Cast List:

Jean Valjean - Gus

Cosette - Victoria

Javert - Munkustrap

Fantine - Grizabella

Marius Pontmercy - Mistoffelees/Quaxo

Bishop of Digne – Old Deuteronomy

M. Thénardier - Macavity

Mme. Thénardier - Jellyorum

Eponine - Demeter

Gavroche - Pouncival

Enjolras - Mungojerrie

Fauchelevent -

Azelma - Jemima/Sillabub

Combeferre – Coricopat

Courfeyrac - Alonzo

Feuilly - Plato

Prouvaire – Tumblebrutus

Joly - Skimbleshanks

Grantaire – Rum Tum Tugger

If you have a problem with the cast, please say so in the comments. I have no problem with changr=eing a few things

As a warning, i am using the lyrics from the 25th anniversary, i will also add in bits from the book.