Chapter 1: Pullman At The Sixth Floor

Odale had settled down in a almost forgotten part of the Wizard Tower. She was thinking, what had happend if she haden't followed DomDaniel's orders? If she had chosed to keep on with DomDaniel's apprentice, instead of become Marcia's? There was so many questions, but no answers. Why did she even care, what had hapend had hapend, right? While she had been thinking she haden't noticed that a person had settled down beside her. Or more correctly; the persons ghost. "Deep inside your thoughts, aren't you?" Alther asked and smiled. "Guess so.." Odale sighed. "Got a problem?" he said. "Not really." Odale answerd. "Septimus and Jenna is at the Palace, you should go to them instead of sit here and do nothing." Alther told her. She smiled, it seemed like she was the only one who like the sixth floor. The sixth floor in the Wizard Tower were the place where they keept the most darke things, and most wizards tried to avoid it. Odale liked it because it felt a bit like 'home', even though she knew that she shouldn't like the place. She sighed, Jenna wasen't her favourite person. But go back to the apartment wasen't a choice, Marcia were working at the shadow safe and she were always easily-irritated when she did that. Odale didn't understand why Marcia just didn't ask her, she could a good spell to get rid of shadows. "You really shouldn't be here, we don't want you to get a shadow after you, right?" Alther said. She stood up. "You're right, Alther." Odale answerd and she felt someone behind her. Odale turned around, but she didn't see anyting. She shrugged and went to the stairs. "Down!" she shouted, and the stairs begun to move down in middle-speed. At the way down at least eight ordinary wizards looked at her, but Odale ignored them. Well, Odale knew that she was a bit scary, DomDaniel's ex-apprentice. But at the same time, Alther were also DomDaniel's ex-apprentice, and they weren't so scared oh him, were they? She went down the hall and stumbled over Alexander Pullman, one of the DomDaniel followers which had 'went back to the right side'. Odale didn't believe them for a second, but Marcia did so they stayed. She glared at him. "Pullman, shouldn't you guard the sixth floor?" Odale asked lotsy. "Oh, you spends enough time there, don't you?" Pullman snapped. "Not that tune, please." she hissed. "Sure, miss Overstrand." Pullman answerd and bowed deep and ironically. "Odale, haden't you a place to go to?" Alther folded in, and Odale nodded. "Sure, Alther." she said and begun to go to the door. "We're not done yet, Overstrand!" Pullman hissed in her ear and Odale shook her head. He could always try. "Bring it on Pullman, bring it on!" she answerd and went through the door.