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Chapter 2

"Well," Ebony clapped her hands together, "let's get crackin'! We need to dominate those books!" She ran into the next room," Bow down to your master, 10 ton books!" She yelled.

"She'll be out before she knows it." Mrs. Witmann sighed, shaking her head, making her permed blonde hair bounce.

"No doubt there." Lady said, rolling her eyes.

"I thought we were supposed to be dominating these books." Lady sighed as she poked a sleeping Ebony on the head.

"I'm going to solve the problem out of you..." Ebony mumbled.

"Ebony, wake up! You're making no sense!" Lady shook her.

"Your calculus can go blow itself."

"Dear Lord..." Lady slapped her forehead, "Ebony, you're drooling on the textbook." She lied.

"No I'm not, you liar, you can't lie to me... I can tell when people... lie" Ebony sniffled.

"That's it." Lady shoved Ebony out of the chair. She fell to the ground with a loud, 'Thump.'

"What? I'm awake!" Ebony yawned. She sat up. "What time is it?" She asked,

"It's barely even 8." Lady told her. Ebony groaned,

"I'm gonna go grab a snack." She told Lady as she got to her feet and shuffled towards the kitchen.

"Didn't we just have dinner?" Lady called after her.

"I'm still hungry." Ebony said, stifling a yawn.

Lady smiled, "She definitely loves to sleep, and she can virtually sleep anywhere she wants." She chuckled. "Almost like Dante." Lady looked out of the large window to her left. "Dante... I wonder how he's doing." Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a string of swear word flow out of the kitchen. "Ebony?" Lady got out of her chair and into the kitchen to see Ebony standing next to the counter, looking down at the ground. "What's wrong?" She asked quickly, scanning the area. She head Ebony sniffle and Lady slowly turned towards her,

"My strawberries..." Lady followed her gaze down to the carton of strawberries that had crashed on the ground. Lady sighed,

"This is the reason you swore?" Ebony pouted,

"Come on, Lady, you know about my ardent love for strawberries." Ebony sighed.

"What happened in here Miss?" They both looked up to see two maids enter the kitchen.

"Nothing big, we just need a clean up, I just dropped my strawberries." Ebony told the maid,

"Oh Mistress!" The other cried, they were instantly next to the mess on their knees and were cleaning it up, "We'll get you some more strawberries, don't you worry about a thing!" Ebony sighed,

"No worries you two." She said to them, "I'm just crying over spilled milk." Lady looked at the clock,
"It's starting to get late, I should be heading home." Ebony looked at her friend.

"Oh! It is getting pretty late." She said as she checked the time. Lady walked over to the door and unlocked it,

"I'll see you tomorrow, Ebony." Lady said with a smile. Ebony nodded,

"Be careful out there Lady!" She waved goodbye as Lady walked into the garage, pushing a button near the door that opened the garage and got on her and drove out. Lady slowed down at the large, black metal gates to wait for it to open. The moment she rode out, she saw the shadows shift around her. She screeched to a stop, leaning back on her bike as a scythe brushed in front of her face, barely missing her nose,

"Damn demons, what are you bastards doing here?" She snarled as she reached down and pulled out a gun that was hidden in a compartment on the side if her bike. She lifted up her weapon to shoot at the demon when she felt a scaly hand grasp her wrist. Lady's face twisted in disgust, "Let go of me!" She yelled. She pulled out another gun and shot through the demons wrist, she then shot at the demon in front of her, its shriek filling the air. Lady quickly holstered her gun, gripping the handle of the motorcycle and shot forward, turning the motorcycle, she gassed the engine, her front wheel rearing up as the collided into the first devil, blood painted the pavement as she ran over it, and then she hit the brakes, the tires screeching on the pavement. She got off of her motorcycle, taking the two guns with her, her fingers pulled the triggers into the multiple other demons,

"EBONYYYYY!" A couple cried. Lady scowled. She flipped into the air as a demon leapt at her, in mid-air; she opened fire upon its skull. She then felt something crash into her before she landed on the ground; they flew through the air and hit the road together. Lady looked up into the acid green eyes of the demon,

"You're not Ebony..."

