Total Drama Ninja Warrior

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"We now welcome back to Total Drama Ninja Warrior, where 37 of Total Drama's competitors compete for a chance at $1,000,000 and a chance to battle Mount Midoriyama for total victory. We just saw D.J. sank himself to the waters below, while Anne Maria and Lightning got an immediate pass to stage 2. With 31 contestants to go, who will also have the heart and determination to advance to stage 2? We now go back to Mount Midoriyama in Japan where the seventh contestant about to take leave." the Ninja Warrior narrator said in glee as the fifth contestant now took the stage.

She was perhaps chubby all around her cheeks, her legs and even her stomach. She was recognizable because of the pink hot pants, that annoying screech that she always makes alongside her best friend, and the fact that she dressed up as her skinny, yet attractive best friend. Even though they would be unstoppable as a unit, but how would she do alone?

Sadie, the chubbier of the so-called BFFFLs, was given support from the sidelines and everyone, including her main supporter, the always energetic Katie.

"You can do it, Sadie! I believe in you!" Katie exclaimed gladly as Sadie gave her friends a thumbs up. She was always the brave one of the group. With her mean and lean mass, Sadie could easily conquer stage 1.

"I believe in you too, Katie! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Sadie exclaimed away to Katie as she now took her focus right on the course. And as the buzzer sounded right off to bat, Sadie now took off.

Sadie had a bit of a struggling start off the Twelve Timbers. She felt a little wobbly as she approached each step, but nevertheless, she managed to get past the first obstacle.

"Keep going, Sadie! You're doing great!" Katie shouted proudly at her best friend as Sadie took a stop and waved right back. Up next was the Cross Bridge. How would Sadie do in this uncomfortable situation? The message was simple:

As Sadie started to cross real smoothly, her chubby mass made the entire bridge tip over to the left as Sadie took quite the tumble right onto the cold watery drink. Therefore, Sadie, one-half of the BFFFL's, was eliminated from the competition. Duncan even laughed right at her as Katie looked at him, just scowling slightly.

"Hahahaha! I know what tipping a cow feels like! Mooooooooooooooo!" Duncan and the rest of the spectators laughed.

"You are so insensitive, Duncan. At least she gave it her best shot!" Katie shot back aggressively at the mohawked rebel as Katie left the stands to go check on her fallen female friend for life, who continued to spit out a lot of water that was surged from her mouth and nose. While Katie was doing just that...

The eighth competitor was now making his mark on the stage. Decked out in an amazing cowboy hat, a pink collared shirt that showed his amazing stomach of steel, and such golden blonde hair hat made him look like the awesome heartthrob. He was none other than Geoff, who was given a good luck kiss by Bridgette, who was scheduled to go up next after his run of stage 1.

"Own this course, Geoff!" Bridgette shouted to him in support. It was always her support that made Geoff stronger than who he really was inside.

"I'll make you proud, babe!" Geoff shouted right back as the buzzer sounded. Geoff took off almost in a speed of light as his mind felt fast as a speedcar going 250 m.p.h.

Geoff easily handled the Twelve Timbers real easily like a complete cakewalk followed by the wobbly yet strugglingly Cross Bridge. Geoff was now making very good time as he now apporached the Log Grip.

"C'Mon Log, don't fail me now..." Geoff spoke right to the log as he rubbed his hands, urging to get a good grip. He eventually did as both himself and the log took a very nice slide down to the platform where Geoff stood and went through. The next obstacle would be the Jumping Spider. Something that Geoff never tried.

Geoff took a minor yet nervous gulp at the obstacle that was standing right before him. Geoff would be lucky if he didn't have to lose his lucky hat on the process.

With sweat being glistened around his forehead, Geoff took a very blunt leap on the trampoline, but managed to wedge himself through the walls perfectly. He crawled at a normal pace and traverses all the way up nice and easy with little harm whatsoever as Geoff landed on the soft padding, getting through the obstacle real easily.

