"Ooooh, Ranma's up for a handful here. The beautiful and cool defacto leader of the Ambitious may not have a martial artist's divine abilities, but she more than makes up for it with a mind sharper than a ginzu blade, and nerves steadier than a top American poker player. On top of that, if there was anyone more stubbern than the boy-sometimes-girl wonder...

But enough of my jiv'n, let's get back to the action, kids!

"Aw Cripes!" Ranma growled, hopping off the billboard after the middle Tendou sister, "Get back here Nabiki! We're not finished yet!"

Nabiki did a slight hop of the wire she was sliding down, turning herself around to face Ranma, "Ranma-baby, don't you know that when a girl says no, she means it?"

"You ain't realiz'n what's going on around here, are ya?" Ranma shouted, crouching down slightly to pick up speed on his wire grinding.

"Your turf wars are your problem, Saotome, I handle my turf just fine. Excuse me but my stop's coming up." The leader of the Ambitious casually hopped off the wire she had been cavalierly grinding backwards on, landing the railing that ran along the top of an apartment building.

Ranma grit his teeth, as he saw Nabiki waving to him from below, heading back where they had come from, and knew if he attempted the same route she did, she would be well out of sight before he caught up. Scanning the area, he smirked, and lept forward to his left in a backwards somersault carrying him forward from his previeous momentum. After a full rotation and a quarter, he planted his feet against a billboard, buckling his legs in preparation for a second leap. With as much force as he could muster, he launched from the billboard, landing against a telephone pole.

Without missing a step, he vaulted from his verticle platform like a missile, narrowly twisting his form around the phone line that ran from it like a pole vaulter, before landing upon it in a grinding crouch. With three times the momentum Nabiki had, he easily was gaining upon her and keeping her within his line of sight.

Nabiki did a double take, shaking her head at her persuer, "Tenatious jerk." She pulled out a cellphone, and pressed one of the speed dials, "Hey, Haruka? Gimme a sec while I get Nanako on the three way... Hey you guys, I got a bit of a problem dogging my tail, meet me at Tien's Plaza on the Rainbow Record Store." After finishing her call, she looked back at Ranma; her eyes widening slightly at how close he suddenly was, "Ranma, I'm not really playing hard to get..."

"Then why don't you just stop?" the pigtailed boy enquired.

Nabiki rolled her eyes, "Because I don't want you to get me at all!" She crouched, and leapt straight up, landing on a crossing wooden plank that ran between two buildings. She skated off of it onto one of the buildings, out of Ranma's sight.

"Ugh," Ranma growled, suddenly putting on a burst of speed to continue his forward journey, before he did a slight hop, and planted his in-lines against the wall of the building the line ended at. During his verticle grind against the wall, he caught sight of Nabiki, skating as fast as she could along the building tops, before suddenly dropping into one of the alleys. "Nu-uh, you're not getting away that easily..." Ranma threw himself from the wall, almost literally flying to where he saw Nabiki disappear down to.

With perfect accuracy, his trajectory landed him within between the two building, just in time to see Nabiki at street level racing out of the alley. Like a pinball, Ranma bounded downwards off of the parallel walls until he was on the street, heading after the direction he saw Nabiki head in. From the angry cries of the pedestrians, he picked his route correctly.

"Nabiki was becoming irritated, and put on as much an extra burst of speed she could, causing everything around her to become a streaking blur. Even for all the speed she was putting on, she couldn't hope to outrun the head of the Nerima Wrecking Crew. Of course, she didn't expect to, just buy herself some time.

She could almost feel Ranma breathing down her neck, imagining how close to her she was. Concentrating on what she had planned, Nabiki hopped onto a nearby guardrail, before pushing for as much speed as she could get, and leapt against a streetlight.

Ranma nearly scoffed, as he watched Nabiki finally leap onto the two story record store, before taking the same path she did, following her. His eyes widened, as he now saw THREE Nabikis vaulting off the rooftop and onto three seperate lines. Ranma's eyes narrowed, as two of them almost casually jumped, while the third grabbed the bottom of her in-lines before landing on her chosen path. "That ain't here, not conservative enough."

The pigtailed skater focused on the other two, fortunately finding them heading reletively the same direction, giving him enough time to choose between them. He estimated the one on the left was too short, which possibly left the middle one to be Nabiki herself. There was one way to find out...

"Hey, Nabiki!"

The pigtailed leader of the Nerima Wrecking Crew chuckled, as the one on the right started to turn towards him, before jerking back. He could imagine the choice words she was reciting for giving herself away.

Nabiki turned to her compatriot, as the other girl turned to her. With a simultanious nod, the other girl jumped onto the same line Nabiki was on. Ranma blinked, as he watched the girls suddenly begin jumping back and forth between the lines, sometimes a head of the other, sometimes behind. "Geez" Ranma griped, as they finally did it enough times to leave him thoroughly confused as to which was the real one, as it posed a problem since the lines were now splitting off in different directions at the next connecting pole.With a guess of blind faith, he chose to follow the one on the right.

Ranma's quarry hopped up onto a rooftop, skating to the edge, and grinding off of it onto a connecting phoneline. As she did this, Ranma got a view of the side profile. Nabiki didn't wear that much makeup...

Swearing under his breath, Ranma quickly jumped down onto an elevated walkway between buildings, before jumping onto it's rail, then a massive leap towards a phone line running parallel with it; tucking in and twirling in the air to gain some momentum with his launch. As he landed on the wire, he crouched tightly, cutting down on his wind resistance, while hoping he hadn't lost the real Nabiki already.