"Sorry to disappoint you," She sneered as she pulled out a grenade from her belt and shoved it into the demons mouth yanking the pin in the process. She put her feet against its abdomen and shoved it away, flipping on her hands, she grabbed the fun she had let go of, then into her feet as the demon exploded. She then aimed her guns at the last three demons,

"We're not after her." One of them said,

"We kill her anyways, she looks delicious." Another said,

"No, he told us not to kill anyone." The third said,

"She's just one human, no one will notice."

"Oh no you won't." Lady growled, she let out a volley of bullets at the demons, but they had already melted into the shadows.

"We will catch the girl, for that is what he has commanded we do..." The shadows whispered. Lady scowled as she dropped her arms and looked up at the metal gates to Ebony's home.

'They knew you by name.' She thought, 'They went as far as to wait by your gates and they don't seem like the typical dumb demons, so why didn't they just go in? Why do they want you?' Lady sighed as she walked over to her motorcycle and picked it off of the ground, putting the guns back in their compartments. She grumbled incoherently about talking to herself as she mounted her motorcycle and sped away from Ebony's home.

"Now what do you want?" Was the first thing Lady heard from Dante's mouth when she walked into the agency. "I thought you weren't going to come around because of studying."

"First of all, you never paid me, so I can come hound your ass as much as I want now, and secondly, I didn't come here to hound your ass." Dante scratched his head,

"Then why the hell are you here? I closed at nine." He told her. Lady sighed,

"Look, I just need to ask you some questions." She sat down on his couch, trying to find a comfortable position,

"Why don't you just go to that nerd place?" Dante asked, leaning back in his chair, "Read some books, ya know… all that boring stuff." Lady gritted her teeth,

"The library is closed right now you idiot, and I need answers, fast." Dante raised an eyebrow, he leaned forward and lay an arm across his desk, his other pointing at Lady,

"YOU, need help," He pointed at himself, "from ME?"

"Yes, yes," She said in an irritated tone, "I know, not your everyday thing. But this is important."

"Hold on, let me just suck in the glory, Lady, coming to ME for answers." Dante said arrogantly, putting his hands behind his head as he leaned back in his seat once more.

"Dante! This is serious! Ebony's in danger!"

Dante's grin faltered, "Who's in danger?"

"My friend, Ebony." Lady went to stand by the window and gazed out, "When I left her house, there were demons waiting right outside her gates."
"What does this have to do with me?"

"Dante, I swear..." Lady growled in frustration, glaring at the half-devil.

"Why didn't they just go in and kill her?" Dante inquired.

Lady face became thoughtful, "Good question... I never realized that, they just sat on the other side of the gate, waiting."

"Definitely doesn't seem demonly." Dante scoffed, "If I were a demon, I would've just barged in, killed people, ya know, the whole demon routine."

"Dante?" Dante stopped and looked at Lady, "How serious is it when a demon is targeting one, and only one person? They don't kill anyone, and they want their target, alive?"

Dante's eyebrows furrowed, "What the hell are you talking about Lady?"

"It's extremely serious, isn't it?"


"My friend, she's their target. They called her by name." Lady shook her head, "I need your help Dante."

"I won't be getting paid for this, will I?" Dante sighed.

"No, but you will have my eternal gratitude." Lady stated, folding her arms.

"Hah! That's a good one! No, seriously, Lady, I need something. I don't run a charity here. I need a way to pay the water bill." Dante stood up, "I know! How about, if I help you, then you don't bug me for the rest of my life for MY money."

"How about the rest of this year?" Lady counter-offered as she leaned against the wall.

"Well, sounds good to me. That's if you keep that promise." Dante's icy gaze steadily watched her,

"Fine." Dante's eyes lit up as he grinned and he clapped his hands together,

"Well then, let's get down to business." He picked up the phone and dialed a number,

"What are you doing?" Lady asked. Dante looked up at her,

"What do you think I'm doing? If you think I'm just going to sit here and hear you babble on, I'm going to fall asleep. I need something to do to stay awake. In this case, I'm gonna need some pizza."

