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"I have been looking forward to this for months," Stark give a devilish grin as he jumped into the drivers seat of his red sports car. Piper rolled her eyes, shaking her head as she leaned against the seat of his car. "I will see you people in a month! Try not to get killed!" He gave them all a wave before revving the engine, taking off down the road.

"A month off the grid, no duties, no missions...I don't know what to do with myself," Steve frowned, crossing his arms.

"Oh, come on. You can't be Captain American all the time," Banner chuckled. "But I know what you mean...I am heading to Africa, see if I can help some people out."

"I'll end up spending it at the gym," Steve sighed.

"Why? You are already a meat head," Clint leaned against the STARK building, folding his arms.

"You can never be too prepared."

"You need a girlfriend," Clint shook his head. "Tell you what," he opened his wallet, pulling out a wad of cash and tossing it to him. "Take some girls to the movies. If all that money isn't gone when I'm back, you owe me double."

"Barton, this is like two thousand dollars!"

"That's a hundred thirty-three dates, at least. I'm sure you can do it," he winked at Banner, who just chuckled. "Besides, no challange is to great for Captain America!"

"I'm beginning to remember why we don't hang out."

"Because I am way to awesome?"

"Because you are way too annoying," Natasha replied as she exited the building, her bag slung across her shoulder. She was letting her hair grow out again and it was currently pulled back in a short pony tail.

"Exactly!" Steve threw his hands up in the air before climbing onto his motorcycle. "I'll see you guys," he waved before kicking it to life and taking off.

"Same here, Adios," Banner waved before walking towards his car.

"Well hello there," Clint smiled at Natasha, giving her a quick once over.

"Stop checking me out," she rolled her eyes, leaning against his firm chest. His strong arms wrapped around her shoulders as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head and chuckled.

"I can't help it...Are you sure you want to do this?"

"You've asked me that like twenty times in the last three days. I am positive," she turned around, kissing him full on the mouth. "Now let's go before I change my mind."

"Yes ma'am," he grabbed her bag from her, carrying it to his car. He tossed it into the back with the rest of their stuff before opening her door for her.

"Always the gentleman, huh?" She quirked an eyebrow.

"You know it," he smiled.

"So where are we going?" She asked as he slid into the passenger side, starting the car.

"It is a surprise."

"Clint, you know I hate surprises."

"Well, you'll like this one. Trust me." He winked at her before turning onto the highway, ready for a month of relaxation.
. . . . . . .

Clint drove as far as his car would permit him before killing the engine. The moon was high in the sky, reflecting off the surface of the water. He watch as silver waves lapped at the dark sand, drawing the night crabs out to see. Natasha was slumped over in her seat, her head against the door. He smiled as he lifted the majority of their bags out, carrying them towards the dark building ahead of him.

He fumbled around in the dark after unlocking the door, nearly tripping over the table. He finally found the light switch, turning on the living room lights. He found his way to the two bedrooms, depositing the bags in their appropriate rooms. He went through the rest of the house, flipping on lights before returning to the parked car.

"Natasha," he said softly, gently pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Wake up."

"Hm?" She blinked sleepily, yawning. "Wow...the beach? How long was I asleep?"

"Maybe four hours?" He chuckled. "Come on," he opened her door, pulling her to her feet.

"This is a remote spot... I love it," she smiled, looking around her.

"We are miles from the nearest used rode. I only know about this place because of Stark."

"I'll have to thank him," she laughed.

Natasha followed Clint towards the house, her eyes taking in his built frame as he walked. She couldn't help but the watch his every movement, taking note of every detail. Lately she found herself thinking about him more and more; she had given up and fighting it. If she fell in love, she fell in love.

"You can stop starring at my butt," Clint called over his shoulder as he led her inside, shutting the door behind him.

"Oh wow," She ignored his remark, looking around the house. Two bedrooms were connected on the far side and a kitchen was close to the door. She liked the feel of the house- it was small, cozy.

"I thought you'd like it."

"It is perfect, I hate feeling like I am out in the open," she wrinkled her nose before flopping onto the couch with a content sigh. "Ok, make me dinner."

"Ok, what do you want?"

"I was kidding Clint," she tossed a pillow at him. "It is Eleven, I am going to bed."

"I was hoping you were going to say that," he chuckled, smiling. "Good night," he bent down to give her a lingering kiss.

"Mmm, a good night indeed," she winked before heading to her room. She changed before stretching out across the bed, watching the ceiling fan, wondering what adventures the week would bring.
. . . . . . . . .

Natasha's stomach woke her up the next morning. It growled as the smell of bacon and eggs hit her nose and she raised an eyebrow. Rolling out of bed she headed towards the kitchen, following the scent. The sight she found made her laugh as she watched Clint cook. He had a dish towel tucked into his waist band.

"Good morning," he turned around with a smile that soon faded as he looked her over. She had on a pair of short black running and a blue tank top that clung to her figure. "Wow."

"Yes?" She cocked an eyebrow, seating herself at the table.

"You look fantastic."

"Whatever Clint," she rolled her eyes. "I've been up five minutes, cut me some slack."

"Hey, I am being serious," he protested. "Trust me..."

"Men," she huffed before smiling again. "Since when do you know how to cook?"

"Since I've spent so much time as a bachelor." He winked, moving the food to the table.

"After we eat I want to hit the beach, ok? I haven't swam in forever."

"I'll watch, I am not real big on water. I can take showers in under two minutes," he shook his head, sitting across from her.

"Oh, please. It isn't that bad."

"Aside from the fact that you have no control over your enviroment."

"Is Clint Barton scared?"

"Is Natasha smart-ass looking to get her butt kicked?"

