he was worried for Potter.

"What is wrong with me?" Draco asked himself out loud. "Worrying for Potter like some little schoolgirl fan." Draco laid back down on his bed and willed himself to sleep but sleep just wouldn't come. Tomorrow he would go check on Potter. Not because he was worried, he tried to convince himself, but because he was curious. Snape was right, he did need rest.