"I can't believe you." Lady shook her head and folded her arms as she waited for Dante to get off the phone. When he did, she walked over to his desk,

"So how long have you known this chick?" Dante asked her.

"Almost three years." Lady said thoughtfully,

"And you never noticed the demons before?"

Lady shook her head, "No, never." She stated. Dante nodded his head,

"Well, what do you want me to do?" He asked as he leaned back in his chair.

"I want you to keep an eye on her."

"I'm not a babysitter Lady." Dante said bluntly.

"I'm not asking you to follow her everywhere. I just want you to stay around her home at night." Lady told him.

"You want me to stalk your friend? Damn, in any other case, I would be flipping for joy." Dante chuckled.

"No, I just want you to stay outside of the perimeter and maintain an eye out for demons. Try to figure out why they won't go in and why they're after her." Lady explained.

"Aw damn, that's no fun." Dante shook his head, "What about during the day?" Dante asked.

"Don't worry about that, because of upcoming exams, we're probably going to be studying every single day." She told him. She reached out to a crumpled napkin on his desk and smoothed it out with her hands. She then picked up a pen he had lying around and scribbled on the napkin, frowning when she saw that the pen wasn't working. She threw the pen down with a frustrated groan, "Come on, Dante. What's the point in keeping a pen if it doesn't even work?" Her eye twitched in irritation. Dante pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pen and slid it over to her,

"Damn, cool your jets Lady. I have more pens." He sighed.

Lady grumbled as she took the pen started scribbling something down on the paper.

Dante craned his neck from where he was sitting to try to see what Lady was writing down.

"What's that?" He asked. Lady set down the pen and handed him the napkin.

"It's my friend's address. I want you to check it out sometime, just be careful that neither the cameras or guards find you sneaking about."

"Who the hell is this girl? The Queen of England?" Dante groaned as he raised an eyebrow at the paper.

"Hey, it'll be fun for you, and you're good at sneaking around. Aren't you?" Lady turned and started walking towards the door.

"Hey! You're not staying for some pizza?" Dante asked.

"No, I don't want to intrude on your intimate relationship." Lady called back.

"There's nothing wrong with a three-way!" Dante called after her.

Lady stopped, her hand on the door handle, "You're disgusting Dante." She told him before she pulled open the squeaky metal door and walked out.

~The Next Day~

Ebony took off her fencing helmet, putting it under her right arm and shook the hand of the fencer before her with her left.

"Man, I swear you keep gettin' better every day." The blonde man said to her. Ebony smiled at him as they let go of each other's hands,

"Why thank you Jake, you aren't too shabby yourself. You almost had me on those last few rounds. You should start going to competitions."

Jake beamed, "You really think so?"

Ebony nodded, "I know so."

"Thanks Ebony!" Jake said, his eyes shining. Ebony nodded as she turned around and un-hooked herself from the tally machine,

"Nice bout, Ebony." Ebony turned to look at her fencing teacher,

"Thanks Mr. Harron." She said as she walked out of the room to go change into her normal clothes. She went into the changing room and opened her locker, pulling out her fencing bag and placed it on the bench. She opened it up, putting in her epee and helmet, then proceeding to pull out her clothes and changed out of her fencing gear. Once she had finished up, she hauled her bag back into the locker and slung her backpack onto her shoulders right as the bell rang and she left the class.

She was practically assaulted by the chattering students in the hallway; she didn't even try to fight them. Practically letting them carry her down the hallway until she reached the spacious center of the school. There she greeted some friends, waved to Kayshia who waved back to her before being grabbed by her boyfriend, Jason. His chocolate brown eyes gave a scrutinizing glare at Ebony. Ebony shook it off before glancing around, managing to catch a glimpse of Lady and pushed through the crowd to get to her. She called to her, frowning when she didn't respond. When she got close enough, she gently put her hand on her shoulder,

"Hey you, are you going deaf?" She asked her. Lady turned to Ebony,

"Oh, hey Ebony, sorry, I didn't hear you."

Ebony looked Lady over. She had dark circles around her eyes and her hair was slightly messy,

"Did you even get any sleep last night Lady?" She asked her.

Lady stretched and yawned.

