Since Fix You is almost done, what better to do than to start a brand spankin' new WIP? This first chapter is a little short, because it was originally a drabble on Tumblr, but the next few will be longer. This isn't going to be too long of a story, just something to help me kill time when I have writers block on LiBaM. xD

Originally based off of this gifset: bit. Ly /LoNjoM (delete the spaces in the link)


Kurt supposed he should be used to this by now - spending night after night alone in his room like this - but even so, this little ritual had become his favorite part of the day.

He carefully set the large record in place and adjusted the needle. Soon enough, the sweet tenor voice of Blaine Anderson swelled around him and filled the room.

Kurt fell back on his bed and picked up the record cover, quietly humming along with the music as he allowed himself to stare unabashedly at the picture on the front. Blaine Anderson was devastatingly handsome, with hair that was slicked to perfection and the dreamiest warm hazel eyes Kurt had ever seen. And those lips. Don't even get Kurt started on those lips.

Yes, Kurt had a bit of a crush on Blaine Anderson, but the mere thought of anyone finding out nearly destroyed him. He knew what they said about men who were attracted to other men - they were sick, they were abnormal, and they were determined to corrupt little boys all across America. Kurt had no desire whatsoever to do that. He just wanted to look into Blaine Anderson's eyes and feel himself melting as those lips got closer and closer…

Just then the telephone in his room rang shrilly, startling him out of his daydream. Kurt blushed profusely and tossed the record case aside before reaching over to fumble for his phone on the bedside table.


"Kurt!" The squeal on the other end of the line immediately told him that it was his friend Rachel. "Guess where we're going to be exactly twenty-four hours from now?"

Kurt found it difficult to suppress his own excitement. "Oh, gosh, I can't believe it, Rachel. We're actually going to see him!"

Rachel was the only person in the world who knew about Kurt's secret crush on Blaine Anderson. He'd made her swear on her life that she wouldn't tell a soul, and she'd stayed true to her word. But that didn't mean she didn't help to feed her friend's infatuation - in fact, she'd managed to score tickets for the two of them to see Blaine's concert in town the following evening.

"And that's not all." There was a hidden smile in Rachel's voice. "I heard that if you show up early enough to the concert, we can catch Blaine as he's coming in and get his autograph."

Kurt's heart stopped. The thought of actually meeting the object of his desire and looking into those exquisite hazel eyes both terrified and thrilled him at the same time. Still, he was a smart boy, and he knew that this was the kind of opportunity that should not be passed up.

"Rachel, we have to go early and meet him. Can you imagine how handsome he must be in person?" He sounded like a lovesick schoolgirl, and he was perfectly aware of that, but he was too happy and excited to care.

"Of course we're going and meeting him, silly. Do you really think I would take you to this concert and not let you meet him?"

Kurt was unbelievably giddy. There was no way he'd be able to sleep tonight. "Okay, so forget what I said yesterday about picking you up at six. Do you think four would be early enough?"

"Four should work," Rachel told him. "Oh my goodness, I have to call Tina. Imagine what she'll say when she finds out I'm meeting Blaine Anderson!" Kurt could practically see her fluttering her eyelashes and swooning through the phone.

"All right, go call Tina," he told her with an excited little giggle. "I'll see you tomorrow at four."

They said their goodbyes and hung up. Kurt placed the phone receiver back in its place and let the biggest smile spread across his face as he let himself float back into his daydream, accompanied by Blaine's silky smooth voice.

Tomorrow was going to be amazing, he knew that much already. He smiled to himself and closed his eyes as he imagined what meeting his crush was going to be like. Except, in Kurt's own personal version of the story, Blaine Anderson liked boys, too.

Yes, I know, that was short. Like I said, it was a drabble. I'll start working on the next one as soon as I get home from work tonight. :D