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Mia's eyes shot open and she jerked up right. She listened but didn't hear anything. She thought maybe the loud screech had been screeching car tires from the nearby road or an owl outside her window. Suddenly, she heard the sound again.

"Oh my God," she whispered as she threw off the covers and jumped up.

Now that she was more awake, she identified the sound as a woman's scream. Mia quickly threw a robe on over her nightclothes before dashing out the door. She looked over the railing into the living room.

The living room lights were on, but dimmed. Sage and Rowen were sitting on the couch with Emily who had her face buried in Rowen's shirt. The kitchen light was also on and she could hear someone moving around. Mia instantly thought that Emily had had a night terror. A nightmare wouldn't have produced such a heart wrenching sound.


Mia turned to see Ryo stepping out of the hall bathroom with a wet washcloth in hand.

"When did you get back in?" Ryo asked.

"Last night. What's going on?" Mia said.

Ryo started to answer, but was cut off by Sage calling for him. He motioned for Mia to follow him as he headed for the stairs.

"Emily decided not to go camping and went home instead. But she never made it home," Ryo said, walking down the stairs.

He jogged the last few steps and over to the couch. He handed the washcloth to Sage who moved Emily's hair to the side to lay the cold washcloth on the back of her neck. Emily's only indication of an awareness of anything was to jump slightly at the cold feeling touching the back of her neck.

Rowen was hugging her tightly and had his head hidden between the couch and her head. He was whispering softly in her ear. It was obvious to Mia that Emily was in great distress over something.

"What happened?" Mia asked.

A crash from the kitchen drew her attention away from the young woman. Rather than answer

her question, Sage softly asked Mia if she could go help Cye and Kento in the kitchen. Confused, Mia went into the kitchen where she found another odd sight.

Cye was cleaning up the broken pieces of a vase and gathering up the flowers that had been in it. Kento was sitting at the table with his head down in his arms. There was a kettle sitting on the stove and a cup was next to it on the counter.

"Mia? When did you ge-,"

"I got in last night. What happened to Emily?" she demanded, her patience starting to run thin.

"I mfwww to smapfle ter," Kento mumbled.

His best friend let out a sigh as he walked over to lay a hand on his shoulder.

"It's not your fault, Kento. You didn't mean to startle her. None of us knew how she would react that way," he tried to reassure him.

Kento jerked away and buried his head even further into himself. It reminded Mia briefly of a turtle. Cye sighed but turned to face Mia. His face was full of sorrow and worry. Mia wished she understood what was going on.

"Emily was attacked in the park about a mile away from here. It was the warlords." Mia gasped. "She tried to get away, but they caught her at the road. They took her into the dynasty."

Mia brought a hand up to her mouth as she fumbled to take a seat at the kitchen table. The warlords. Had taken. Emily?! No wonder the ronins had gone into the dynasty. Cye drew in and let out a deep breath before continuing.

"They held her captive for a little over a week. We didn't suspect anything was wrong. Emily let her friends know she wasn't going camping, but she was caught in the middle of sending a text to Sage."

"What they do to her?" Mia asked after she found her voice.

Suddenly, Kento's voice filled the kitchen.

"They tortured her! She's just barely old enough to drive and those…scumbags tossed her around like a ragdoll. They poisoned her, healed her and then did it all over again! They wouldn't even let her rest. They sent her nightmares and night terrors!" Kento exclaimed without raising his voice too high.

Mia reached out a hand to touch Kento's arm. This time, he didn't pull away like he had from Cye. Steam started pouring out of the kettle which Cye left them to take care of. Kento closed his eyes for a few quiet moments before opening them and looking at Mia. She could clearly see the red in his eyes that revealed the fact he had been crying.

"We only figured everything out the other day. We went into the dynasty to find her and bring her back. She got away from the warlords and met up with us. We split up with Rowen bringing her back here. Ryo, Sage, Cye and me took on the warlords, but they overwhelmed us. Then they

went after Ro and Emily.

"We woke up in the dynasty. They had us chained to a wall. We didn't know where Emily or the warlords were. Talpa wasn't even around. Then we heard screaming."

Kento struggled for his next words as he swallowed. Cye brought over a cup of steaming hot tea for him and Mia. He patted Kento on the shoulder before leaving the kitchen with a cup of tea in hand.