Next up would be the Halfpipe Attack. Halfpipes were definitely Geoff's speciality of attack, but unfortunately for him, he didn't have his trusty skateboard to save him now. However, it didn't seem to be a problem for Geoff as he gave excellent speed to his strong legs, running across the halfpipe and reached his arms for the rope, in which he got a very good grip. He then landed right on his two feet on the narrow landing pad, easily clearing the obstacle.

Up next was definitely right up Geoff's alley, the Warped Wall. Like the Halfpipe Attack, he didn't need a skateboard to pull himself through. As soon as he paced himself over and over, he gave enough speed to run up the huge halfpipe as his hands hanged on to the edge and pulled right up smoothly.

Up next would be the Slider Jump. To Geoff, it was like a skateboarder's point of view in which he would skate the rail upside down, but this time, the skateboard was a metal pole and his hands was his feet. He had a nice grip on the pole and gently slid all the way down to the track, followed by a nice leap and a brilliant catch of the cargo rope. He climbed all the way up and rolled all the way down, and as he was rolling down from the cargo net, Geoff nearly lost his hat in the process. Luckily, he kept it attached.

All that was really left was the Tarzan Jump. As Geoff's hands grabbed the end of the rope, he gave out his own version of the famous Tarzan yell.

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Geoff screamed mightily as he swung on the rope and extended his hand right on the rope wall. he then ascended all the way to the edge that turned out to be the finish line. As he got way up, Geoff approached the buzzer and pressed it successfuly.

Everyone cheered and screamed for joy of Geoff's victory of stage one, including Bridgette!

"All right, Geoffy! Way to go!" Bridgette screamed almost like a fangirl having swooned off his feet.

Geoff looked right at the time, which was 12.5 seconds, in which he was proud of himself for making excellent time of his course. He then went right off the course to greet Bridgette with a tender good luck kiss of his own.


Geoff - Whoo-hoo! I knew I would rock that course, just like Bridgette told me! That kiss really helped a lot! It's like she's got those tasty magical lips that really taste a lot like peach and such! I bet she uses peach mango smoothie lipstick. That way I can enjoy the taste in my mouth for as long as I can!

*Back to the course*

The ninth competitor of the day was busy stretching at the start line. With that familiar blonde ponytail that was combined with a nice, caring personality, a baby blue hoodie, and not to mention one of the co-hosts of the Total Drama Aftermaths, Bridgette was now ready for anything. But she could hear something closer to her from the stands. It sounded a lot female and so good-natured. The certain spectator had long flowing hair, had light brown eyes, wore a sky-blue tank over a black tank that stopped at her belly button, decked out in thigh-length black shorts, and had black sandals decked out in blue rhinestones.

"Hey, sis! Over here!" the female spectator shouted at Bridgette far away. Bridgette had finally turned to see that her twin sister Brittany had showed up for this special occasion. Brittany came here to see Bridgette conquer the entire course and go right on to total victory. "Hi, sis! It's me! Good luck with the course, don't mess up!"

"Don't worry about me! This is a piece of cake!" Bridgette shouted back smiling to her twin sister and giving a thumbs up.


Bridgette - It's very nice how my sister Brittany is supporting me besides my boyfriend Geoff. Without her help, I would be going home right away. I just hope she helps me add a lot more fuel to the fire...

*Back to the course*

The buzzer had already sounded as Bridgette was now approaching her first obstacle, the Twelve Timbers. She crossed them one by one, but she had a little trouble with the 6th log that she crossed on.

"Don't fall, sis!" Brittany shouted right to the already troubling Bridgette. Her words made Bridgette gain her focus once again and crossed the remaining six logs and went right to the next obstacle which was the Cross Bridge.

In Bridgette's mind, the bridge felt a lot more klutzier than her. But nevertheless, Bridgette hopped on each step of the bridge carefully and passed it with flying colors. Next obstacle Bridgette had to face was the Log Grip.

