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Kyurem has seen and felt many things in his life. But this has got to be the most ridiculous, most idiotic, most…delicious thing that he's ever done.

Curled up on top of him was none other than Dialga himself. And the young timekeeper was moaning (rather sensually if he may add) into Kyurem's maw as the two of them exchanged yet another kiss. The ice dragon felt heat rush through every vein in his body, and who could blame him? Dialga was so damn cute. Even if he's the son of a certain pompous jerk that he'd rather not think about.

"K-Kyurem?" The timekeeper panted. They locked eyes for a moment, breathless from their make out session. Time seemed to be standing still.

"What do you want?"

"C-can I…t-taste you?" The ice dragon turned scarlet and looked away. Argh, why does this kid have to look so damn cute!

"Do what you want." He muttered, trying his best to sound like his usual grumpy self. Dialga smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Kyurem's mind turned into mush.

The timebender slid down him his comfortable perch on the older Legendary's lap and hovered his head between Kyurem's legs. His heavy breaths frosted in the air despite the shivering temperature, tickling the ice type's length tenderly. Dialga had to stop himself from drooling. He was really big. The long, juicy piece of dragonhood looked absolutely scrumptious. Large dwallops of pre collected on the pink tip, threatening to drip down.

The larger dragon couldn't help but moan. The feeling of that hot, wet tongue gliding over his member was pure heaven! He watched Dialga as the timekeeper slowly twirled around the tip, as if testing the taste. Soon enough, he decided that he wanted more and enveloped Kyurem with his hot muzzle. Shocks of indescribable pleasure rippled through the ice dragon's body. His eyes rolled back and he could do nothing but moan and murr in absolute ecstasy.

Placing his hand on Dialga's head, he instinctively thrusted into the smaller dragon's mouth. Despite the large amount of meat he was taking, the timekeeper didn't mutter a single word of complaint while Kyurem face-fucked him. The burning length rubbed rather pleasantly at the back of his throat. He smile and flickered his tongue at the underside of the member, adding to the already unbearable bliss.

Kyurem's breaths became increasingly ragged as he did whatever he could to hold back his impending orgasm. As much as he'd like to differ, he was enjoying this way too much. He let his tongue hang out the edge of his maw has the pleasure made his eyes rolled back in almost blinding delight. He frantically plunged his hips into the timekeeper's waiting jaws, almost chocking him as he let loose his feral mind.

All of a sudden, the heat left, leaving his prick out in the cold, cavern air. The breeze whistled over his organ and made him whine like a child. He watched Dialga smile and look up.

The blush swimming over his face intensified. The timekeeper looked impossibly delectable! That (somehow) innocent look in his deep, blue eyes and that lewd string of saliva connecting his luscious maw to Kyurem's own member made him shiver in lust.

"W-why did you stop?" The ice dragon managed to gasp out through his heavy pants. Diagla wagged his tail and averted eyes shyly.

"I didn't w-want you to g-get off too soon," The timekeeper mewled, an embarrassed blush flowing over his already crimson cheeks. "I…I wanted t-to feel you. I-inside me…"

Kyurem almost purred with anticipation. He leaned over to Dialga's ear and whispered in a husky voice, "Ride it then, if you're so eager."

The younger dragon's blush intensified as the ice type lay on his back. His pulsing member stood straight up in air, trails of pre and saliva drooling down its sides. Taking a deep breath, he climbed on top of him and nervously positioned his tailhole over Kyurem's waiting meat. Dialga paused, staring down at him uncertainly.

"I-is it going to hurt?" The timebender murmured timidly. The ice dragon smiled and reached up, pressing a warm kiss to his forehead.

"I'll be gentle," he whispered almost sweetly. "Just go slow and you'll be fine. Trust me, you'll love it~"

"I-if you say so," Dialga puffed his cheeks out cutely and took another deep breath. Slowly, he lowered himself down. He could feel Kyurem's hot pecker poking at his entrance like a burning spear. He gulped and gingerly continued.

The first inch went in with relative ease. Dialga gasped at the feel of the heat massaging his ring of muscle. This was certainly pleasant. It was almost like taking a hot bath, but on the inside. On the third inch, the timekeeper abruptly stopped and hissed in pain.

Kyurem responded by trailing warm kisses down his neck, stroking his sides gently with his paws. Dialga felt him move his hips in a circular motion, his length slowly sliding deeper with great tenderness. He squeezed his eyes shut and buried his face in the older dragon's neck, breathing heavily.

He meeped suddenly when he felt a pleasant grip around his own member. He saw Kyurem smirk before stroking it lovingly. A sigh escaped his maw as he sank deeper and deeper into the other dragon's meat.