"It was Emily," Mia said as more of a statement than a question.

Kento nodded.

"Sage was able to link to Emily through some sort of bond they have. Kind of like our armors. When Sekhmet and Dais caught up to Rowen and Emily, Sekhmet cut Emily really bad on her hand. Sage said he was trying to take the poison out of her hand. It was really painful for her. Dais and Cale prevented her from doing anything. I doubt they even gave her something to numb the pain."

Mia didn't even try to imagine how painful that must have been for Emily. Kento proceeded to tell her everything that happened from Talpa's appearance to Ryo bolting towards Emily and the white light.

"What was the light coming from and what happened after that?" Mia asked as they walked out of the kitchen to join the others.

The others had apparently managed to calm Emily down from her panic attack. Rowen was slightly propped up on the end of the couch with Emily laying her back against his chest. He had his arms around her and held her hands loosely in his. The others were sitting around the couch with a safe, but close distance to the two.

Kento shrugged in response to Mia's question. "The light was too bright. I couldn't see anything."

Ryo looked up from his perch on the arm of the other end of the couch. He pointed out that most everyone in the throne room had been blinded.

"Except me, Emily and Talpa. I didn't think I would get to Emily in time. I summoned the Inferno without thinking. Gods, I could have burned her."


Ryo felt the draw of the other armors as he ran towards Emily.

"Armor of the Inferno!"

A white light enveloped him as the power of the armors connected from their bearers to him. Wildfire left him as Inferno appeared with a swirl of fire. He felt the armors from the warlords join the ronin armors. With the added boost of power, Ryo reached Emily in a matter of seconds.

I hope she has enough power from the armors to withstand the heat, Ryo thought worriedly.

He threw his arms around Emily and hugged her close to his chest. He urged the Inferno to incase Emily in a healing heat to protect her from the overlord. Ryo was so thankful when Emily didn't start screaming from the intense heat. It appeared she had been bluffing about returning the armor power to them.

"Nothing can stop me, Ryo of the Wildfire! Without the Swords of Fervor, you cannot protect anyone!"

Ryo braced himself as lightning started shocking both him and Emily. She let out a scream, causing Ryo to pull her closer and force most of Talpa's attack to strike him. Talpa laughed as the two took the full force of his attack.

Ryo glared. He knew he couldn't move from the attack with Emily. If he did, it would hit the others. Talpa had to have known this which is why he didn't go for the others.

Emily would never forgive me or herself if I let that happen, Ryo thought.

He wished with all his might that White Blaze was there, but he had no clue where the great tiger was. Suddenly, Emily reached her hands forward to touch his armor.

[Ryo, let the Inferno draw the extra energy from me!]

The young man was taken aback by the mental cry, but felt a large source of energy enter his armor. Fire swirled around them in a protective vortex, blocking Talpa's attack out.

"You cannot defeat me! The armors belong to me!"

The fire around them formed the large shape of a phoenix. The fire engulfed Talpa and caused a large explosion. The explosion blew out the walls and filled the room with a bright light.


"Somehow we managed to transport ourselves out of the nether realm and we brought Emily back here," Ryo finished.

"So Talpa's really gone?" Mia asked.

"I certainly hope so," mumbled a sleepy voice.

All eyes fell on Emily. Her eyes were open, but they were bloodshot and her face looked exhausted. She looked up sleepily at Mia.

"Ryo fried that demon good. He won't be coming back," Emily chuckled softly.

The ronins all smiled. From his spot on the floor, Sage reached forward to gently pat Emily's arm. Emily shifted her gaze down to her brother so the two could share a smile.

"The nightmare is over, Em. Get some rest," he murmured.

Emily's soft smile reminded Mia of a sick child in a hospital. Separating her hand from Rowen's, Emily took Sage's hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of it. Then she carefully rolled on her side to get more comfortable. Rowen moved his arms to accommodate her.

"You're the best older brother *yawn* I could ask for," Emily mumbled.

She tucked her head under Rowen's chin and closed her eyes. She let out a deep sigh before relaxing against her boyfriend.

Mia silently awed at the glowing smile on Sage's face. He chuckled softly as he stared at his sister, relieved to have her back and all in one piece.

"Little sisters," he mumbled. "Big trouble."