"Not a wink." She said.

"Why not? Did you stay up studying without me?" Ebony said as she rolled her eyes.

Lady chuckled lightly but fell silent and stared at the ground.


Ebony glanced over at Lady, "Hmm?"

"Do you ever feel watched?" She asked her. Ebony's elegant white eyebrow arched.

"Is someone stalking me or something? I swear, if it's Ben again..."

Lady shook her head, "That's not what I meant." Ebony frowned,

"Then what?"

Lady stayed silent. Ebony cocked her head waiting for a response.

"I mean, like a supernatural feeling of being watched." Lady said quietly.

Ebony blinked, her mouth slightly opening,

"Uhh... Well..." She looked around, "There's too many people. Do you want to come to Fredi's? I'm long overdue for a strawberry sundae."

Lady shook her head with a tired smile, "You and your strawberry sundaes."

The bell jingled as Ebony pushed open the door. She waved at both Fredi and Cindy, Fredi gave her a warm smile and nodded her way, Cindy beamed and waved back at her.

"Fredi, can I get the usual?" Ebony asked,

"Do you have to ask?" Fredi laughed heartily, "Of course my dear!" He turned away from them and Ebony walked to the end of the restaurant to sit in the booth at the corner right next to the window. They both sat down and Cindy came along on her roller skates, braking skillfully near the table,

"Strawberry sundae with extra berries, enjoy, Ebony!" She said with a radiant smile. Ebony thanked her, Cindy speed away to help other costumers. Ebony picked up her spoon and scooped off a glob of whipped cream and strawberries, and then she looked up at Lady.

"You're not going to get anything?" She asked Lady. Lady shook her head,

"I usually never do." She told her.

"Oh?" her spoon paused at her mouth, "You come here regularly?"

"Kind of."

"And what exactly do you do? Sit at a booth awkwardly since you don't order anything?" Ebony snickered finished bringing the spoon into her mouth.

"No, I talk to Dante about jobs." Lady explained,

"Mm." Ebony nodded slowly.

"Oh yeah." Lady looked at Ebony, "What is it that you couldn't tell me at school?"

Ebony swallowed and gazed steadily at the table.

"Well, you know how I've always been fascinated with the supernatural?" Lady nodded,

"It's probably not the healthiest hobby, but yes, I know."

"Well, things have started to get a little... Well..." Ebony hesitated,

"A little...?" Lady urged,

"Strange." Lady's eyebrows furrowed,

"What exactly do you mean by that?" She examined her friend, the vacant expression in her eyes, the annoying, constant bounce of her right leg, her fingers fiddling with the spoon.

"Voices. I hear voices, calling my name. Sometimes I see shadows out of the corner of my eyes. Also, yesterday, something attacked me in the art supply room."

"Something attacked you?" Lady's eyes widened slightly. Ebony nodded,

"Yes, I've noticed small things before, but lately, things have gotten worse. Last night I after you left, I thought I had heard screaming." Ebony looked up into the heterochromic eyes, "I don't want to leave my home, but I also don't want to be in it either." She glanced back down at the sundae and started eating it again. After a few bites she sighed, "I'm trying not to let it get to me though. I probably just have to lay off of the horror books about ghosts, demons... etcetera."

"I have an inquiry." Lady said carefully, staring at her friend, "Do you believe? Do you think that they're real?"

"Oh, I know they're real." Ebony scoffed. Lady was slightly taken aback.

"Really?" She asked incredulously.

Ebony nodded, she opened her mouth and was about to say something when the bell tinkled and a voice called out.

"Hey Lady! I saw you through the window and came in to tell you that there are definitely wards around the hou—"

Lady practically slammed her face into the table, but restrained herself and instead turned stiffly to look up at the red-clad devil standing over the table, staring at Ebony.

"Dante." Lady forced out through gritted teeth, "How nice to see you here."

Dante looked over at Lady, "Why the hell are you acting so nice?" He asked as he sat down next to her, "I just came to tell you that the house has wards around it." Lady's eye twitched.

