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Chapter 4: Venus and Love

"I love you baby, baby…"-Minako Aino, Sailor Moon Live Action

Sailor Venus snuck around the corner looking for Serenity. She was being careful not to be seen, and she was very successful.

Venus jumped as someone grabbed her shoulders scaring her.

Venus spun creating her love me chain to attack her attacker but stopped when she recognized her 'attacker' who was laughing her ass off, "Hikaru!"

Hikaru smirked and calm herself, "Oh, Psyche, Still too easy."

Venus blushed at the dim memories of Hikaru scaring her or playing pranks on her when they were children, "I thought you were an honorable knight!"

Hikaru raised her eyebrow, "And that's suppose to mean I can't have fun? You know nothing of the Mystic Knights."

Venus flicked her chain at Hikaru's foot causing Hikaru to jump up and down I pain, "Mighty knight huh?"

Hikaru glared at her cousin, "So, you looking for Serena I take it?"

Sailor Venus rolled her eyes and headed off into a random hallway with Hikaru trailing her, "I knew it! Mother never trusts me."

Venus glanced back at Hikaru and was a little shocked to see the sorrow on her face, "Um, I don't think it's that, more like she's really worried about Serena, she's not a fighter."

"Again," Hikaru pointed out, "She doesn't trust me to protect Serena. I'm a freakin' Mystic Knight! I'm called Hikaru the Star for a reason!"

Stopping in her tracks Venus gave Hikaru a look, "Who calls you Hikaru the Star?"

At that Hikaru started banging her head on the wall. Sailor Venus sighed and panted her shoulders, "So, um, where is Serena?"

Looking up, Hikaru replied, "Don't know. Somewhere with Prince Endymion I think. I heard the Generals freak out cause they couldn't find them."

Venus stared at Hikaru shocked, "What?! You lost Serena!"

"Now see technically, I lost no one," Hikaru explained calmly, "Archer and the Generals did. But I'm sure Endy is taking good care of her. Taking her for a walk in the rose gardens, maybe to the lake, perhaps town. Maybe the theatre….where it's dark….and he has a private booth….and no guards…" Hikaru gave Venus a slightly concerned look, "Um, maybe we should find her…."

Sailor Venus gave Hikaru a 'damn straight' look and she waved her hands to tell Hikaru to lead the way.

Hikaru lead Venus to a door while commenting, "Um, you might want to change back to Psyche though. They don't like non-terrans remember…"


Serena smiled at Endymion as he handed her a red rose.

"Ah, Endy," Serena smiled at him placing a kiss on his cheek.

Endymion blushed and took her hand as they moved the streets of the town as they towns people moved around them, some oblivious to the royals while others bowed in wonder and awe.

The town they were visiting was nice and close by to the castle.

Endymion and Serena were getting along great and seem to have great chemistry, plus they hadn't stop smiling.

"So," Endymion started as they pasted a kissing couple, "Did you know Archer is love with Hikaru?"

"Really?" Serena asked intrigued, "Wow. I wish I could say Hikaru feels the same way. I don't think Hikaru even notices Archer's hints."

"Dang," Endymion groaned, "If Archer doesn't get engaged soon he'll have to marry a crazy bitch."

"Poor Archer," Serena sighed leaning into Endymion's shoulder, causing both of them to blush.


Serena and Endymion turned to see four vaguely different generals lying hazardly around the ground as if they had slammed into the nearby wall.

"What are you doing?" Endymion asked dead panned as he watched his generals struggle to get up.

"My prince," Kunzite started bowing quickly to Serena, "You ran off with no warning! You know we have to know where you are!"

Endymion rolled his eyes and Serena burst out laughing. Endymion motioned to the generals, "Serena, this is Generals Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite, and Jadeite, my "body guards". Guys, this is Princess Serenity XI,"

The Generals bowed to Serena as she studied them. They were really quite the handsome men, but Endymion seemed to out shine them all.

"Guys, I'm fine just wanted to show Serena around so chill," Endymion explained as he wrapped his arm around Serena making the Generals' eyes to go wide in shock.


Everyone swirled around to see an octopus/squid thing with swords for tentacles looking fall into a nearby building with an orange skirt wearing warrior and a gold knight stood in front of it blocking it's attacks.

"Hikaru?" Endymion questioned, "But who's the other?"

"I don't know but she's hot!" Jadeite said earning a slap from Zoisite.

Kunzite stared at the unknown warrior. She was a goddess, the golden hair like waves of a waterfall down her back, amazing blue eyes, and…well…that outfit didn't leave much to the imagination….

"I believe that is Sailor Venus. Correct?" Nephrite commented looking at Serena.

Sighing Serena replied, "Yes, Princess Psyche and you know what?"

The boys looked at her, "It is no surprise to me that my cousin and sister got into trouble yet again."

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