Epilogue: The Banquet

"But Septimus wears his apprentice robes, why can't I?" Odale complained. "Odale, you knows that it is tradition that the apprentice girls wears special robes at banquets." Marcia answerd. Odale sighed, she was beaten. "Okay then!" she said and took the dress that Marcia had picked out for the banquet. She grimaced, Odale hated dresses, they prevented her from moving properly. Even though her antipathy against the dress she couldn't do anything, but admire the beutiful fabric and the delicate decorations. The fabric was silvery, and looked like mist. It was softer than silk, and along the sleeves there was golden threads that looked like net. "Go and change then. And no magyk this time Odale, please." Marcia continude. Odale grimaced, the dress seemed narrow. Anyways she went to her room to change.

The dress were more comfortable than she had thought. When she once again came into the livingroom Marcia nodded her head. "Very nice, but... Your shoes, shall you really have them?" Marcia asked, alluding to Odale's working-boots. Odale swallowed, she had an worrying thought that Marcia had maded shoes to her that looked like Marcia's... Marcia picked out a pair neat, white shoes. And mostly, they were very girlish. Odale was close to grimace again, but she understood that it would hurt Marcia's feelings to much. She just nodded and took them on. They fitted her perfectly. "Alther, Septimus! Come here!" Marcia shouted. Septimus came downstairs, from the Librarey. "Hey, where did Odale go?" he asked with a great smirk. Odale glared at him. "Watch it Sep, before you gets a dress!" she snapped. Septimus went silent, he didn't doubt that she would do it. Alther hovered in and smiled. "You looks just like your aunt when she was my apprentice... But well, you're a bit younger." he said. Odale sighed, fun, she was sure that she would here that the whole evening.

And of course was she right. Unfortunately for Odale was she placed my an older wizard, which had retired a few years earlier, and he always forgot that he already had told her that she looked like Marcia. So on and on he repeated the same words; "Do you know that you looks exactley like you aunt? Well, a little bit younger of course... Infact I knew her already when she was in the earlier twenties, and that wasn't so long ago as you may think." so on, and so on. At last Odale got tired of it. "I'm sorry sir, but you've repeated that about five times already." she said so politely that she could. "Have I? Oh, I'm so sorry, I really am! Me and my short memory, it has alway been like that." he answerd and continude with a long dialogue about the most of his life. That maded Septimus nextuntil laugh up his stew and Marcia gave both of them a murdering look. "Sorry Marcia." both of them mouthed. But after that the rest of the eveining went quite well, exept when Odale 'by accident' spilled water at the older wizard beside her.

Simon Heap grinned, he had tricked the Extra Ordinary Wizard. Ha, she did really believe that he was forced to torture that stupid kid. He snorted, she was so easy to fool.