Using the best she can to stretch her entire arms on the log, Bridgette now started to hop on for the bumpy ride all the way down. The log slowly sent Bridgette down to the platform where she stood safely. The next obstacle was the dreaded Jumping Spider.

"Come on, sis! Just wedge yourself in between the walls!" Brittany shouted once again as Bridgette turned to her twin sister in the stands and nodded back in response.

Bridgette now looked right at the obstacle head on and made an impressive leap where she was wedged right between the walls. She began to crawl insanely fast. That gave her a lot of excellent time to save for the rest of this course.

And as she landed right on the narrow landing pad. Her next obstacle was the Halfpipe Attack.

Bridgette took a deep breath and took a nice run across the halfpipe, had a nice grab on the rope, and started to land nicely on the landing pad, but her footing went very wrong as the rope swung her again.

"Be careful, sis! It's hard work!" Brittany shouted once again as Bridgette regained her footing and landed more cautiously on the pad. Bridgette took a very hard sigh of relief as she now faced her next obstacle which was the Warped Wall.

Bridgette gathered the powers of the ocean and the spirit of its aquatic creatures to surge inside the surfer girl's body. Bridgette took on a good run and made it in one try as she pulled herself up on the tall half-pipe. Everyone stood up on their feet and cheered highly for this surfing beauty.

Meanwhile, her twin sister Brittany was now getting a look right at Justin. She was quite fascinated by him to be a matter of fact. Everyone was. Justin had those loving blue eyes, such an amazing physique, such black hair that you would get your hands on and just rub of its softness, and just an amazing smile. Even though Justin wasn't pretty much interested in her, Brittany was a bit of a Justin fangirl, just like Katie, Sadie and Beth. But the only thing Justin was really focusing on, was to prevent Alejandro from getting victory yet again. And maybe Justin's little move might get Heather to go to the male model's side instead. Justin was pretty much counting on everything to work.

Back at the course, Bridgette made a huge leap for the cargo net and climbed way up after succeeding on the Slider Jump. Bridgette looked way up at the clock in which she only had 20 seconds left to finish the course in time, in which the the surfer girl stepped it up and grabbed the rope for the Tarzan Jump.

Bridgette swung really nicely and grabbed on to the rope wall, where she began to climb up steadily. Everyone, including the Ninja warrior all-stars and Brittany, all chanted her name while she kept on climbing for her life. And as she finally got to the top edge of the rope wall, she quickly approached the buzzer and pressed it tightly, therefore making her advance to stage 2.

"Bridgette beats the course, therefore she moves on to the second stage!" Chris exclaimed as Bridgette raised her fists in victory. Her twin sister, Brittany got up from the stands and went right to her sister who was still celebrating her first stage victory proudly.

"You did it, sis! And only 4.2 seconds to spare!" Brittany exclaimed as she hugged her pretty twin sister in victory. "I can't wait what you do at the second stage!"

"Thank you! I knew your words worked!" Bridgette exclaimed as they kept on hugging for another 5 minutes. After that, she soon joined Geoff at the confessional.


Bridgette did not speak. Instead, she took way too much of her confessional time to make out heavily and yet sweetly with Geoff. The whole confessional turned out to be one heavy victory/make-out session.

*Back to the course*

"Both Geoff and Bridgette have advanced to the second stage, which left Sadie tumbling for utter defeat and humiliation. Now that the sweetest couple in Total Drama history has now joined join Owen, Anne Maria, and Lightning at the second stage, who will also tackle the first stage? Will it be fame-hungry Dakota? The tough street girl known as LeShawna? Or will be the tough jockette herself, Jo? We'll be right back after the commercial for more Total... Drama... Ninja Warrior!" the Ninja Warrior narrator spoke out yet again as the show went right to break again.

Of course, just so you're not confused, Brittany is an OC that my friends use on deviantART, and I hope she'll be happy once she sees her character on my story. Meanwhile, will either Dakota, LeShawna or Jo get a spot on the second stage the next chapter? Read and review to find out! WINNING!