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Chapter 1: Where's Waldo

The six Avenger sat down on the couch in the living room of Stark Tower, eyeing the image on the flat screen television with various degrees of curiosity.

"Awesome. We're all here. Tonight's game is Where's Waldo," Tony said.

Thor frowned. "Who is this Waldo, and why must we search for him."

Tony rubbed his palms together enthusiastically. "Because his archnemisis, Odlaw, is after him. We have to find him first."

Thor jumped to his feet eagerly. "Ah! There is evil afoot! We must protect Sir Waldo!" He raised his arm to summon Mjolnir.

"Thor, NO!" Natasha, Tony, and Steve exclaimed. Thor had already broken countless structures in the tower (actually, Tony knew the exact number because he was the one who paid for the repairs) because, as Tony put it, he was a little "Hammer Happy."

"It's a game, Thor," Bruce sighed. "We look at pictures and try to find certain characters."

"Oh," the god replied. He sat down dejectedly.

"Remind me why I'm wasting my time with this," Natasha huffed.

Steve frowned at her. "Game night is a great opportunity for us to bond as a team."

"Also, you and Thor caused serious structural damage to the training room last week. So this is really your fault," Tony chipped in.

Natasha glared daggers at him. Tony shrunk back and quickly loaded the image onto the screen.

He tossed everyone a laser pointer and began. "It's simple. We're looking for Waldo-"

"-You still have not explained who this Waldo is," Thor grunted.

"He's a skinny dude in a striped shirt with glasses and a hat," Tony explained. "And, since some of us clearly don't want to be here," he tossed Natasha a scornful glance, "let's make things interesting. Whoever finds the characters the fastest overall gets out of kitchen duty for a week."

The other five Avengers grinned, their interest piqued. "You're on," Steve replied.

"Okay. Round one. Find Waldo….go!"

Tony and Bruce squinted and tried to pick Waldo out from the crowded picture. Steve tried to figure out how to use his laser pointer. Natasha watched with mild amusement as Thor smashed his own laser pointer against the table in frustration.

"Got him," Clint said, moving his pointer to Waldo.

"Already?" Bruce asked in surprise.

"Ahh, beginner's luck," Tony scoffed, shrugging.

"How do you work this thing?" Steve asked in confusion, tapping his laser pointer.

"Okay….Round two," Tony said, ignoring Steve and sliding to the next image. "Find Woof the dog. Go!"

"Ahhhhh!" Steve cried. The others turned to see that he had the laser pointed at his own eye.

Natasha reached across the couch and flipped the pointer around so it faced the wall instead while Thor and Tony laughed.

"Got him," Clint said smugly.

"Fine," Tony said, changing the picture on the screen. "Go!"

"Got him."

"What?" Tony screeched. "How is that possible? None of the pictures were up there for more than ten seconds!"

Natasha rolled her eyes tossed her laser pointer onto the coffee table. "You're playing against a master assassin, Stark. Finding people and picking them off quickly has literally been his life's work."

"Oh. Good point."

She stood up and stretched. "I'm going to go shoot something now."

"Call me when dinner's ready," Clint called over his shoulder, following her out.

"Hmmhh. That didn't go as planned," Tony sighed. He stood up and looked toward the kitchen. "So…do any of you guys know how to cook?"