How many hours and days has the Cavallone Boss been missing? Too long. His men had started searching frantically and even requested the assistance of Varia in their search. Of course, Xanxus allowed his men to help, especially to get the silver-haired traitor out of the way and away from the HQ.

The castle had emptied out before Xanxus would rise from his chair, using the same excuse he always did to stay behind. Though, a temper tantrum had flared when Squalo dared to say the three of them, himself, Squalo and Dino were… friends. No. He was not friends with those two. Anymore at least. They betrayed him.

Calm footsteps filled the corridor as the false King walked through the Varia Mansion and much like the home he had grown up in, there were rooms and halls that no one knew existed nor were they even mapped. Except, Xanxus knew. He knew were the hidden cellars were, the hidden torture chambers, the catacombs, all of it. Slowly, the scowl on the raven's face turned upwards to a smile. He was going to have the satisfaction of finishing it today. Too bad he wouldn't be able to display his artwork for the world to see.


Light poured in, illuminating the blond's body for a brief moment, no doubt waking the poor bastard up. Closing the door behind him, silence and darkness fell upon the room, before a light switch was flipped on. The light sputtering in intervals, trying to keep itself lit.

There, finally. Rusty orbs fell upon the gagged, bloody and tied up pitiful 10th Cavallone Boss who rustled, head bobbing up and down as he tried to focus.

"I hope you've made your peace, scum."

Forcefully grabbing a handful of hay-coloured locks, Xanxus yanked the tortured male's head up to glare down at him. For days, little bit at a time, the Varia boss has been tormenting the bucking horse. Cutting him, burning him and badly bandaging the wounds. It didn't matter if he got an infection, he was going to kill him anyway.

But, today was different. The smile that had been dancing playfully on the marksman's lips turned sadistic. "You will never touch my shark again."

Letting go of the other male's head, he stepped over to the little medical table that held various tools of torture. Picking up one of the knives, he examined it. It was crusted with dry blood, Cavallone's blood, and rust. Oops. Maybe he should clean it more. No. He could honestly give a fuck less. Turning back to the Bucking Horse, Xanxus nonchalantly removed the gag.

He wanted to hear the bastard beg, to cry and his screams. No one would hear him other than Xanxus. Not because the mansion was empty, but because that's what this room was designed for.

Taking the knife to the other's left arm, he slowly pushed it in, above the tattoo Dino so prided himself with. The one that proudly proclaimed 'Cavallone!'

"You won't need this with where you're going, trash." With the flick of the wrist, Xanxus flayed the flesh, hearing the sicken squishes as the tissue, fat, muscle and blade met. Discarding the decorated flesh to the ground, he dropped the blade.

'Squ-chan…' Did the bastard seriously just call out for Xanxus's Lover? No. This will not do. His lip twitched downward, rage filling his being.

"SHUT UP!" Clasping his hand onto the bleeding wound, the flame that Xanxus was so well known for, emitted from his hand, cauterizing the wound. Not exactly in the most sterile or painless manner. But, the stupid fucking bastard won't fucking die on him from blood loss. Yet. He was going to make this pleasurable. And, god knows… no one will recognize the Don's body after this.