"Dante, this isn't the time or place for that." She hissed

"Umm... May I ask who this is?" Ebony looked between Lady and the strange man who had sat down next to her. He was wearing a black long sleeve shirt with a red vest buckled over it, with a crimson red overcoat over his attire.

"I'm Dante." He said with a toothy grin, "And you must be Ebony."

Ebony's eyebrows furrowed, "How do you know my name?" She asked hesitantly,

"Uhh…" Dante cleared his throat, "Lady here has told me about you." He said as he nudged a stiff Lady. Ebony glanced at Lady,

"I can't say the same about you." She said, holding out her hand. She felt the worn leather of his glove press against her hand, his long, strong fingers curling around hers in a controlled, strong grip. "It's nice to meet you." She said with a smile.

"It's nice to actually meet one of Lady's friends. It doesn't happen often" Dante said with a smirk as he let go of Ebony's hand. She drew back and looked at Lady's red face, "Uhh, are you her boyfriend?" She asked, looking back at Dante. Dante's Cheshire grin grew,

"How did you guess?" He laughed as he wrapped his arms around Lady, who protested rather loudly before punching him in the face. Dante pulled away, his gloved hand rubbing his cheek, "Hey! No need to get feisty!" Dante laughed.

Lady's face went even redder, whether if she was blushing or angry, Ebony couldn't tell.

"You idiot!" She hissed through her teeth. She turned to Ebony, "He's my business partner that I've vaguely mentioned. The one I said owed me money." She explained to her.

"Oh! Him!" Ebony smiled, "It's nice to put a face to the stories. You should probably pay her back before she beats you up." She suggested. Dante smirked,

"Luckily for me, we struck up a deal. I help her out and I don't have to pay her for the rest of the year." Ebony nodded her head before continuing to eat her sundae. Dante cocked his head at her, "You have good taste." Ebony looked up at him with a full mouth and blinked. She swallowed quickly,

"You mean this?" She chuckled, looking down at the strawberry sundae in front of her, "I've always loved strawberries, ever since I can remember so when I discovered this quaint restaurant with the amazing strawberry sundaes, I instantly fell in love. I always try to indulge myself." She said as she smiled down at the sundae.

"You don't say..." Dante's expression became vacant, but he was brought back with a sharp jab to the ribs.

"Don't you dare try anything with her," Lady growled in a low voice. Dante chuckled,

"I was just trying to get to know a nice, beautiful young girl named Ebony." He said as he motioned to Ebony.


"I swear, if you even start getting any ideas, or I see that perverted glimmer in your eyes, I'm gonna wring you neck." Lady threatened. Ebony's confused stare became even more bewildered,

"She likes to joke around a lot." Dante said with a grin towards Ebony. Lady shook her head and wagged a finger in front of his nose,

"I'm serious Dante. If even one little perverted idea crosses your mind, I will personally slaughter you."

Dante rolled his eyes, "I won't. Scouts honor." He said as he held up two fingers. Lady glared at him, "What?"

"You're not even a Boy Scout. By the way, it's three fingers, not two." She grumbled,

"Psh, how would you know? You're not a Boy Scout." Dante scoffed, dropping his hand, "It was close enough, and it doesn't mean I can't keep a promise." Dante retorted.

Lady suddenly felt Dante stiffen next to her,

"What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" She snickered.

"Lady." Lady looked up at Dante to see him giving her a serious look. Lady's eyes widened slightly.

"You have got to be joking." She breathed her mouth slightly agape.

"Should I even ask?" Ebony interjected, putting her spoon in the empty tulip glass. Dante grinned, but it didn't reach his eyes,

"Since you ask, I was wondering if you gals would like to go to my place." Ebony raised an eyebrow and glanced at her friend,

"I can't say much, since I don't really know you. So this is probably your call, Lady." Lady nodded her head,

"Yeah, let's go." Dante stood up, Lady getting out behind him. Ebony stared up at them confused,

"What made you change your mind so quickly? One moment you're threatening to kill him, the next you're lunging at the opportunity to go to his place?" Ebony stood up shaking her head, "I think I'm going to start getting a migraine." She complained. Dante felt the hair on the back of his neck prickle when the bell jingled. He glanced over to see a handsome man dressed in black Victorian clothes enter the restaurant. His black hair falling over one eye,

"Come on." He urged. The man's gaze landed on both Ebony and Dante, instantly narrowing. Dante swore. Lady followed his gaze,

"That's him?" She whispered to him. Dante nodded stiffly.

