Since the glee club didn't want to get seen they decided that Santana, Quinn, Rachel, Mercedes and Tina would go check Brittany out while the glee guys went to try hunt down who took Brittany's college disk. After the two cars pulled into the car park Santana took Brittany's phone and called Harry.

"hello Santana." Harry quietly said trying to make sure Brittany didn't over hear the conversation.

"hey Harry me and the girls are here." she replied back with a hint of jealousy's in her voice.

"Santana first don't worry I'm not going to try anything with your girl so no need to be jealous and second I'll meet you at the front door." Harry said with a chuckle

"I'm not jealous." the latina scoffed

"yes you are Santana but as I said I love Brittany as a friend and I respect your relationship with her." he stated

"excuse me did you just say you love my girl?" Santana growled into the phone before Quinn took it from her.

"hello this is Quinn Brittany's friend sorry about Santana she's very over protective, any way can you come meet us?" the small blonde said into the phone.

"sure Quinn and I understand Brittany is a beautiful girl and very sweet."

After Quinn hung up the phone she smacked the latina on the arm and sent her a glare. Santana gave her a what was that for look knowing it would annoy Quinn. Quinn explained how rude Santana had been to Harry on the phone. They began arguing but it didn't last long as Rachel and Mercedes told them to shut up when a guy about the same age as them approached the girls. The boy had short black hair and nice brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of shorts and no top showing off his six pack. "hey I'm Harry nice to meet you all." the black haired boy said with a genuine smile. Santana stepped forward and shook his hand she introduced herself then all the other glee girls before Harry told them to follow him inside. After then were inside the building Harry took the girls to a little balcony so they could watch Brittany without her being able to see the girls. Harry told them that he had to go as training was about to start, he stopped half way and turned around. "Out of curiosity how angry on a scale of 1 to 10 would you say Brittany is?" he asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"erm gosh she was yelling and swearing at everyone." Rachel replied

"I guess about a 9 or 10." Tina quickly added. The girls seen Harry's face falter he stood there wide eyed for a couple of seconds before he fake smiled at the girls.

"what the hell, Harry you ok ? You look like you seen a ghost." Mercedes said sharing a confused look with the rest of the girls.

"I'm fine thanks, I just realised that we may need paramedics to be on stand by though." he replied back with a slight laugh.

"WHAT"! Santana gasped

"look I need to go, all you need to know is Brittany takes all her anger out here and if she's as angry as you said she is then someone may get hurt but it's all part of the game." he explained while walking away. The girls sat there trying to take in what they had just heard. Surprisingly Santana seemed to be the one in the biggest shock. She couldn't believe what she was hearing her girlfriend had a temper it was like new information something you would never expect to hear. Quinn gave Santana a little pat on the arm and looked her in the eye before pointing towards the mats. There right in front of her was Brittany wearing a very thin strapped vest top and a pair of short shorts. The latina was staring with her mouth hanging open. What Santana didn't realise was she was actually drooling until she felt something wet hit her chest. Quickly she wiped it away before focusing her attention back to Brittany. On the mat the dancer was about to spar with a tall muscular teen who Santana did not like the look of.

"Q, I swear if he hurts Britt I will go down there and show him how we do it in Lima Heights Adjacent." Santana said but her voice was so soft it definitely showed her nerves off.

"San, calm down I'm not sure if you heard Harry but he looked terrified so I think she's gonna be just fine." Quinn said while trying to hide a laugh. She found it so funny seeing Santana freak-out over Brittany because she got to see the caring side of Santana who usually is kept just for Brittany. Brittany was ready to fight Matt she was really pissed so had plenty of anger to realise also she didn't like Matt, she thought he was a right ass cause he loves himself and is always flirting with her. She's talked to Santana on the phone before in front of him and referred to her as her girlfriend but he still doesn't seem to get it. He needs to be knocked down a peg or two and right now the blonde has enough anger to do just that.

"Brittany are you ready?" Harry calls over to her .

