Mizore's Lollipop

Premise - Naruto & Rosario+Vampire Crossover. Naruto X Mizore oneshot. Very Fluffy. Possibly some OOC.

A bright sunny day. A silent, gentle breeze blew through the park. Naruto sat down under a tree, his arms wrapped around the waist of his beautiful girlfriend, Mizore, her head rested up against his chest, her lollipop wiggling in her mouth as she sucked on in.

"Hey, question," Naruto finally spoke up. "Does that lollipop ever get smaller? I mean I never see you without it. Or do you have like a dozen of those or something?"

Mizore reached up and pulled the pale-yellow pop out of her mouth. "Oh, this isn't a lollipop," she answered in an indifferent tone. "It's a gobstopper. Never gets smaller no matter how much you lick or suck on it.

"Then why is it on a stick?"

The girl shrugged before popping it back into her mouth.

"Hey, what flavor is it anyway?"

This caused the girl to smirk, though Naruto could not see it at first. She pulled the pop out again and turned around on her knees to face him. "You wanna find out?" She smiled before leaning in and kissing him on the lips.

He opened his teeth to let her tongue in. It explored his mouth as he tasted sweet butterscotch.

After a few moments, she pulled back to see his smiling face.

"Tasty," he remarked, licking his gums inside his mouth.

"Yeah. It is." She licked her lips as she leaned back against him into his arms again. She placed her hands on his to make him hug her in closer.

He nuzzled his head against the back of her neck, into her light purple hair, tickling her slightly and making her giggle.

The two continued to stare off into the beautiful bright blue sky, smelling the wonderful summer smell. How long they sat their, they did not know. They lost count.