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Chapter 6

Ten minutes later, Audrey walked up to Kim's front door. She knocked and Kim answered.

"Hey," Kim said. "I didn't know you were coming today. Come in."

"No, that's okay. I'm looking for your dad," Audrey said. "Is he here?"

"No," Kim said. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah fine," Audrey said. "Do you know where I can find him?"

"He lives in the apartment building about five blocks that way," Kim said pointing down the road. "It's 23A."

"Thanks," Audrey said, turning back towards the cab. She got in and told the driver where to go. When he pulled up outside the building, Audrey paid him and took her stuff out of the trunk. Audrey found Jack's apartment as quickly as she could and knocked.

"Hey," Jack said, seeing Audrey with her things. He tried not to show how happy he was that she was here.

"These bags are heavy," Audrey said. Jack grabbed some of them from her and brought them inside. Audrey followed him in and put her bags down. "I broke up with Chris."

"I thought you just brought all your stuff here for fun," Jack said. Audrey smiled which made Jack smile. He came closer to her and put his arms around her, closing the space between them. He ran one hand down her hair, and she wrapped her arms around him.

"God, I missed you," Jack said, kissing the top of her head. He let go of her so he could kiss her lips instead and found that she was crying. "What's wrong, baby?"

"I just hate that we've wasted so much time that we could have spent together," Audrey said. "And, I feel bad about Chris. What if this isn't a good idea? Maybe we're not supposed to be together, as much I hate thinking that."

"Stop," Jack said. "We are supposed to be together. Think of the hell we've been through together and after all this time, I'm still madly in love with you. And, I know you love me too. We wouldn't be so in love with each other still if we weren't supposed to be together.

"And, as for Chris, it's better for him. He can find someone who he loves and who loves him back. Maybe they'll love each other just as much as we do. Trust me, Audrey, this is a good idea."

Audrey wiped away a tear, but Jack put his hands on her face to take over. Then, he kissed her passionately. Audrey deepened the kiss, thinking about how she couldn't possibly love Jack anymore than she did right now. Jack's hands found their way to Audrey's hips and then lifted up slowly, pushing Audrey's shirt up. Jack stopped kissing her for a minute and looked into her eyes. Audrey could tell that he was silently asking her permission, and she replied by pushing her lips to his again. Jack lifted her shirt over her head and kissed the newly exposed skin. He reached for her bra clasp and gently took it off of her.

Jack went for Audrey's breasts, and Audrey moaned in delight. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, they were both naked, and Jack gently, but urgently pushed Audrey against the wall and made love to her. When it was over, they sat on the floor, holding each other close.

"I missed you," Audrey said.

"I missed you, too," Jack said.

"Maybe next time, we can use the bed," Audrey suggested.

"Next time?" Jack asked, with a smirk. "Can that be soon?"

"How soon are we talking?" Audrey asked.

"Like now?" Jack asked.

"Sure you're up for it?" Audrey asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jack asked.

"Well, you're not as young as you once were," Audrey joked, standing up and offering a hand to Jack for him to stand up.

"I can get up on my own, thank you very much," Jack said. "And, you're just as old as I am."

"Hey," Audrey said. "You expect me to sleep with you with comments like that?"

"Just the truth," Jack pointed out. They made their way to the bedroom and made love again. Afterwards, Jack's cellphone rang, and Jack answered it.

"Hello?" Jack said.

"Dad, it's Kim. Can you come watch Teri?"

"Yeah," Jack said, getting up to find clothes. "I'll be there soon."

"Thanks," Kim said. "By the way, Audrey came over looking for you. Did she find you?"

"Yeah," Jack said.

"Was everything okay?" Kim asked.

"Fine," Jack said. "I'll be there soon."

He hung up and told Audrey that he had to go. She kissed him goodbye and he left. Audrey put her clothes back on and looked around the apartment. She went to the kitchen and found some food that she took out so she could make dinner for Jack when he got home.

Jack called and told Audrey that he would be back at around six. Audrey started making dinner. When Jack got home, Audrey was putting the food on the table and poured some wine for them.

"God, it smells delicious," Jack said. Audrey smiled and sat Jack down at the table. She sat next to him. They both ate silently for a minute before anyone spoke.

"Jack," Audrey started. "What happened the day you left? I've only heard my father's story."

Jack explained everything that happened that day, and Audrey listened carefully. They had so much to talk about, but now they had all the time in the world.