"What's going on?" Ebony whispered to Lady.

"Don't worry about it," She responded, giving the man a wary look. Dante led the way to the door with the two women following closely behind. The well-dressed man stood before Dante, he was slightly smaller by maybe an inch or two.

"It's been too long, Dante."

Dante looked down at him and sighed, "Look pal, I don't know you, and we're not looking for any problems. I don't want to start a fight that would end up in destroying this restaurant. I like it too much, so let's just step outside." The man glared at him, but silently stood aside to let them pass. Lady gripped Ebony's arm and they walked out of the restaurant. The man then glanced at Ebony, his eyes were almost black, and his presence was foreboding which caused Ebony to shiver slightly.

"I am looking to speak with the woman." He said sourly. Dante quirked an eyebrow in question,

"You want to speak to Lady?" The man shook his head,

"Let me rephrase, I wish to speak to Ebony." He then strode over to her; Lady stepped in front of the man,

"Look here, I don't know who you are, but I'm not going to let you hurt Ebony." He looked down on her, a flicker of amusement passed through his black eyes, but his face remained expressionless.

"Step aside, human. I have no intention of harming her. At least not yet, I have orders to speak to her. My revenge can wait." Lady glared at him.

"And you think I'm going to just believe that?" She snapped.

"Unlike your kind, we do not lie." Lady bared her teeth at him. She then felt Ebony's hand on her shoulder,

"He seems to be telling the truth." She whispered to her. Lady gritted her teeth, but slowly stepped off to Ebony's right side.

"Wise move." He told her. Ebony slightly stepped back as the man in black stood before her. His eyes stared into her cerulean orbs.

"Why do you want to talk to me?" She asked in a small voice. His lip raised in distaste,

"Your pathetic human friend knows too much. Tell her to stop what she is doing instantly, or there will be punishment on her part." He growled. Ebony blinked,

"What friend? What are they doing? What are you even talking about?" She asked.

"The one that goes by the name Kayshia. If she continues what she is doing now, we shall have to step in." He grinned eerily, "You wouldn't want that, would you?"

Ebony blanched.

"W-what are you even talking about?" She stammered. The man slightly leaned his head to one side,

"I believe she has told you about it, and you help her with her studies of the supernatural."

"Yeah, but it's frivolous. To her at least." She told him. The man sneered,

"Liar." He spun sharply on his heel and looked back at her, "I give you until this time tomorrow to get her to stop the useless search for a cure. See fit that she forgets it all before I come back."

"Wait! Who are you? Why can't you just tell her yourself? I mean, she's done nothing wrong, why don't you just threaten me and keep her out of this!?" She called after him, making a move to chase after him. Dante raised his arm in front of her to stop her.

"You'll lose him before you even start chasing him." Ebony looked up at Dante, his face twisted into a scowl. She them looked back to see that the man had disappeared.

"Dante, did you know him?" Dante turned to Lady and shook his head, dropping his hand.

"I've never met him before in my life." He answered.

"He seemed to know both of you though..." Lady said thoughtfully. She looked over at Ebony, "Ebony, what was he talking about? What did he mean when he said that Kayshia knows too much?" Lady asked her. Ebony looked down at the concrete ground.

"I-I don't know... I mean... She had been asking a ton of questions about demon possession a few weeks back, so she came to me for answers." She told her,

"Why would she do that?" Lady questioned.

Ebony shrugged, "I just thought that she was curious. So I would tell her stuff and help her out with her research, I've hardly hung out with her after school for the past few weeks. But it's not as though I can brainwash her or something."

Lady and Dante shared a look,

"Well, I'm sorry that this little meet and greet was interrupted." Dante sighed, "But I think it might be time for us to pay her a little visit to see what she's up to." Dante said to her. Ebony bit her lip and nodded her head before looking up at the sky,

'Oh Kayshia, what have you done now?'

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