"I'm ready!" she yells back

"Matt are you ready?" Harry asks the big buff teen

"I'm so ready!" he replies back with the biggest grin ever

Harry tells them to begin, first of all Brittany takes two massive steps back, then she runs forward and knees Matt in the gut. The boy clutches his stomach and grunts out in pain. Before he can stand up properly the blonde has picked him up and threw him backwards onto the mat. She then begins punching him in the face, right now she is picturing the words Santana break-up in her head and it's making her even more angry. Back on the balcony Santana and the rest of the girls are standing wide eyed not being able to take in what they just saw. Mercedes gets over excited and before she can help it she screams out. "GO BRITT , YOU GO GIRL"! this fills this air and Brittany looks up and looks around for where the voice came from. Brittany would know the voice anywhere it's Mercedes, but she wonders what is she doing here and how does she know that she's here. After scanning the room for a moment she spots the line of girls on the balcony. Sadly she forgot all about Matt and suddenly feels a sharp pain hit her rib, she realises that Matt has just punched her right in the ribs. Before she can react a fits collides with her jaw, the dancers stumbles backwards holding her face. Up in the balcony the others gasp while Santana screams out hell no, Quinn has to grab her and tell her to sit down and watch. Reluctantly the latina listens to her friend, she looms back to the mat and sees Matt throw another punch to Brittany's face. However the blonde is quick to react she jumps up and kicks Matt square in the face, the tall boy stumbles backwards almost crying out in pain. Again the blonde is back on him and she's going easy all that can be seen on the matt is punch followed by more punches, the only sound that can be heard is Matt screaming out in pain every time Brittany's fits make a connecting with his face.

"BRITTANY! STOP! , BRITTANY STOP!" Harry yells out. He runs onto the mat and grabs the blonde pulling her off the beaten up teen on the ground.

"OMG!. I'm so sorry Matt. I didn't mean to go that hard." Brittany says examining the damage on Matt's face.

"It's cool Britt, really I mean I got you pretty good to. Looks like we both need some medical attention" he jokes before wincing in pain. Matt's nose is burst and he has nice buries and cuts all over his face. Brittany on the other hand has a bruised jaw and what looks like a black eye but it may just be her eyeliner as it's smudged due to sweat. Brittany and Matt shake hands before she goes over to the bench to sit down. The dancer's side is really sore so she holds onto it, she's pretty sure it's nothing so tries her best to ignore it. The glee girls are making their way off the balcony and over to Brittany, once they reach her the move out the way to let Santana in. Santana grabs Brittany and pulls her in for a kiss, the blonde winces when her girl puts her hands on her cheeks but doesn't let Santana pull away, instead she pulls her in closers. After what seemed like a non stop kiss they pull apart more so for air purposes. Santana makes Brittany stand up so she can sit down and pull the dancer back down onto her lap.

"baby are you ok?, I mean he hit you and I … I could-" Santana began before Brittany cut her off with a kiss.

"sweetheart, I'm fine, I'm a little confused to how you found out about this but I'm good." the tall blonde said with a bright smile.

"well your phone went when you left so I answered it and then Harry talked and that's how we got to here." Santana answered with a half smile.

"are you ok with me doing this babe? I mean I know you don't like the fact I'm fighting Sanny but it's how I control my anger and after what happened at school I really needed this." Brittany said rather slowly.

"ye I'm fine with it honey but you need to let me come with you to make sure your ok. I still don't like the way he punched your rib does it hurt"? Santana shyly asked.

"now that you mention it , ye it does."

"let me see." the latina demands. Brittany lifts up her vest and where Matt hit her is easy to spot, there is a massive bruise. The glee girls gasp once again but Brittany reassures them its not broken.

Santana however does not look pleased she makes Brittany stand up telling her to talk with the girls , then she walks over to Matt who is still lying on the mat. The ravened haired girl pulls the battered boy up and take a swing at his face, connecting the first time round she's satisfied so turns round to leave but is stopped when someone catches her arm. "What the hell you playing at" Matt barks at her

"don't know what you mean shit whole." she replies back

"you just punched me for no reason," he challenges back

"maybe I don't like what I seen," she growls back

"what are you even talking about you stupid bitch." he yells gaining not only Harry's attention but Brittany's and the rest of the glee girls.

"funny shit whole, listen here you just punched my girlfriend in the face and ribs, I do not approve even though she looked super hot kicking your ass." Santana says while pointing towards Brittany.

At this point Harry and the girls have made their way over to the guys on the mat.

"Brittany's not your girl , she don't play for your team and I don't like Lesbos so get lost." Matt says with a smug look on his face.

"excuse me, who do you think your talking to I love Santana and she is my girlfriend" Brittany says in a bitter tone.

"Brittany me and you got chemistry girl, I wanna be with you. Ditch the bitch and me and you can go back to mine and have a wrestle in the bed" he says smiling like an idiot.

"HELL NO!" Santana scream and goes to punch Matt again but Quinn and Harry pull her back. While this is going on Matt pulls Brittany towards him and she lets out a scream. Before she has time to react his lips are on hers and he's not letting her go. Santana's face is red with anger and Quinn knows she can't hold Santana back much long. Tina and Mercedes decided its time to go so quickly say bye to Quinn before grabbing Rachel and leaving. Brittany finally managed to pull back from Matt's face but he pulls her right back on . Quinn lets go of Santana and tells Harry to do the same , he follows the order he has been giving and in less the five seconds Santana is nearly over and Brittany and Matt.

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