Suddenly, it stopped. He frowned and looked up at Kyurem, who was grinning affectionately.

"It's all in," He cooed in his ear. Dialga blushed and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "So, how does it feel?"

"R-really hot," The timekeeper flushed and buried his face deeper into his shoulder. "Y-y-you're really big."

"Haha, it looks like I finally got a complement from you, spoiled brat." Kyurem teased. Dialga pouted. Sneaking a claw up the other dragon's chest, he gave the ice dragon's nipple a hard pinch underneath his white fur. He grinned triumphantly when the other let out something between a moan and a squeak.

"Stop calling me that!" He glowered, although a grin was still present on his face. He meeped suddenly when the grip around his member tightened. Helpless whines and whimpers of pleasure escaped his lips. Streams of pre leaked incessantly from his tip as he fought back the urge to thrust.

Dialga's face turned a whole new level of scarlet when he saw the smirk of Kyurem's face. He felt the hot dragon meat in his tailpipe slide out like slow molasses, leaving behind a thick trail of pre-cum. When the member left his entrance, he couldn't help but whine bitterly at the loss of warm from his insides. His calls were answered by the ice dragon, who roughly thrusted back in.

Sudden waves of agonizing pleasure swept through his body like lightning. Moans left his mouth like a stream of bliss. Dialga gasped for breath and frantically mashed his and Kyurem's hips together looking for the sweet spot inside of him.

The ice dragon looked pleased as well. His golden eyes were clouded over with desire and he let out a lusty growl. The timekeeper suddenly found himself flipped over on his back with a very aroused Kyurem looming over him, grinning madly like a feral beast. His eyes stared down into his, as if asking for permission.

Dialga blushed and gingerly gave a nod. The next moment he was moaning and moaning like he was in heat with the ice dragon pounding wildly into him without restraint. His body felt like it was on fire. With each thrust, Dialga experienced what was like a strike of pure ecstasy through his entire being as his prostate was hit time and time again.

He could feel Kyurem's rages breaths as he struck their hips together, coaxing another round of relentless mewls of pleasure from his maw. Sweat gleamed on their bodies in their untamed thrusts. Diagla held onto his lover as tight as he could manage while the deliciously hot meat shoved in and out of his tailhole without mercy.

"Ah…Kyurem…harder…" He gasped. The timekeeper threw his head back and nearly drooled with need.

"Ha…as you…wish…" Kyurem's feverish grin widened. His thrusts became ecstatic and almost made Dialga pass out with pleasure.

"Ah…ah…yes...YES YES YES!" The timekeeper screamed. Kyurem's moans mixed in with his cries as the two of them neared their inevitable orgasm. The slowly pooling feeling in their loins was clear proof of that.

"Heh…I'm…getting close," Kyurem breathed through gasps. Dialga couldn't even speak. He could only manage a nod in responds. The bliss running through his veins blocked any other thought but one to continue harder.

With one final thrust, their hips locked together and they both screamed out in unison. Streams upon streams of pure pleasure flowed out the ice dragon's meat and painted Dialga's insides white. His tailpipe was quickly filled up and even more of it began spilling out. The massive amount of heat warming his insides was too much and the timekeeper eventually came, covering Kyurem's chest and his own with his love juice.

Panting heavily, completely out of breath, they locked their lips together for one final kiss. Kyurem laid on top of the younger dragon rising and falling chest as their tongues danced in delight. This was certainly the best thing either of them ever experienced.

There was only one problem. How the heck is Kyurem gonna explain to Arceus that his son wasn't a virgin anymore?


The Hall of Origins received quite a shock the next morning. Kyurem mused at their stupefied faces as he and Dialga came trotting in leisurely like nothing ever happened. He nearly burst out laughing at the flabbergasted look on Arceus as they walked up to his throne.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?" The God of Creation gaped.

"It's nice to see you too," Kyurem grinned and patted the god on the head like a person would do to a small child. Arceus was furious.


"Geez dude, chill will ya?" The ice dragon laughed.

Arceus managed to calm himself, but just barely. His eyes darted between Dialga and Kyurem suspiciously. The timekeeper looked rather…happy, for lack of better word. That bright, childish smile on his face was almost scary. And… is he wagging his tail?

"Kyurem," Arceus managed to say. "I assume Dialga stayed with you last night in his little disappearance. What did you do to my son?"

"Isn't it obvious? We fucked."

And so Arceus fainted with a look of horror on his face. And hopefully he would not wake up for a very long time.

BCY: And this is why Arceus was asleep when you meet him in the games. xD

Anywho, I may or may not be writing a "Dialga x uber cute Giratina" sequel for this if I have the time. Wish me luck~ :3