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2nd of July 1915. Exactly 100 years since that first party and that first meeting. The war needed money and the upper class wanted an excuse for a party. So the vampires had put on a fundraiser raising money for the troops on the front. Mr Snow and some of the other Old Ones had been invited along as dignitaries; some important humans were in attendance too. Along with some very unimportant humans that would entertain the vampires and keep their glasses full.

Hal stood leaning against the wall and watched as the younger vampires and humans danced. He was bored, constantly bored. Nothing excited him anymore, not even killing and blood. A worrying thought crossed his mind, maybe he was turning into Mr Snow. Hal hadn't been away from Snow's side for about 60 years and Hal had begun picking up some of Snow's habits. Even the eternal boredom was beginning to bore Hal. He didn't want to feel like this forever, he wanted the joy of killing back and he wanted to feel the rush he used to get from his power.

Cass found herself on some handsome vampire's arm. She knew he was good looking but no one ever compared to Him so Cass took no notice. She wasn't really sure how she ended up with this one. She was so bored now that sometimes she just blocked whole days out. She tried to find feeling via killing. She had killed thousands over the years and had built up quite a reputation. Cass had been offered an Old One position many times but turned it all down. That would never interest her, she didn't care for power that much, she just wanted the kill. But even that bored her nowadays. Surely she couldn't spend the rest of her very long life like this. She just wanted to feel again. Or she wanted something new, something different, something she had been missing.

Mr Snow saw the two of them standing separately and decided to do something. Hal and Cass had been his one and only failure. Recruiting Cass had been a stroke of genius, she was so bloodthirsty. Sometimes he didn't know if he truly had control over her but he liked that about her. She was wild, a savage, she reminded him of Jacob before he gained control and Hal before he got bored. But Cass was beginning to lose it and Hal had lost it a long time ago. Neither took pleasure from what they were anymore and it was bad for the image. Mr Snow wasn't used to failure. He had recruited Cass for Hal and up until now that had never worked. So Snow sent for Hal and Cass and watched as both made their way to where he was sitting. This was not going to be a failure and Mr Snow thought that somehow the pair may just pull each other out of the rut they had found themselves in. Then they could go back to the bloodthirsty killers they both were at heart.

They instantly recognised each other but both had spent years hiding their true emotions and so ignored one another with ease. But Snow, in the way that only he could, saw the shock and longing in their eyes and he felt something for the first time in centuries. He felt satisfaction, and that worried Snow, but he ignored it and carried on.

Hal and Cass made no attempt to talk to one another or Mr Snow and in the end Snow had to break the silence

"Seeing as you are both here it would be rude of you not to dance, and of course we don't want anyone to think you two don't get along. Remember you are our pride and joys. In fact you could be our poster couple." The sarcasm almost dripped off Snow's words but it was all he said before walking away.

Hal was the first to speak "Would you like to dance?"

"Not really." Cass sounded bitter and Hal found himself feeling sorry for her.

"Neither do I."

"But we have so kindly been asked to dance." Hal had never heard Cass so bitter.

"Is that disdain I hear in your voice when talking about our great and glorious leader?"

"Is that sarcasm I hear in yours?"

Hal smiled, a genuine smile and he was reminded of the first time he met Cass. The boredom and numbness from the past years began to fade away. One conversation with Her and that's all it took.

Cass found herself smiling back at Hal. He was the first person in years who noticed how unhappy she was and with one conversation He had made her feel a little bit happy again.

Hal took Cass's hand and led her onto the dance floor. The pair danced in comfortable silence for a while before Hal spoke his voice quiet and sad.

"Neither of us wants this life anymore. Boredom doesn't suit you and I know I'm not happy."

"How can you know what I do or don't want?" Cass meant it to sound angry but she too only sounded sad.

"Because I know you Cass, the real you not this mask you wear in front of the others."

"What is there that we can do about it though?"


"And go where it's not like he won't be able to find us." Cass really did sound angry this time.

"England, back to where it all started. Jacob is still there you know, we could live with him. He is still at Keddleston." Hal smiled at the memories of times gone by at that glorious hall. The few months he had spent there with Jacob and Cass had been heaven and he would treasure them always.

"How is that possible?" Cass regained her curiosity and joined Hal in smiling at the good old days.

"He left when people started realising he wasn't getting older but he is back now and has passed himself off as his own grandson. People believe it because of the striking family resemblance."

"I imagine when you are that closely related the resemblance is extraordinary." And with Cass's words neither could hold back the laughter any more.

The laughter felt good, it felt natural and all too soon it ended. But the silence that followed was a happy one; full of the memories of laughter shared in a happier, less complicated time.

Cass spoke quietly as they were still dancing and it was very likely that the nearest vampires were trying to listen to their conversation. "What happened to you after you left me in that alley all those years ago? I've tried to find out but there are 35 years where no one seems to know what you did. It's like you disappeared."

"That's what I wanted. I left you there and I didn't go back, I couldn't face it all. I had found the very last shreds of my humanity and I didn't want to lose them again. The bloodlust lost its hold over me, it was still there but I bumped into a ghost and he helped me stay clean."

"So you really managed to hide from them and stay clean?" Cass spoke calmly but inside she had found her excitement again.

"No one looked for me and I came back of my own accord so I guess my hiding worked. And as for the blood yes, for a few years anyway. I'm back here now though Cass so I obviously haven't stayed clean."

"But you don't want it anymore do you?"

"I don't know. What I did was wonderful and at the time it really helped me but I don't think I could go clean again. I don't think I'd want to. I'm bored yes but going without the blood, it got painful after a while and having to deal with the world without the comfort of blood and other vampires is difficult. I don't think I'll ever do it again."

Cass didn't reply. She had been thinking about this for a little while now and hearing Hal say he could do it for 35 years had made her choice for her. She chose to not hear Hal saying it was difficult and decided that if Hal could do it then she could certainly do it, and do it much better. She had hoped to do it with Hal but he wasn't in the right place to do it, he still wanted the blood.

Anyway, she thought to herself, you have managed to cope without bloody Hal for 100 years so you can definitely managed without him for a few more.

The night went on smoothly, everyone had a good time and by the very end there were many a drunk to be found in and around the event hall. Seeing Cass had woken something up inside Hal and he finished the night amongst those drunks. Much to the delight of Mr Snow and the other Old Ones he was blood drunk not alcohol drunk. The old Hal was back and he was as bloodthirsty as ever.

Cass however left the party with her mind made up. She went back to her room, packed up a few of her most precious things and left. That night she walked away from the vampires, away from the blood, away from the killing and away from Hal without a goodbye or so much as a backward glance. And as her train left London she heaved a sigh of relief. She could do this, she could find her humanity again and better still she knew she would be able to keep it.