"Like you could," she rolled her eyes, taking a bite. She chewed for a moment before nodding. "That is good. Real good. You do pretty good for a man," she teased.

"I'm glad you like it," he chuckled.

The rest of the meal passed in comfortable silence before they dumped their dishes and went to their seperate rooms. Natasha frowned as she pulled the black bikini out of her bag, biting her lip. Normally she wouldn't give her clothes a second thought- they didn't matter. Skin was skin. But this was Clint, and he would definitely make note of her choices.

With a sigh she changed, putting on sunscreen as she went. When she was ready she grabbed a towel, heading for the water. She jumped as Clint appeared out of no where, falling into step beside her.

"Why so jumpy?"

"I don't know." She frowned as she wondered the same thing.

"Relax a little. Need a message or something?"

"No, I am fine," she tossed her towel down, rolling her eyes as she felt his gaze on her. "Do not drool on me, Clint."

"I'll try," he cleared his throat, spreading his towel out. He stretched out across it and Natasha bit her lip, eyeing the three knotted scars that had remained on his back. With a sigh she waded into the warm water, her muscles relaxing.

"I'm digging the view," he hollered as he watched her, his chin propped on his forearms.

"Oh shut up," she splashed water his way before rolling onto her back, the waves lapping at her hair. She closed her eyes, letting the current move her back and forth.

"Boo," Clint smirked as he dunked her under the water. Natasha squealed, a sound he had never heard her make before, and she sputtered as she broke the surface.

"You ass! I thought you hated water," she glowered at him, her hair sticking to her face.

"I do. But I couldn't pass up the chance to get even with you," he laughed. "Your reaction was priceless."

"I hate you," she muttered, squeezing the extra water from her hair.

"I love you too," he smiled before wading up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. The contact made her freeze and she closed her eyes, leaning into his embrace. She had worked a lot of job and had had her fair amount of experiences with men. But nothing like this. When Clint touched her, it was like her skin was on fire. Wherever he touched, he left a blazing streak that ran to her very core.

"Clint," she turned around before snaking her arms around his neck, capturing him in a kiss. He watched her as she closed her eyes, continuing to lean into him. He kissed her back, running his hands down her sides, causing goose bumps to sprout up along her arms. He mentally smirked, grazing his nose along her neck before kissing her shoulder, then working his way back up.

"I think I might like the water," he mumbled around a kiss, causing her to smile slightly.

"Just shut up and kiss me," she pulled his head back down, reclaiming his lips.

"I can do that."

After several minutes she broke away for her, looking up at him and meeting his soft gaze. "I love you."

"I know you do," he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "And I love you too."

"I think..." Her eyes took on a mischievous glint, "It is time to teach you to take a shower."



"Relax," Natasha ordered, digging her palms in Clint's shoulders. He was still stiff, muscles drawn up.

" 't. Not when you are standing there naked and I am in a shower. I hate closed spaces, and I hate water," he muttered, craving more of her touch.

"Yes, you can," she sighed, continuing to work on his shoulders. "Please?" She asked, pressing closer to his back.

"You are cheating," he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"So?" She smirked, blowing lightly in his ear. "That just gives me the upper hand."

"We aren't fighting," he couldn't help that shiver that ran through his body, despite the hot water.

"This is a different kind of battle," she breathed into his ear before turning him around, grazing her lips over his collarbone. "One I plan on winning."

"By playing dirty?"

"Who said I had to play fair," she placed on hand on his hip, laying the other against his cheek before kissing him again. She normally kept physical contact to a minimal- it was normally part of her job. But for once, she needed him to touch her, needed him to try to over step the fine lines. She just wondered if he had the guts to do it. Maybe she had let them stay friends too long.

"Then I'll have to cheat too," he finally said, dropping his hands to her waist. He instantly took control over their mouths, using his tongue to explore the inside of her mouth. She closed her eyes again, taking in the feel of his hands against her skin. He let his fingers splay out against her side, running his hands down the curves of her sides.

"Clint," she pushed him back as she gasped for air. He just chuckled deeply, continuing to plaster kisses down her neck and across her shoulders. She let out a moan as he hand grazed her chest and he smirked, returning his attention to her mouth.

"I think I am winning."

"Then I will let you," she leaned into his hand as he worked his way down her side, the other working on her back. She laced her arms around his neck as she kissed him, locking her legs around his hips, casuing his back to press into the cool tiled wall.

"You are driving me crazy," he closed his eyes and took a deep breath as she continued to kiss on his neck.

"That is the point," she smiled, running a hand down his chest. "Clint, this might sound crazy, but I don't want to-"

"I know," he dropped another kiss to her lips. "Not yet at least. But that doesn't mean I can't drive you crazy," he chuckled, running a finger from her chin straight down. She jumped at the contact, letting out in involuntary moan.

"God, Clint," she breathed out slowly.

"I think.."He earned another buck from her, "That I am beginning to like showers.
. . . . . .

Natasha blinked sleepily as she woke up, Clint's breath tickling her ear. She realized she was still sprawled out his chest, his boxers the only thing seperating them. She smiled, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth.


"Hm?" He opened one eye, stifling a yawn. "Oh. Good morning."

"Very good morning," she smiled as he wrapped his arms back around her.

"If I had even attempted to touch you like I had last night a year ago, you would have killed me."

"Probably. But you know what, you didn't push me and didn't ask me for more than I offered," she caught his eyes, "And that's what makes me love you."

"That and the fact I am completely sexy, right?"

"Yes, that too," she couldn't help but laugh.

"You know Clint, you have really changed me."

"And you've changed me." He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Now why don't we go get dressed and we can eat breakfast."

"That sounds wonderful..then maybe we can go for a walk."

"And when we get back, we can take a shower," he grinned mischievously and pushed her off, running for the door.

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