They Rose To The Challenge, To Fall At Death...!

The Cavalry was stationed in the long grass. It was early morning and the German camp was just across the boggy valley. The morning sun was warm and Joey was fearful. He moved uneasily as James stopped him in position.

James was looking forward, his face blank. He knew they would never make it. But all the Cavalry could do was try right?

Joey looked at Topthorn and Blenheim through the long reeds. Topthorn kept his composure, but Blenheim was a mess. Charlie couldn't get him to stop moving.

The Cavalry mounted their horses and all sat apon their backs uncomfortable, and uneasily. James rubbed his eyes one last time and looked to his two friends.

"Draw swords..." was Jamie's first orders. Metal on metal rang through everyone's ears. Joey felt James' wince. He moved around on his feet.

James lifted his sword resting in in front of his right shoulder. He looked to his left and to his right saying in a dull tone,

"Good luck my friends."

No one replied, they merely looked at one and other with an expression that told everyone exactly what they were feeling.

"Forward trot." Jamie called and James squeezed Joey's sides lightly, moving him into a quick paced trot. James could feel his chest tighten and a pain shoot through it but he brushed it off waiting for the next order.

"Forward canter..."

The Cavalry moved into a quick canter, causing the pollen on the reeds to blow around, as they moved through it. Joey's heart was hurting, and beating to fast for him already. James wasn't much better. He felt physically sick.

They rode out of the reeds, pollen following behind them. Joey's ears were soon filled with hoofbeats only, until even that was drowned out by the battle cry of the Cavalry. James thrust his sabre forward, clipping Joey's ear drawing blood.

Joey's breath was hard and heavy, nostrils flared, listening to the deafening battle cry. When the German's came into sight, they started running toward the forest. The Cavalry charged through the camp. Cries of pain and men falling everywhere.

James made Joey jump through a tent. Joey attempted it, but ended up jumping right through it, the hot water in the massive pot burning through his skin. He stumbled slightly, almost knocking James off balance.


They had successfully got through the camp but never realised until it was to late. German soldiers sat behind massive machine guns. It was open fire. The German's didn't have a care in the world for the British. They shot to kill... And to no ones surprise that's what happened.

Horses, and men fell to instant death. Others slightly more fortunate were severely injured, but alive none the less.

James thought he could make it through, but soon felt Joey give way underneath him. He also felt a searing pain. He cried out as Joey fell to the floor, sending him through the air. When James landed he got two more breaths, so painful before he completely blacked out from the world.

He was still more or less alive and felt a sudden, rather hefty weight on him. That weight never moved, not even a heart beat was felt on his body from Joey's. James soon felt his own heart beat slow. His life had been to short.

He had missed so much. Getting married having children... Everything was gone now. He managed to open his eyes one last time, to see both his and Joey's blood mix together in the mud. A tear rolled down his cheek as his heart finally gave up on him, and the light left his once bright blue and shining eyes.

His blood continued to run from his body and his body froze, and was as pale as one human could get.

Joey lay limp, mind blank, eyes still open. His life had been short... To short. He never got to say goodbye to old Zoe or to see Albert's smiling face again... He never got to say a proper goodbye to Albert. The boy who saved him. The boy who taught him most of what he knew... The boy who loved him more than anything in the world.


James and Joey were never forgotten by those who survived the charge and ones that were freed after the war.

Jamie lived, got married and had a child in which he named him James, after his great friend.

Albert and his wife had twin boys, they called one Joey and the other Charlie.

Captain James Nicholls and Joey Rose To The Challenge... To Fall At Death!

But these two warriors were never forgotten. They were both remembered for their loyalty, bravery and courage.

Warriors that will never, ever be forgotten, until the end of time.

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