The middle Tendou sister sighed, and slowly ground to a stop. She was already aware of the issue Ranma was about to bother her about, but she really didn't have a gameplan to take it on just yet. Nonetheless, she had a reputation to uphold; if Ranma managed to figure out that she was clueless to the situation, it would be a good sized dent in her authority over her territory.

She was the leader of the Ambitious, the one that had contengency plans to contend with any matter that crossed her. She ruled by rep alone; rarely giving any displays of force, and when she did they were strategically planned to seem more impressive than they actually were. As it was, her implied association with the Nerima Wrecking Crew kept all other would-be encroachers out of her zone. Unfortunately, from what she was gathering, some of the gangs and singular rivals Ranma and his crew have recently toppled are gathering under Pineapple head's authority. Even if Ranma started the mess, everyone will be left picking up the pieces.

"Yo, Nabiki!"

Wide eyed, the girl in question snapped her head to the voice, finding Ranma airborne, heading down towards her. Her associates were trained pretty well in misleading anyone who pursued her, then again, she well knew Ranma was good.

Without further hesitation, she sped to the edge of the roof she stopped on, and jumped off; so, Ranma wanted play hardball, she knew exactly where the best field was, and she had the advantage.

The pigtailed skater landed on the same line he saw Nabiki land on, determined not to lose her again. He kept her in her line of sight, watching her move swiftly with practiced ease through the steadily growing denser and denser wires, poles, and signs that impeded their path. Almost in imitation, Ranma dipped and dodged between the obstacles, jumping from parallel line to parallel plane to evade what completely blocked his path. He could now tell Nabiki was working her hardest to lose her tail, but the leader of the Nerima Wrecking Crew wasn't for any of that.

Nabiki knew the route by heart; every obstacle and nuance was pressed to memory, perfectly timed after many, many practice runs through it. Regardless, this was still even a difficult and downright dangerous path for her. She dared not look back, aiming to keep her focus on the task at hand. Even so, she knew Ranma was still behind her, amazingly dealing with obstacle course with his skill alone. She would have to admit to him she was impressed sometime.

They both dropped into an alley; the sun already set leaving only street lights illuminating it from the main walkways. They both leapt over trashcans, bounded from wall to wall to avoid higher impediments, and weaving around various vagabonds, hoods, and other unsavory personages that lurked in the dark. Nabiki suddenly lept against the wall on her left, pushing off sharply to the right turn. Ranma pressed hard to keep up with her, just barely losing sight of her for a mere second. Ranma wouldn't have any of it, when he quickly spotted her, rushing up a ramp, grinding off the side of a wall, and leaping onto a building ledge.

Ranma followed suit, and both of them were back on the rooftops in an open race of hound and hare. Ranma smirked; Nabiki inadvertantly gave him back the advantage, as open spaces is where he fared best.

Taking a deep breath, Ranma put on a burst of speed, leaving the scene around him in a star trail. At the end of the tunnel, Nabiki continued to frantically make her escape, and leapt, attempting to cover a large gap with her jump from roof to roof.

Ranma saw it before Nabiki did; she didn't have enough momentum to make it. "Crap," with a newfound determination, Ranma poured on a bit more speed, hoping he would make it before it was too late. He was almost at the rooftop, when he heard the gasp from her when she realized her severe problem. Fortunately, the pigtailed skater was able to angle his jump to intercept her, while still maintaining enough momentum to carry them to the next rooftop.

Ranma landed in a breaking grind on the next roof, cradling the girl in his arms, "Alright, you owe me for the save, Nabiki, are you gonna help me or... uh..."

Ranma blinked, confused at the wide eyed expression of the girl that most assuradly was NOT Nabiki.

In the alleway, right at the sharp turn, Nabiki stood up from behind the dumpster she hid behind, sighing at the effort she would have to charge Ranma for putting her to, and headed home.

Ha ha haaaaaa! And what a chase it was, ladies and gentlepeeps! Man, that was like a rollarcoaster ride if I ever been on one, and your man Professa K has been on more than enough in his lifetime, I'll tell ya THAT! Though even Ranma was given the slip, and we're not talk'n money slip, let's not go to say that alls well doesn't end well.

"Well, Nabiki's always been a slippery one," Akane attempted to console Ranma, as they both walked to the front door of the Tendou home, as it was Kasumi's request that they didn't skate on the Tendou grounds.

Ranma plucked the roller blades from his shoulders, tied together by their laces, "Yeah, but it still kinda smarts that she managed to do it. Ah well, it's not like we just can't try again tomorrow."

"Welcome home," Kasumi greeted them at the door, letting the two in, "You two were running late, so I'm afraid I already started serving dinner."

Ranma's eyes widened, as he realized the consequences of such, "POP! YOU BETTER HAVE LEFT SOME FOR ME!"

Kasumi gracefully stepped to the side of the gust of wind that blew by her, "My, Ranma always has a robust appetite."

Akane rolled her eyes, as she took off her street shoes, and walked to the tea room, only to find Ranma staring in, wide eyed. "Huh?" Akane lightly pushed Ranma aside, to find in his line of view her sister Nabiki, staring back at Ranma with the same wide-eyed expression with her chopsticks still positioned in her mouth.

"Damn," they both exclaimed, having momentarily forgotten that they lived in the same home.