Leo decided it would be best to keep quiet for a while after Hal finished telling his story, it was clear he was still lost his memories of times gone by.

"What made you ask me that Leo?" Hal spoke slowly like someone waking from a dream.

"She did." Leo nodded his head in Hal's direction. Hal turned and looked out of the shop's window and standing across the street was a woman that Hal had thought he had lost forever.

Leo smiled as Hal stood and made his way to the door. He had never seen his friend look so happy and after what he had been through to give up the blood Leo enjoyed seeing Hal finally look human.

She stood there across the street from the little Barber shop. She had heard Hal tell their story and her eyes were still damp from the tears she hadn't been able to hold back. It was ridiculous that after all this time she still loved him. Time had healed the wounds that being a vampire couldn't and she had wanted to see him one more time before she let go.

"I'd heard you had finally gone clean properly, well done." Hal still hadn't crossed the street so Cass shouted across the almost empty road.

"Thank you." Hearing her voice again really did bring every little detail of their time together back and Hal had trouble thinking what to say. "I had quite a lot of help."

"I can see that. Your friends I take it?" Leo and Pearl were standing in the shop watching Hal.

"Yes, I wouldn't have been able to do it without them."

"Hal this is absurd we can't stand here shouting at each other either, cross the road or I'm coming over there." Cass placed her hand on her hip and Hal found himself laughing as he crossed the road and gave Cass an impromptu hug. She hugged him back but all too soon for Cass' liking Hall pulled away.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I don't know what I was thinking." Hal couldn't believe he had hugged her he hadn't hugged someone for decades.

"Hal relax we've done far worse than hug in our time. Besides if you hadn't of done it I would." She smiled and Hal marvelled at how that smile was so similar to the one he had fallen in love with all those years ago, yet at the same time was so different; vampire changed it.

"How are you Cass? The last time we were together you disappeared."

"I went clean! I actually managed to do it. I didn't have help like you did and I had a few false starts but in the end I did it."

"Congratulations, I don't think I would have been able to do it on my own." Hal was smiling but Cass looked sad "I'm happy for you Cass I really am, what you're doing is excellent lots of vampires can't do it."

"And that's just it Hal I can't do it." Cass paused and she couldn't look at Hal as she spoke "I'm feeding again. Only once every now and then, but now I've started I know I'm not going to be able to stop I can feel it in my blood."

"You don't have to become what you were you could get help with staying clean. You could" Hal couldn't believe he was saying this "stay with me here. Leo has methods of keeping the mind off the blood and I would help too."

"That's a lovely offer but I couldn't. You're doing well Hal, really well, but I can tell that even at your best you are only just clinging on. If I came and lived with you I would throw you off and you could lose your control too. I don't want that and I can tell you don't really want me either." While she had been talking Cass had taken Hal's hand and Hal was now absentmindedly rubbing his thumb across the back of her hand.

"It's a joy to see you but if you don't want my help why are you here Cass?"

"I don't know."

"Come on Cass this is me you're talking to."

Cass looked past Hal and into the barber shop. Leo and Pearl were still standing there watching Hal with joyful smiles on their faces brought on by Hal's unusual happy mood. She could see the safety and family that Hal had found in this seaside town and she knew that whatever happened next Hal would be alright. Looking down at their hands entwined Cass marvelled at how natural it felt and she had the sudden urge to never let go. That was the first step though and she knew it. Cass finally looked up to Hal's face and her eyes were drawn to his beautiful hazel ones. As she stared the light caught his eyes and suddenly green was splashed through the hazel making him look so much younger and happier. For the second time that day Cass felt tears begin to roll down her cheek.

"I'm here to say goodbye Hal. No don't say anything. You once said you would never say goodbye to me and you haven't. But if we don't say goodbye then we will never have an end to whatever it is that we are. So I'm saying goodbye Hal. You get to keep your promise."

"But why do we have to say goodbye? We don't see each other for years and when we do its only ever for a few days at the most." Hal didn't know what to do around a crying woman so he stood statue still and hoped that Cass would stop crying soon.

"Have you not noticed our pattern? When I want the blood you want to give it up and when I want to give it up you want to drink again. Since I became a vampire we have never been on the same page and we never will be. Look at what you have here you're going to be clean for decades. I can't do that."

They both knew that what she had said was the truth but for just a moment Hal wanted to ignore what he had heard and just go back to how they were before she had even become a vampire. The moment unfortunately did not last.

"We were perfect for each other once. If I had only been human then we could have got married, had children and grown old together. We would have been so happy." Hal had imagined more than once the human life he could have had with Cass and saying something that he wanted so much and yet knew was so impossible combined with losing Cass made the tears fall.

"But we would never have met. You would have died all those years ago and I would never have met you. I think that knowing you and getting to love you makes all the other stuff that came with that more than worthwhile." Cass wiped away one of Hal's tears. "Who knew the two of us would be such cry babies?"

"And to think we used to be the monsters that mothers warned their children about now look at us." Tiny almost hysterical giggles escaped from the two vampires.

"I don't want to cry anymore Hal and every time I say goodbye to you I do. So this is the final one I promise."

"Where will you go?"

"Jacob has a house in some small country in Europe, I'm going there until I find somewhere that I'd like to buy. I haven't seen him for a long time and he wanted to catch up."

"Well you will enjoy that I know so look after yourself and have fun."

Cass put her free hand behind Hal's head, pulled his face down to hers and kissed him with everything she had. After a small hesitation Hal kissed her back because he knew he would never get the chance to do this again and he would have hated himself forever it he hadn't done it. Before they really let go of one another Cass said

"There will always be a place for you in my heart and I will honestly never forget you."

"I could never forget you, even if I tried. I still love you." In a very un-Hal like gesture he kissed Cass' forehead, then regained his composure and kissed the back of her hand.

Cass looked up at Hal and unlaced her fingers from his. She was smiling as she walked away because she knew he would be happy and safe. And that smile that Hal had never been able to resist also placed a smile on Hal's face. The pair had never really been matched but love had been kindled and that flame would never die. As Hal watched Cass walk away he wiped away his tears and knew that this time he hadn't really lost her. They would always be together in the memories that they each carried with them. She disappeared around a corner and Hal turned back to the little barber shop that had become home and its unusual residents who had become his family.

The End

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